Shop Amart’s large range of modern dining room storage furniture including cabinets, low or tall buffets, and sideboards. Check out our tips and ideas for maximising storage space with built-in shelving systems for your dining and kitchen items.
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Modern dining room storage to suit small or large spaces

Your dining room is an important part of your home. It’s a space to come together and share a meal with family or friends. Dining room storage plays an integral part in keeping your dining space clutter-free so you can enjoy mealtimes in comfort. Amart has a large range of dining room storage furniture to suit dining areas big and small. Below are our top tips on buying something perfect for your home.

Considerations when buying dining room storage

Without a doubt, the most significant consideration you’ll have to make when choosing dining storage is space. But what about entertaining? And does your dining space double as anything else like a desk?

3 quick tips on what to consider when buying dining storage solutions:

  • Space – This is by far the most important consideration.
    • If you have limited space, you’ll need to look for small or multi-functional pieces that pack a punch in the storage department.
    • If you have a lot of space, think about larger storage pieces that won’t ‘get lost’ in the room. What else can you add to fill the space? Perhaps a floor-standing plant pot, a bookcase, some wall art, and an accent chair with side table.
    • Is it a shared space, like a dining and living room? Could the storage furniture you select act as a room divider to demarcate the space?

No matter whether your dining room is big, small, or shared, the best thing you can do for starters is measure the room, draw it on paper, and include any existing furniture in the drawing so you have a clear idea of size parameters.

  • Entertaining - How much do you entertain? If you entertain regularly, consider whether your storage space needs to accommodate the pieces you use for entertaining, like glassware, jugs, platters and serving ware.
  • Multi-purpose - In recent years, people have been at home more than ever before. Many dinner tables double as the space where the kids do their homework, or a desk to work from home. If this is the case, storage that can accommodate a system for keeping homework and desk materials organised would be a good choice. That way, it can be easily packed up for mealtimes.

Best materials for dining room furniture

A dining room needs to be practical. But that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style. Go for hardwearing, sturdy furniture that is easy to wipe clean, like timber, MDF, synthetics like laminate, and stone or ceramic tops. Here’s a little bit about each of these materials:

  • Timber - Timber is a classic material because it is durable and easy to repair scratches and small dents.
  • MDF/wood-look - Wood veneer is an affordable alternative to solid timber. MDF refers to a very thin layer of solid wood glued to a plywood or other wood core.
  • Synthetics/laminates - Easy-care and resistant to stains and scratches, synthetics are moulded into a shape or glued onto plywood. They can last a long time and are a great choice for busy, family life.
  • Stone or ceramic top - Stone tops like marble, stone composites or ceramics are easy to wipe clean and look amazing. You may need to take a little extra care with scratches and stains.

Different kinds of buffet cabinets - which one is best?

Buffets cabinets are used to store and display your dinnerware and can double as an extra surface for serving food. They come in different sizes and layouts, including:

Low or tall - low buffets sit at a height of around 80-90cm. Tall buffets vary in height and can be anything from shoulder height to the ceiling.

Doors and drawers - Some styles of buffets have doors only with shelves internally. Other buffets have both doors and drawers.

Other components - If you’re looking for more than shelves and drawers, some buffets include wine racks and other internal compartments like drawer organisers.

The best kind of buffet table for you is one that fits in your space, complements your existing interior style and offers enough storage for your dining ware.

Smart tips for organising your dining room

At Amart, we have dining room storage ideas and solutions that will make mealtimes what they should be - a pleasure. Typically, the items you store in your dining room are related to meals and entertainment. So, in order to organise them in an optimum way, first look at how you use storage in the kitchen and other nearby areas. Is your kitchen storage large enough to store the everyday mealtime basics like dinnerware, glasses, cutlery, and napkins, or do you need your dining room storage for this? If so, choose dining room storage solutions with drawers as well as shelves and a top surface you can serve from.

If your dinner table has more than one use such as a temporary home office by day, make sure your storage option can accommodate a system that keeps desk items organised for quick set-up and pack-up.

How dining room shelves can help you save space

Dining room shelves can serve both a decorative and functional purpose. If space is at a premium in your home, your shelves could hold daily items like a fruit bowl, glassware, and crockery with a few decorative items like a vase and picture frames.

Floating shelves and open shelves are good choices, or if you have the wall space, consider a hutch. A hutch is a set of shelves that is placed on top of a buffet or sideboard and can be used to display decorative pieces or store functional dining pieces used in daily life.

Benefits of having space-saving furniture

Space-saving furniture frees up room for your lifestyle. In a dining room, it’s ideal to have at least 90cm of space around a table so there is room to walk all the way around it and pull or push dining chairs out with ease. Clever, space-saving furniture can help you gain space around your dining table and reduce clutter. This will make your room look and feel bigger and bring a sense of order and calm to your space.

Dining room storage furniture for small spaces

Amart has a variety of small dining room storage furniture. From small 1 or 2-door buffets, to small or medium cabinets and tall buffets. A tall buffet is an all-in-one storage cabinet that takes up the footprint of a low buffet, however its height provides for more storage shelves. Some designs even feature decorative shelving for displaying special pieces.

Other space-saving ideas you could explore include slimline pantry storage cupboards which could store dining and other household items like linens.

Incorporating display cabinets into your dining room

Do you have vases and beautiful glassware that never see the light of day? Or fine china you’d love to look at but no china cabinet? A display cabinet might be what you need. Display cabinets can have full-length glass doors or partial length glass doors with drawers at the base for extra storage.

Before choosing a display cabinet, consider your existing interior design and home decor and consider the style you should choose. Is it modern or traditional? Mid-century or French provincial? If you already have dining storage furniture, like a buffet or cabinet, you can use your display cabinet purely for displaying your treasured items.

Dining room storage brands at Amart Furniture

The Amart brand is all about furniture that makes sense. When it comes to dining room storage, we stock a huge range of high-quality pieces that are thoughtfully designed for modern living. We guarantee the best furniture at the best price. So browse our range online or visit one of our 67 stores across Australia. Our team of experts thoroughly understand our products and love to help our customers find their perfect furniture match.

How do I add storage to my dining room?

It’s important to know how much space you have in your dining room before adding storage furniture. Measure the room and any existing furniture within it, draw it on some paper, and shop online or visit your nearest Amart store to choose the perfect dining storage for your space.

What are some items that can be stored in a dining room?

Items often stored in a dining room include platters, serving ware, glassware, crockery, napkins, tea sets, wine or liquor, and cutlery. Decorative items like vases and china are often placed in display cabinets so they can be enjoyed while staying protected and dust-free.