Revel in the rich tapestry of luxury beachside living that is Hampton style interior design. The Hamptons design style has long been associated with the rich communities who lived along the far east side of Long Island. While not everyone has the advantage of residing along an idyllic beachfront, with a little expert know-how we present our guide to recreating this ever popular style of interior design to bring the favoured elements of light, breezy luxury coastal style living to your doorstep.

Hamptons Interior Design Style

What is Hamptons Interior Design Style? Its signature look is classic sophistication coupled with coastal themes. Think French influences, Baroque style furnishings upon a spacious clean white palate. It’s open, airy and spacious while simultaneously dotted with large pieces of high quality furniture of natural materials specially chosen for both durability and elegance. The Hamptons style has a luxurious feel to it and yet it is laid back so it feels inviting. The Hamptons Style home Australia combines the classic Hamptons style with traits of Australian beachside living to create a beautiful design structure.

Design Style, Classic Style

When it comes to Hamptons interior style design, the 3 main types come to mind. We take a brief look at the traits of each style.

The Nautical Theme

Possibly the most well known Hampton style to date, the nautical theme is more popular than ever with much emphasis on using natural materials to adorn the modern home. Bring a piece of the ocean into your living space with this fresh, casual and coastal look inspired by the fishermen and the sea. If you love nautical decor, this style is for you.

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The Modern Coastal

This contemporary look is all about recreating that beach house atmosphere. It’s simplistic and cool, combining open floor plans with neutral tones and white walls. Modern coastal home design never goes out of style. It's timeless elegance.

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The Urban Hampton

If you love the clean lines and modern feel of urban living Hampton style, then this one’s for you. White is the theme of the day when it comes to recreating the traditional Hampton interior design style but with the urban Hamptons inspired feel, we dare to tread boldly with the incorporation of striking colours.

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Hamptons Living Room

Create a luxurious Hamptons style in classic style for your living room space. While Hamptons style rooms prides themselves on elegance, sophistication and high craftsmanship, they also exude a relaxed, warm and inviting ambience.

Here’s our guide to styling your home the Urban Hamptons Interior Design Style.

Living Room:

Dining Room:

Kitchen Design:

The Bedroom:


When it comes to the outdoors, none supersede the luxurious beachside feel of Hamptons home design style.


As more and more people work from home, setting up a home office base is highly recommended. Creating a Hamptons design office space is easier than one may think.

The Hamptons design permeates every room, space and sanctuary with class, exquisite craftsmanship and durability. Whether you choose to style your home as a classic seaside Hampton beach house, or decide that Urban chic is your preferred design, with a little help from Amart and our Perago range, creating the Hamptons style in your very home is an effortless task. Live your Hampton inspired dream home now.