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Adjustable beds let you raise or lower your upper body and legs to find the perfect sleeping position for your needs. Get a better night’s sleep with an electric adjustable bed base and mattress from Amart, including queen and king single.
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Find the best adjustable beds for kids

Adjustable beds are a fantastic investment for sleepers of all ages. Our extra long single and king single adjustable bed bases are ideal for older kids and teens who have outgrown their single bed and need a bit more space to sleep.

Discover Sealy Posturepedic beds that let kids adjust the head and foot of the base with a wireless remote to suit their sleeping position. Choose from a variety of modes including Anti-Snore, Reading/TV and Zero Gravity which places the sleeper in a neutral position with their feet raised and head tilted to comfortably support the spine, heart and nervous system. Get a better night’s sleep for them (and for you!) with a Sealy adjustable bed from Amart.

Get the support you need with Posturepedic adjustable bed bases

Sealy Posturepedic adjustable beds are high-quality and fully customisable, letting you adjust your sleeping position with a touch of a button. Use the wireless remote control to raise or lower your upper body and your legs as needed. A Posturepedic bed base will provide support to your spine while helping to alleviate discomfort in the body, improve circulation and help you to relax for a deeper sleep. The Inspire Standard bed bases feature 3 modes; Anti-Snore, Zero G and Reading/TV. The Energise Deluxe range also comes equipped with optional massage function, under bed light and USB port for modern bedrooms.

Australian-made electric adjustable beds

Electric adjustable beds are specially designed to give you full control over your sleeping position so that you can achieve a better sleep every night. They come with a wireless remote that lets you adjust the head and the foot of the bed, raising or lowering your upper body and legs to suit your unique sleeping needs. Some adjustable beds come with additional luxe features such as vibration massage for ultimate comfort. An adjustable bed can help to:

  • Lessen back pain and provide lumbar support
  • Ease snoring in some people
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Reduce aches and pain
  • Minimise acid reflux and digestion issues

Choose from firm, plush & medium mattresses for the best night’s sleep

The right mattress supports your body and lets you get a good night’s sleep so you wake up feeling refreshed and pain-free. You’ll need to purchase the right mattress to place on your adjustable bed. Spring mattresses are generally not suitable as bending them can damage the innersprings. Instead, look at latex mattresses and memory foam mattresses that are able to be safely manipulated into various positions for sleeping.

The best way to find a mattress for your adjustable base is to visit us in-store at your nearest Amart showroom. As one of Australia’s biggest retailers of beds and mattresses, our friendly team can give you expert advice on the right mattress for you and your bed base.

Find ultra plush, plush, medium, firm and extra firm mattresses for every bed size at Amart, including:

Choose a bed that suits your bedroom interior

It’s not all about a comfortable night’s sleep - it’s also about style! You can dress up your adjustable bed with beautiful bed heads, quilts, quilt cover sets and bed sheets from Amart. Choose colours and textures that blend with your bedroom interior for a unified look. Put the final touches onto your bed with cushions and throws that add visual interest. Match your bed with other bedroom furniture, including bedside tables, dressing tables and chest of drawers.

Adjustable beds from single, double, queen & king sizes

Adjustable beds are for all ages and all bedrooms. We have single bed bases for kids and teens, double bed bases for compact bedrooms as well as luxurious queen and king size bed bases for maximum sleeping space.

Each adjustable bed has a different weight limit capacity so it’s important that you check the specifications of your individual bed before purchase. The Pure Form Hera Queen Motion Bed Package at Amart has a 320 kg weight limit.

Shop bed frame and bed head favourites from Amart

Amart has everything you need to create a stunning bedroom that combines style with comfort. Discover adjustable bed bases to support any sleeping position, trundle bed bases for extra storage and Posturepedic bed bases in every size. Elevate your bed with an upholstered bed head that adds a little luxury to your room. We stock bed heads in various sizes, designs and colours to fit seamlessly into your existing bedroom décor.

Have your new adjustable bed delivered to your home

If you live too far from an Amart showroom or just don’t need to come in for a visit, have your adjustable bed delivered to you with fast delivery to anywhere in Australia. We deliver to metro areas, such as Melbourne and Sydney, as well as regional areas and interstate. Get in touch with your nearest Amart store to arrange to have your adjustable bed sent to your doorstep.

All of our adjustable beds come with a 10-year warranty that covers just about anything for complete peace of mind when buying from Amart!

What are the pros and cons of an adjustable bed?

Adjustable beds from Amart are packed with pros for almost any type of sleeper with very few cons. Check them out:

  • Pro - Reduction in aches and pains
  • Pro - Greater lumbar support
  • Pro - Less snoring
  • Pro - More comfortable than regular beds
  • Pro - Sit up or lie down at any angle
  • Pro - Split king and split queen beds let partners have different sleeping positions
  • Pro - Built-in massage function with some models
  • Con - More expensive than regular beds
  • Con - Heavier than regular bed frames
  • Con - Mechanical features can fail (but an Amart warranty will cover you for this!)

How much does an adjustable bed cost on average?

This depends on the size and the brand of your adjustable bed. At Amart, adjustable beds start from as little as $1,599 on sale for a Sealy Posturepedic Inspire queen bed base. Our most expensive adjustable bed is $3,799 for a Sealy Posturepedic Energise king single bed base.