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Corner desks are the perfect solution for adding a workstation to your home while saving space. Shop online for one of Australia’s largest ranges of high-quality office furniture in L-shaped and standard configurations to suit small or large homes.
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Space Saving Corner Desks To Create A Productive Workstation In Any Part Of Your Home

Studies show that an organised desk with optimum layout for ergonomics helps improve work productivity and reduce stress. Recent years have given rise to people working from home. Dining tables have been used as a student desk and kitchens have become home offices; perched on a bar stool at the kitchen island. Now, more than ever, people need effective home workspaces and they don’t need custom fitouts to achieve them. Amart has an excellent range of corner desks suited to any room of the house. Here’s everything you need to know about choosing one for your home.

Factors to consider when buying corner desks

Aside from knowing the dimensions that will fit within your space, there are a few other important factors you may wish to consider.

Space – How much will you need to fit on top of your desk? Can the desk accommodate your equipment comfortably?

Location - Just because it’s a corner desk doesn’t mean it needs to sit in a corner. You could also place it in the command position facing into the room or with one side against a wall.

Storage capacity – How many drawers will you need? Do you require a filing cabinet to slide underneath it, too?

Set-up - Which side of your desk will your computer sit on? Ideally, you should set up one side of your desk for work and the other side as a dedicated table or storage space.

Style – Do you have an existing style in the room that you’d like to match? Would that style go best with natural materials like timber or synthetic materials like veneer or laminate?

Price– Keep your budget in mind while shopping. Amart has a great selection of affordable executive desks for home.

Advantages of having a corner desk

A corner desk gives you options! They use space very efficiently, especially in a small room. Now, while the corner of your office is a great location for a corner computer desk, if you don’t have an office, it can also be placed in another room of the house, turning it into a multifunction zone for a student desk or workspace. What’s more, it doesn’t even need to be in a corner - it could also work in a passive area where the return of one side of the desk can be what defines the section as a home office.

Popular styles of corner desks

There are a few key features of our corner desks that make them popular because they improve desk organisation and therefore productivity.

  • Shelves or hutch - Desks with shelves underneath or a hutch on top give you more space to keep essentials like printers and stationery nearby.
  • Storage - A mobile pedestal of drawers or a filing cabinet to slide underneath or sit next to your desk creates another usable surface on top, perhaps for a printer. And a recessed hole at the rear of the desk is helpful for cable management.
  • Modesty panel - Many corner workstations come with a modesty panel - these are great if you set up a corner desk in the command position of your home or office.
  • Open back - Desks with legs only and no backing offer sleek lines and look less cluttered. Simple desks like these could be set up in an L-shape to create a corner desk with plenty of unobstructed space on the table top.
  • Minimal framing - The rise of people working from home, often in small spaces, has led to clever corner desk designs with minimal framing that combine display shelves with a small desk. These blend into existing decor, limit visual obstruction, and create flow.

How corner desks can help save space in your office

Having a desk in the corner of a room or office frees up space in the rest of the room. You could keep this free section clear to give the feeling of a bigger space or you could use it for filing cabinets, bookcases, other office accessories, or even a sofa. L-shaped workstations also give scope to having two people work at them if you choose the right size and set-up.

Modern L-shaped desks for your home office

L-shaped desks provide plenty of space for a productive workday in your home office. Amart’s modern designs can be placed in a variety of orientations in your home office - from in the corner, to in the command position, or even with the side against a wall and the other side defining a square for your work zone.

High-quality corner desks on sale

Create your dream home office space with a high-quality corner desk from Amart’s office furniture range. We have everything you need for working from home at great prices, including executive chairs, office desks, standing desks, and filing cabinets.

Special features to look out for in a corner desk

An L-shape desk gives scope for more storage; to have everything you need in arm’s reach. Here are a couple of special features to look out for:

Shelves and drawers - Under-desk shelves or an above-desk hutch provide a dedicated spot for a printer and equipment. For smaller stationery items, fixed drawers or a matching mobile pedestal of drawers can sit under or next to your desk for a coordinated look and organisation.

Versatile desktop - If you’d like to convert your desk into a sit-stand space to give your back and legs a break, consider adding a height adjustable desk from our standing desk range to go on top. Simply mount your laptop or computer onto the riser for an adjustable corner desk to take you from sitting to standing.

Know your desk materials and finishes

Desks come in a variety of materials and finishes. At Amart, we stock a large range of desks to suit all budgets. Some of the popular corner office desks in our range are made from the materials below:

Laminate - A scratch resistant, easy to clean material that comes in modern finishes and is easy to maintain.

Timber and timber veneer - This combination gives you an attractive wood look for a more affordable price than solid timber.

MDF - Provides a smooth and consistent work surface that is stronger than plywood and particle board.

Top brands to choose from

Amart stocks a huge range of high-quality pieces thoughtfully designed for modern living. We guarantee the best office space products at great prices. Our team of experts thoroughly understand our range and are available to answer your questions, from finer product details to warranty information. So drop into one of our 67 stores across Australia or browse online.

Shop corner desks at Amart

You can shop Amart’s corner desks online or in one of our showrooms around Australia, from Sydney to Perth. You’ll also find standing desks, reception desks, office chairs and all other essentials to make working from home a breeze.

Do corner desks save space?

Corner desks are great for saving space because their L-shape offers versatility to place them in a corner, or in the command position, or even against a wall to define an office desk zone. Amart has every type of desk for working and studying from home.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a corner desk?

The major advantage of a corner desk is that it’s particularly good for saving space in a small room. A disadvantage is that it could limit your view if you’re pointing at the wall, which could make a conventional home office desk a more appealing option.

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