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Discover stylish bedroom furniture packages that coordinate perfectly in your bedroom while looking after your storage needs. Shop our range of bedroom furniture suites in all sizes from kids singles right up to queen and king sets.
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Perfectly Dreamy Bedroom Suites for Everyone

Rest assured, in our affordable range of luxury bedroom suites you’ll find the perfect bedroom suite to lead you gently to the land of nod night after night. Comprising bedroom furniture in 3-piece and 4-piece sets in a wide range of styles, you’re sure to find a bedroom suite to fall in love with!

Bedroom suites for you

Bedroom suite packages are commonly made up of three or four pieces of essential bedroom furniture, including any combination of the following:

  1. Bed bases with frames and headboards
  2. Bedside tables
  3. Tallboys or chests of drawers
  4. Dressing tables

The bed in its entirety (minus a mattress) is considered one piece, the bedside tables are two pieces, and the dressing table or tallboys/chests of drawers are each one piece, collectively making up a set of bedroom suite furniture.

Many of our bedroom suites have furniture pieces sold separately, so you can create a 5-piece bedroom suite by adding another piece, or if you’ve bought a 3-piece bedroom suite you can update it later to include a fourth or fifth piece if you need.

Beds, bed frames and bedroom suites

Not sure if you need the lot? Keen to mix and match your bed and bedroom storage pieces? No problem! Browse bed frames, headboards and mattresses separately. You’ll find:

  • single and king single beds
  • bunk beds
  • double beds
  • queen beds
  • king beds
  • storage beds and trundle beds

While you’re thinking about all things sleep, you might even want to look at our range of sofa beds and day beds for when overnight guests come over to stay.

Bedroom suites to suit every bedroom style

If you have a small room that needs to pack a punch in the storage department or a large room that needs filling out to prevent it from looking sparse, our bedroom furniture packages come in various sizes and styles.

Storage beds are a great way to squeeze a little more space into a small room. The Chanelle 3-piece Single Bed Suite has a chest of drawers, bedside table and storage drawers inside the bed, adding precious additional space to store belongings. While the four-poster Roseville 4-Piece King Bedroom Set will fill out a palatial master suite while adding a whole lot of luxury. And if there’s still space to spare, add a lounge and side table.

How do I choose the best bedroom furniture?

The reason people choose Amart bedroom suites Australia-wide is because it makes the job of creating an affordable and luxuriously stylish bedroom so much easier! The toughest part of the process is deciding which design you love the most from our diverse range in the following styles:

  • Hamptons
  • Coastal
  • Scandi
  • Glam Luxe
  • Industrial
  • French Provincial
  • Classic Federation
  • Country
  • Contemporary.

You may want to choose a bedroom style that ties with your living room and dining room furniture, especially if the master bedroom is visible or close to living spaces. If not, you are free to create a plush and indulgent boudoir in whatever style you please!

TIP: Remember to measure the floor space in the bedroom before deciding on a bedroom suite. You don’t want your bedroom to feel crowded or have difficulty accessing the drawers of your bedside tables, tallboys or dressing tables.

Things to consider when choosing a bedroom suite include:

  1. The size bed you need.
  2. Your preference of a timber bed frame and headboard or an upholstered bed.
  3. The bedroom storage you require.
  4. If you have enough room for two bedside tables.
  5. Whether you need (and can fit) a dressing table as well as a chest of drawers.
  6. The purpose of the room. For example, if you are creating a nursery, you might also want to accommodate a recliner and bookcase.

Browse our extensive range to buy bedroom suites online Australia-wide with pick up or delivery or visit your local Amart store today!

Shop bedroom suites by size, style and price

At Amart, we don’t just save you money, we save you time. We’ve made it quick and easy for you to shop only the bedroom products you’re interested in with the handy filters on our bedroom suites category.

Shop by size:

Bedroom suite sizes are defined by the size of the bed. Our stunning collection spans:

  1. Single or Kids Bedroom suites
  2. Double Bedroom suites
  3. Queen Bedroom suites
  4. King Bedroom suites

Shop by style:

Would you prefer an upholstered frame or solid timber bed? Scandi style or industrial? Simply select a style and material that suits your taste to narrow down your search for the perfect suite.

Shop by price:

If you’re like most people, you keep your budget in mind when you shop. So, whether you’re after something in a lower price bracket, like the Scandi 3 Piece Queen Bedroom Suite or something up on a higher scale, like the American Oak La Salle 4-piece queen bedroom suite, you can click on the price filter and choose what’s relevant for you.

Does a bedroom suite include a mattress?

A mattress is not included in a bedroom suite because everyone’s needs are different. You can choose a type of mattress to provide the exact comfort and support you need, while your bedroom suite delivers the style and storage you want.

Your gorgeous new bedroom suite and comfy mattress need a fresh new mattress protector and quilt cover to complete the luxurious vibes, so don’t forget to shop for all your bedding accessories and other new furniture arrivals at Amart too!

Mattress size guide

Bed frames and mattresses are sold separately so you can choose a mattress that suits your sleep preferences, comfort needs and budget. While it sounds obvious, make sure the mattress you buy fits the bed frame you’ve chosen. Generally speaking, while a standard king-size mattress is likely to fit a king-size bed, there are some minor differences in length and width between frames that you’ll need to keep in mind. For example, bulky bedheads should be considered when working out mattress dimensions. Ensemble bases are straightforward as they have the same dimensions as the mattress that will go on top.

Experts recommend buying a mattress that’s at least 10-15 cm longer than the tallest sleeper, and a thickness based on the comfort of the heaviest person. For a child’s mattress, go for larger sizes to allow room to grow.

Our handy mattress size guide has all the dimensions you need, from single mattresses to super king, to help work out the right mattress for your bed frame.

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