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Is it time to step up in size from a single to a king single mattress? A good night’s sleep awaits with our range of king single beds, bedroom storage furniture and quality mattresses in pocket spring, memory foam, and latex materials.
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Why your bed size choice matters

Buying the right size bed requires a bit of planning for the future. And, while you may not have a crystal ball, there are a few key factors you could consider to help you determine a size to suit you right now as well as down the track.

Firstly, room size is important. There’s no point in buying a huge bed if nothing else will fit in your room. Secondly, your size. If you’re on the tall side (or buying a bed for a child who is likely to be much taller soon), the wrong size comes with a risk of your body overshooting the length of your bed. Single and double beds are 188cm long, which, once you allow some room for a pillow at the top and tucked-in sheets at the bottom, is fine for a small adult. But if you’re tall, this won’t be long enough, and you should therefore look for something longer. Check out the long single, king single, queen, king, and super king beds which measure 203cm in length.

Elevate your teenager’s sleep game with a king-single mattress

Are your teen’s feet hanging off the end of their single bed? It’s time for a king single with a whole 25cm extra length than a single. Of course, some teens might want to go straight to double size with a double bed or queen bed, but if there isn’t enough space in their room, a king single is a great choice because it’s a bed size that will see them into adulthood.

Difference between a single mattress and a king single mattress

Single beds are a great size for children while king single beds can sleep any size adult. In fact, if you were to join two king single beds together (as many hotels do to create flexibility in bedding configurations) you will get a king-size bed.

Check out our range of mattress sizes in an Amart showroom to compare for yourself. Bring the family, too! You’ll find:

  • Single, long single and king single mattresses
  • Double mattresses
  • Queen mattresses
  • King-size mattresses and super king mattresses.

Find your nearest showroom by entering your postcode into our store locator.

Choose the right firmness for your king-single mattress

Whether you’re after a super firm king or a medium mattress, Amart has the right mattress ‘feel’ for you. We rate our mattresses as follows:

  • Extra firm mattress
  • Firm mattress
  • Medium mattress
  • Plush mattress
  • Ultra-plush mattress.

And, you can always add a removable pillow top mattress topper to tweak the feel of your mattress. For example, taking an ultra-firm mattress to a firm or medium-firm feel.

Foam vs spring system mattress

A foam mattress is typically made up of a blend of polyurethane and memory foam layers. They’re excellent at conforming to your body shape, providing good pressure relief, especially for side sleepers.

Innerspring, Bonnell spring and pocket spring mattresses are made up of a high-density foam base layer, then a core of springs, topped by comfort layers of foam such as soy foam or gel memory foam. The entire mattress is then upholstered with a quilted outer casing such as wool, polyester, damask, cotton, or bamboo.

Protect your new mattress with a mattress protector

Keep your beautiful new mattress fresh and increase its longevity with a mattress protector. Mattresses can harbour dust mites, dirt and other allergens and are difficult to deeply clean. A mattress protector creates a barrier between the mattress and your body, reducing the number of dead skin cells and stains that can be absorbed by your mattress. A high-quality mattress protector will keep your mattress clean and hygienic.

Choosing a stylish bed base or bed head for your new mattress

You can opt to pair your new king single mattress with a slatted bed base or an ensemble bed. Amart’s stylish range of bed frames is available in various frame types including storage beds, timber frames, metal frames, and upholstered frames.

A bedhead is a perfect way to bring an ensemble bed into the theme of your interior design style. Browse our range of bedheads online to find a style that suits your home, from contemporary to traditional or French Provincial. You can add them to your wishlist to compare them before choosing your favourite and heading to the checkout.

Upgrade your kids’ bed from a single to a king single bed

When upgrading your child from a single bed, you’ll be spoilt for choice by the extensive range of kids’ bed styles available at Amart. You could get sleepover ready with a king single trundle bed or bunk bed or choose from one of our contemporary timber, upholstered or ensemble frames.

Benefits of a memory foam mattress

Memory foam is a viscoelastic foam that adjusts its shape during and after use. A memory foam mattress is made of several varying layers of foam, and it softens when you lie on it. So, it will not only cradle your body while you sleep it will also evenly distribute your body weight across the mattress to ease pressure points. The mattress then returns to its original shape when you’re up.

Posturepedic vs Orthokinetic king single mattresses

You can’t go wrong with two of the best mattress brands in Australia - Sealy and Orthokinetic. Their mattresses are backed by minimum 10-year warranties, and both brands are available at Amart. So, a great night’s sleep is within reach for you.

Posturepedic mattresses are Australian-made by hand and have been a household name in the Australian mattress market for decades. Orthokinetic mattresses are receiving excellent independent reviews from happy customers and bed experts alike. What’s more, Orthokinetic mattresses are endorsed by the Chiropractic and Osteopathic College of Australasia.

What is the difference between a king single and a single mattress?

A king single mattress measures 107cm wide x 203cm long making it both wider and longer than a single mattress at 92cm x 188cm. A tall adult can comfortably sleep in a king single bed, while a single bed is best suited to children and small adults.

What are the advantages of a king single-size mattress?

A king single-size mattress provides longevity, providing good value for money and becoming a sound investment. A king single can see a child through their teen years into adulthood without taking up as much width in a room as a double bed.