Fancy yourself a free spirit when it comes to style? Bohemian décor embraces freedom of expression with a relaxed ‘anything goes’ feel, inviting you to experiment with all your favourite colours, patterns, textures and trinkets.

But there’s a fine line between “laidback and eclectic” and “messy and chaotic”. If you’re looking to transform your home into a bohemian oasis without going too gaudy, we’ve got your back.

Express your individual style and bring boho vibes to your home with these ideas.

Clash of the Colours


Our favourite part about bohemian style? There are no rules when it comes to colour. With no set colour scheme, you’re free to combine all your favourite shades in one space. Forget about clashing patterns, too; boho décor is all about adding interest with mismatched patterns. The more, the merrier!

Go Green


Sure, bohemian décor doesn’t play by any rules, but there is one thing most boho spaces have in common: plants. Whether you opt for leafy greens, succulents, hanging ferns or tropical trees, boho style begs for indoor plants – and plenty of them.

Time for Texture


A rug here, a throw there, and a hanging wall tapestry thrown in for good measure; boho décor is all about mixing and layering textures. Use different materials and patterns to really make your textiles pop. There’s no such thing as too many cushions!

A Touch of Timber


Natural materials add to the modern hippie feel of boho style. Be sure to bring some rustic timber furniture to your home to create an earthy feel. Different types and colours of timber are welcome for added interest.

Vintage Vibes


Bohemian décor isn’t about having all the latest furniture and homewares. A few preloved pieces add a vintage charm to the style. Trawl antique centres and second-hand stores for old-school accents. Better yet, use family heirlooms as statement décor pieces – these make great conversation starters with guests!

Personal Pieces


To truly make your bohemian space yours, decorate with your favourite personal pieces. From travel souvenirs to your favourite photos, books, and quirky collectibles, throw out the rulebook and get creative and expressive with your décor choices.

Ceiling Statements


Boho style is all about decorating your space from top to bottom. A blank roof is a missed opportunity for colour, texture, and style. Whether you drape some fabric or hang an eye-catching light fixture or fairy lights, make the most of your ceiling space by adding a touch of bohemian chic.

Whimsical Walls


Blank walls are pretty boring. Use wall tapestry, woven wall hangings, wallpaper, wall art, or frames to bring your walls to life and add colour and interest to your space. Extra points for special photos, personal artwork and uplifting quotes.

Whether you want to give your home a total boho overhaul or you want to add just a touch of gypsy vibes, we can help you get the look for our range of stylish homewares.