8 Seater Dining Sets
8 Seater Dining Sets

8 Seater Dining Sets

8 seater dining table sets let you entertain in style and enjoy plenty of space when dining with family and friends. Featuring a range of trending designs and ... price points, Amart 8 seater dining room tables are the perfect size for big families and home entertainers. Read more

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8 Seater Dining Table Sets - Never Too Big Or Too Small

Whether you need a big or small family dinner table, 8 seater dining table sets are the perfect compromise between 6 seater dining tables - sometimes too small - and 10 seater dining room sets - often too big! If you’re a family of four or six, you’ll never regret buying an 8 seater dining suite for the easy inclusion of dinner guests at any time.

What is an 8 seater dining table set?

An 8 seater dining table and chairs set comprises one dining table and eight matching dining chairs. 8 seater dining sets are also known as 9 piece dining suites or 9 piece table and chair sets.

They are commonly rectangular or square in shape, and are often available with matching dining room furniture such as buffet tables and sideboards.

The alternative to buying 8 seater dining room table sets is to buy a large dining table and eight dining chairs separately to create a unique dining suite which may perfectly complement existing dining or living room furniture.

However, choosing an 8 person dining suite guarantees the perfect match between the table and chairs, and may also be a cost effective way to buy an entire dining room set.

What size is an 8 seater dining table?

While they will all seat 8 people, 8 seater dining table sizes can still vary, as can the shape.

Some of our square dining tables - a great way to create a very inclusive dining area - measure 1500mm x 1500mm providing ample space for eight diners. Check out the Promenade and the Settler 8 person square dining sets for contrasting styles in glass and wooden table designs.

Rectangular dining tables for eight people sit three people across each side and two people at the ends. These tables vary in length, typically between 2100mm and 2700mm. Generally you’ll find the wider dining chair designs paired with the longer dining tables.

What are the benefits of a dining table set?

The obvious benefit of a dining room suite or matching dining table set as it’s also called, is that the dining chairs and dining table are designed as a perfectly matched pair. This creates a cohesive look to your dining area, especially when paired with matching dining room furniture.

Several Amart dining suite collections also feature matching living room furniture, so if you have open plan dining you can achieve that stylish β€˜home decor magazine’ look with ease. Consider designs such as…

And many more to find matching coffee tables, entertainment units, side and lamp tables, sofa and hall tables and more.

At Amart our dining room furniture range also includes:

It’s easy to shop online at Amart, or visit your nearest Amart store to browse our beautiful collection of 8 seater dining table sets and find the perfect set for your dining area.