Time to enjoy the refreshing feel of crisp new bed linen? Discover a fantastic choice of luxury quilts at affordable prices from Amart. Find your perfect lightweight quilt for summer or warm wool quilts for winter in our extensive range of quilts for beds of all sizes.
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Snuggle In and Sleep Tight with All-Season Quilts

Whether it’s time to update your bed linen, or you’re about to buy a new bedroom suite or a new bed and mattress, you’ll find high quality quilts and quilt cover sets and all the bedding and manchester you need at Amart!

What is a quilt?

A quilt is a soft and comfortable bed covering also known as a doona or a duvet. Other types of bed coverings include mattress protectors and underlays, coverlets, blankets and comforters, the difference being that quilts (aka doonas or duvets) need quilt covers, whereas coverlets, blankets and comforters don’t.

A cosy quilt isn’t complete without a quilt cover set. A quilt cover set is what adds colour and texture to your bedding, creating whatever mood you desire for your bedroom space. That might be light and cool, fresh and uplifting, dark and brooding, or cosy and romantic.

What is a quilt made of?

A bed quilt provides seasonal warmth and comfort in a range of different quilt fabrics and weights. Shop the new Perago Home brand along with the Odyssey Essentials range at Amart to find:

  • Microfibre quilts
  • Wool quilts
  • Bamboo quilts
  • Microlush quilts
  • Loft quilts
  • Cotton quilts

What is the best type of quilt?

Like all bed linen including bed sheets and pillows, finding the best quilt for you is a matter of individual sleep requirements combined with seasonal suitability.

Lightweight summer quilt sets are made from breathable materials such as cotton or bamboo blends. These types of quilts are great choices during warmer weather, when you want lightweight covering without warmth.

When winter arrives you might like to change to a warm quilt to keep you cosy all night long. These types of quilts are made from washable wool, 300gsm microfibre and even hypoallergenic loft quilts will keep you warm.

Hypoallergenic quilts are great for people who suffer from allergies or asthma, while quilt fabrics with breathable properties are a good choice for hot sleepers.

TIP: when changing your bed linen, refresh your quilt by giving it a good shake outdoors to remove dust and dust mites before popping it on the clothesline for a breath of fresh air and sunshine.

What size quilt should I get?

You can buy quilts online at Amart with pickup or delivery options, or visit your nearest Amart store to find lowest prices guaranteed and a 3 year quality guarantee. Our extensive range of quilt sizes include:

  • Single quilts
  • Double quilts
  • Queen size quilts
  • King size quilts

TIP: choose a quilt and quilt cover set one size up from your bed size. This allows for a generous overhang on each side, preventing battles with partners who tend to hog the bed covers.

How often should a quilt be washed?

Quilt covers and sheet sets provide a barrier between your skin and the quilt, so you don’t need to wash your quilt as often as your sheet sets and quilt cover sets. When you’ve checked the care instructions to see if your quilt is hand or gentle machine washable, wash it on an as-needs basis. Always take care to closely follow the care instructions to preserve the life and quality of your Amart quilt.