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Create a safe, caring and stylish nursery for your little ones with our range of nursery furniture. Bond with bub using the sweetest baby cots, bassinets, changing tables with storage, tall chests, mattresses and matching nursery packages.
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Different Types of Nursery Furniture

When you have a newborn, the nursery becomes the most joyful room in the house; it's a space for bonding sleeping, nursing, and playing. The right nursery furniture will make taking care of your newborn so much smoother. Before buying pieces, you’ll need to consider factors such as your available space, your unique needs and your personal style. Tailor your baby's newborn sanctuary with our extensive range of nursery furniture including:

What are Essential Nursery Furniture Items?

Building your baby’s sanctuary doesn’t have to be expensive. Create a solid foundation with our essential baby furniture packages. Designed with new parents in mind, our nursery furniture offers everything you will need to tackle those first precious moments of parenthood. We recommend that every nursery is equipped with:

  • A Baby cot and cot mattress: to give your little one the best night’s sleep and you the peace of mind that they’re tucked in tight.

  • A Change table: to make those oh so dreaded nappy changes a little bit smoother.

  • A Tall chest: to help you keep a clutter-free and organised nursery during those chaotic and time-poor moments.

  • A Comfortable Nursery chair: to give you cozy haven for those late-night feedings and quiet bonding moments, offering you and bub unmatched comfort.

What Makes a Functional Change Table?

Although it may be tempting to design a showroom-worthy nursery, when you are navigating the newborn phase functionality and practicality trump style. Finding the best changing table with strategic functionality will be a big help when changing nappies. Functional change tables will give you a space to change your baby, and a compact storage solution for storing essentials like nappies and baby wipes. Discover the difference of Amart’s functional change tables and receive a complimentary change mat to add to your collection of essentials. Explore our range below:

  • The stylish Camlet with wheels for easy portability and 3 large shelves for changing and storage. 

  • Our functional Madelyn Change Table has a modern minimalistic design and is made from solid wood for sturdiness and longevity. Both change pads are luxuriously soft and comfy while still being easy to clean for busy parents.

The Difference Between a Baby Cot and a Bassinet

Becoming a new parent can be daunting, and there are so many new things you will learn along the way, including what kind of bed is right for your little one. Feeling a little lost in the world of cots and bassinets? Let’s take a closer look at which option is best for your bundle of joy.

  • Bassinet - A bassinet, also known as a co-sleeper or cradle, is a bed for newborns up until 4-6 months of age. They are much smaller than cots with lower sides and many have hoods or covers attached. Bassinets are great for placing in compact bedrooms next to sleeping parents and look pretty and cosy with little ones tucked inside. You’ll need to upgrade to a cot when your baby starts rolling or sitting up.

  • Baby cot - A cot is a great long-term option and can be a budget-savvy decision. As a versatile piece of baby furniture that your child can grow into, they can be used for newborns and later convert into a toddler bed, for kids up to 3-4 years of age. They keep babies safe, secure and comfy until they are ready to move into a kids bed.

The Best Mattress for Your Baby

Fit your cot with a safe cot mattress that’s densely padded and soft for sweet dreams every night. We offer a range of mattresses, allowing you to curate your little one’s sleep to ensure their sweet dreams. Take a look at our safe and comfortable range of baby mattresses below:

  • The Jamie mattress with innerspring technology, supportive cushioning and polyester outer layer for temperature regulating

  • The Coen mattress with pocket springs that react to pressure while your baby sleeps and a polyester outer layer for maximum breathability.

  • The Llama mattress with bonnell coil springs that offer medium support and premium foam quilting that’s double-sided for convenience and longevity.

Choosing Armchairs & Ottomans

When choosing the perfect nursery furniture, your personal comfort and practical needs should greatly influence your furniture choices. After all, you will be spending a lot of time in your baby’s nursery during nap times, late night feedings, and precious bonding sessions so it is important your armchair and ottoman make you feel supported and comfortable to tackle these moments The right armchair will match your existing baby décor and be the central hub of your nursery. Our armchair and ottoman duo, was specifically designed to comfortably nurse your baby and keep the mess at bay. Long days and nights will pass by dreamily in this super cosy chair with a high back and cushioned finish to maximise comfort for mum and bub. The multipurpose ottoman acts as a storage facility for all your baby’s toys, books, nappies, bibs and more. Find it in neutral grey to blend easily into any interior.

Functional Nursery Storage Furniture

Keep the nursery looking clean and tidy by filling it with the right storage furniture. Amart offer a range of both white and warm wooden tall chests that perfectly store all of your nursery essentials. Crafted with a stylish yet minimalistic design, explore our range of nursery storate solutions to curate your perfect nursery space.

Choose Nursery Furniture that Matches Your Interior Design

Create a lovingly styled nursery for your growing baby by matching your nursery furniture to your existing nursery decor. Consider the wall colour, floors, textiles, quilts and rugs and choose furniture pieces that will complement these choices. Go further and match your style and colour palette to the rest of your baby items in other areas of the home, including bouncers and rockers, swaddles, high chair, prams and strollers.

In Australia, white nursery furniture is a popular gender-neurtral colour that's fresh and modern. Natural woos id great for adding warmth and rustic charm to a space. Additionally, opt for pops of contrast with decor items like wall art, night lights, play mats and cushions.

Where can I buy the Best Nursery Furniture?

Amart has you covered for safe and beautiful baby furniture in Australia that enhances your space and makes life with a newborn bliss. You can shop all our products online and save your favourites to a wishlist for later or pop into your nearest Amart showroom to view them in person. We’ve also got the best kids furniture for when your little one grows up, from trundle beds and single beds to tallboys, bedding and more.

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