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Why you need a mattress protector & pillow protector for your children

The key to making your kid’s mattress and pillows last longer is to use a mattress and pillow protector. These handy products cover the mattress and pillow to protect them from a wide range of nasties that can build-up and make the bed unhygienic and uncomfortable.

A quality mattress protector can:

  • Improve hygiene by keeping the mattress free from stains, bacteria, dust mites, bed bugs, sweat, airborne pollutants, food crumbs and more.
  • Extend the life of the mattress and protect your investment.
  • Prevent allergy flare-ups by stopping dust mites from entering the mattress.
  • Stop odours from forming due to bacterial build-up.
  • Enhance comfort and quality of sleep by keeping kids dry, cool and clean.
  • Be used through every season for all-year-round mattress protection.

Extend the life of your mattress and pillows with mattress and pillow protectors

With the right care, your child’s mattress could last them up to 10 years of use. A mattress protector is essential in extending the lifespan of any mattress as it protects it from the things that can cause it to become damaged, unhygienic and unsuitable to sleep on. Mattress protectors keep your investment and your child safe by creating a barrier that prevents stains, dust mites, moisture, bacteria and more from entering the mattress. We have high-quality mattress protectors that are waterproof, crinkle-free and absorbent.

You can also find protectors to keep your kids pillows and kids quilts looking brand new for longer.

Waterproof mattress protector

When bedwetting is an issue, a mattress protector can ensure that the mattress stays dry and clean so that all you need to do is strip the protector and wash it. Bamboo mattress protectors are waterproof and highly absorbent, able to draw moisture away from the child so that they can sleep comfortably. We also have plush terry cotton mattress protectors that are waterproof.

Our Smart Care mattress protectors keep sleep surfaces ultra-dry with advanced AVP technology that allows air to pass through but not moisture. It’s also a good idea to purchase a waterproof pillow protector, such as our bamboo pillow protectors that absorb liquids and stains.

Kids mattress protectors in single bed, king single bed and double bed sizes

Kids mattress protectors come in all different sizes to protect different sized beds. Whether your child sleeps in a single bed or a spacious king bed, we’ve got a protector to keep it clean, hygienic and super comfortable for years to come. Discover mattress protectors for a

The best materials for a mattress protector

Natural cotton mattress protectors are among the most popular types of mattress protectors for a good reason. They’re much more breathable than synthetic microfibre protectors and are soft, absorbent and hypoallergenic. Our plush terry cotton mattress protectors feature a luxurious feel for maximum comfort and effectively protect mattresses from stains, dust mites, moisture and more. Other natural fibres, such as bamboo and tencel, are also great options.

The best materials for pillow protectors

When it comes to pillow protectors, you want materials that are durable and easy to maintain. Bamboo pillow protectors are a top choice as they’re highly absorbent and waterproof to protect pillows from sweat and other stains throughout the night and slow down the growth of odour-causing bacteria.

Bamboo is also natural, soft, breathable and hypoallergenic to reduce allergy symptoms for a sounder sleep.

Hypoallergenic bedding protectors

If your child suffers from allergies, choose a mattress protector made from natural fibres to help reduce the event of an allergy attack. Cotton quilted mattress protectors are ideal and less likely to trigger allergies, as are bamboo mattress protectors. Our bamboo and plush terry cotton mattress protectors feature a crinkle-free waterproof layer that prevents dust mites from entering while our Smart Care mattress protectors are also hypoallergenic, dust and mite-proof.

How to clean and maintain your mattress and pillow protector

It’s important that you wash your mattress and pillow protectors regularly so that they can continue to keep your bed linen clean and hygienic. Our protectors are machine washable which means you can just toss them into the washer for a quick and easy clean. Use a gentle cycle and hang them on the line with your other bed linen, including quilt cover sets, fitted sheets and pillowcases. You can also tumble dry them at 60° C for faster results.

What do mattress and pillow protectors do?

The main job of a mattress and pillow protector is to extend the life of a mattress and the pillows by protecting them from dust, stains, spills, allergens, bed bugs, bacteria and other nasties and keeping them as clean as possible. They are different to mattress toppers and underlays which are made of foam or latex and sit on top of the mattress to soften or firm it up for a comfier and more supportive night’s sleep.

You can find mattress protectors for every sized bed, from single mattress protectors to king mattress protectors and cot mattress protectors for the nursery. They can be used on all types of mattresses, including memory foam mattresses and spring mattresses. For the perfect fit, choose a fitted mattress protector that slips right on and lets you get on with your sleep routine undisturbed.

You can also find quilt protectors that do the same thing for your quilt.

How much do mattress and pillow protectors cost?

This depends on the materials, quality and size of the protector. Amart keeps things affordable for all Australians with mattress protector prices starting from $39 and going up to $149. Find pillow protectors from just $19.

Checkout online with a 30 day returns and refund policy for total peace of mind. All of our mattress protectors also come with a warranty that you can read more about in our t&cs. Pop your favourite items onto a wishlist to buy later or visit one of our many stores across Australia to view the entire collection in person.