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Style your home and create the look you love with modern home decor items and stylish homewares from Amart Furniture.... Discover exciting home decor ideas instore and online, where our range of homewares spans every style from rustic home decor to Hamptons style home decor and everything in between! Read more

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Effortlessly Stylish Home Decor

Ever wondered how the glossy magazines create that glamorously comfortable ‘lived-in show home’ look? Well, it’s all about the detail - the use of beautiful textures and complementary or contrasting tones in home decor items to create an effortlessly chic and stylish look.

What is home decor?

Home decor refers to decorative items which add to the ambience of the room - some of which are there purely for aesthetic reasons and others that are also purposeful and practical. Cushions are a great example - they provide soft and comfortable support but they also introduce colours, patterns, textures and designs to create a specific look.

Examples of the types of home decor items found in our range of homewares include:

What are the different home decor styles?

Co-ordinated home decor can create a particular mood or ambience in the home using similar textures, tones and designs across a range of furniture items and decorative accessories. Popular home decor styles include:

  1. Scandi style with simply fresh, no-fuss, minimalist feels.
  2. The bold and edgy look of the industrial style.
  3. Beach-inspired vibes creating the coastal decor theme.
  4. Rustic - featuring raw, rugged beauty.
  5. The cool and classic Hamptons style.
  6. Contemporary style displaying sleek lines and smooth finishes.

Decorative home decor items such as cushions, rugs, coffee and side tables, sculptures, wall art, mirrors and vases are used alongside functional furniture items such as lounges and dining suites to tie all elements together and create one particular home decor style.

How do I choose my home decor?

If you are decorating a bedroom or living room from scratch you need a few home decor ideas to get started:

  1. Browse our range of bedroom or living room furniture and home decor online or instore.
  2. Decide which home decor style you love and feel the most comfortable with.
  3. Visit your nearest Amart Furniture store or buy homewares online to select furniture items and accessorize with complementary homewares items.

If you’re trying to create a particular look without replacing your existing furniture, then focus on accessorizing those main existing furniture pieces with home decor items to create the style you want. How? By using colours and textures in home decor items such as cushions, wall art and floor rugs to achieve the look you love:

  1. Introduce blue and white colours, aquatic-themed decorative items, and natural fibres such as rattan for your coastal look.
  2. Mix hard metals, bold metallics and natural timbers for your industrial look.
  3. Choose light natural tones with no-frills, no-fuss finishes for your Scandi style.

Why is home decor important?

We know that our environment can greatly influence our mood and energy levels, so choosing home decor that you feel totally comfortable with and works for your lifestyle is important.

Your chosen home decor can also reflect your personality and confirm your sense of identity - or help you to explore what that might be. And as home is the place where we completely relax and recharge our batteries, it needs to be a space in which we feel totally comfortable and at ease with our surroundings. It’s easy to imagine:

  • If clutter bothers you, a Scandi style of home decor will create a relaxing vibe for you.
  • If plush cushioned comfort is more your thing, you might prefer the Hamptons style of home decor.
  • If sleek lines and smooth, unfussy finishes put your mind at ease, a contemporary decor will be right up your alley.

Discover affordable ways to create a home decor style you love at Amart Furniture’s homewares today!