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Enjoy better flow and more space with a round dining table from Amart Furniture. Whether you’re after a small or large round table, from tempered glass to wood or white marble tops, we have a design and finish to suit your taste and budget.
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Choose from a range of tabletop materials and colours to match your home décor

Transform your dining space with the material and style of your table. A dining table is a significant piece of furniture, so it needs to work with the interior design of your space. Amart’s range of round dining tables are available in the following tabletop finishes:

Glass top dining table - glass top tables are easy to wipe clean, create an illusion of space and brighten a room with their reflective surface.

Marble dining table - beautiful, durable, and always in style.

Timber dining table - wooden dining tables are robust and bring a warm feel to your room.

Timber look dining table - made from engineered or composite woods to be durable, economical, and easy to clean.

Matching your dining chairs to your new table

Do you find the idea of choosing dining chairs to match your new table a little daunting? You’re not alone. We recommend considering the following key elements:

  1. Size: To ascertain the number of chairs you can fit around your table, measure the dimensions of your table edge. Remember chairs come in various widths. If you’re trying to squeeze in an extra chair, look for narrow styles.
  2. Height: This is important because you don’t want to sit too low at your table. And make sure your dining chair back is taller than the tabletop so they don’t disappear under the table when you tuck them in.
  3. Style: there’s plenty of inspiration on the Amart site. Check out our dining sets for some guidance on which chairs to pair with various tabletop materials. You’ll find coastal, Scandinavian, contemporary, traditional designs, and more. If you still can’t decide, why not put your mind at rest and buy one of our packages?

Styling tips for your dining room

A few finishing touches can go a long way to adding warmth, character, and style to your dining room. Here are a few tips for styling your dining space:

Floor rug: Placed under your dining setting, a rug will define your dining area, reduce noise, and protect your floors. Ensure the rug is large enough for chairs to be pulled out.

Wall art: Choose something you love that works with the colours of your furniture, floors, and walls.

Vases & decorative bowls: Place in the centre of your table with fresh or Australian native dried flowers. Browse some beautiful vases and bowls in our home décor section.

Armchair & lamp: If you have the space, an armchair and floor lamp in the corner create a cosy nook to break away after a meal or sit and read a book.

Guide to choosing the right table size for your dining space

A round dining table is a great shape if you’re short on space or trying to create flow around the table in a busy room. To determine the right table size and shape for your space, measure your proposed table area and mark it out with tape. Remember to leave 90cm clearance from the table edge for each chair to be pulled out.

Essential furniture you need for your dining room

Shop all your dining room needs in our dining room section. You’ll find our entire range of tables, chairs, stools and other dining essentials. Or if you’re after a specific dining storage piece, narrow your search to cabinets, low or tall buffets, and sideboards in our dining room storage furniture section. Browse by type, style, material, and number of drawers or doors to find the perfect addition.

Find dining room tables to match your coffee table

Your dining room table choice should be inspired by the furniture in your dining room and living room. Your tabletop material doesn’t have to match your side table or coffee table, however, try to keep them in the same “family”. For example, if the material is the same, you could differ the shape. Or if the shape is the same, you could have a glass dining table and a marble-top coffee table.

Keep in mind any furniture that is close by to ensure a cohesive look. A contemporary-style Lucien Round Dining Table could work with industrial-style décor.

If in doubt, head in-store to an Amart Furniture showroom to see our table finishes in person. Simply enter your postcode into our store locator. With 200 Australian stores, there’s bound to be one near you.

Tables that can be used for indoor or outdoor dining

Here in Australia, we love the outdoors. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a dining table that could be used both indoors and outdoors? The Barbosa Round Dining Table made from a 3-tone PE wicker can be paired with Barbosa Tub Chairs and looks beautiful inside, outside, in a sunroom, or an indoor-outdoor California room.

Finding the right centrepiece for your round dining table

Mix and match your homewares to create a stylish centrepiece for your table or choose something from our home décor range. You could cluster together a few objects like a lantern and a fruit bowl, or add a pop of green with a maintenance-free artificial plant. Amart’s homewares range has all the latest on-trend looks at affordable prices. While you’re there, grab something for the rest of your house like quilt covers, cushions and throw rugs.

Create an intimate dining experience with round dining tables

The perfect shape for conversation and sharing food. Round dining tables place every seat at an equal distance from food making it easy to serve yourself no matter where you sit. A circular table is also great for encouraging a whole table conversation. Because, unlike a rectangular table where it’s easy to miss something being said at the other end, a round table includes everyone.

Find the best tables for entertaining at home

If you love entertaining, consider an extension dining table. An extendable dining table gives you the versatility to enjoy daily dining at a table that is the right size for your family but is ready for extra guests as needed. You could change a 6-seater to a 10-seater dining table in just a couple of minutes.

What are the advantages of round dining tables?

The soft shape of a round dining table creates easy access and flow in living and dining areas and is a great shape for conversation around the table. Choose a table frame and finish that complements your interiors like the Black Fresian Round Dining Table for a modern look.

How many chairs are usually on a round table?

A round 1m table is a 4-seater, a 1.2m table is a 6-seater and a 1.8m table is an 8-seater up to 10-seater. This seat number depends on the chair style you choose e.g. a bulky dining chair takes up more space than a narrow one like the Salto Dining Chair.

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