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Simply Beautiful Leather Lounges For Every Home

Who doesn’t love the smooth feel and exquisite look of a stunning leather lounge? Available in every configuration and a range of on-trend colours, our faux leather lounges offer an affordable solution while our range of premium leather lounges are sure to impress!

What is a leather lounge?

A leather lounge is made from cowhide which has been through a tanning process and subsequently graded. Leather lounges can range from high grade premium quality leathers through to faux leather which is a synthetic product.

Leather lounges come in every shape, size and design, including:

What type of leather is used in leather lounge furniture?

Leather lounge furniture and leather dining room chairs can be made from a wide variety of leather types, which is one of the reasons that leather lounges vary considerably in price. Leather is treated in a range of ways, so that some leathers retain a highly grained, textured look while others have a smooth, almost shiny finish.

At Amart Furniture our leather furniture is made from differing grades of leather, including the pull up top grain leather used in our Giorgio leather lounge suites featuring an impressive 12 year guarantee.

The luxurious Luciano is upholstered in thick cut corrected grain leather while our collection of faux leather or ‘leather look’ lounges are man-made synthetic leather lounges offering the look of genuine leather at a family-friendly price point.

How long do leather couches last?

The resilience and durability of a leather lounge set is strongly influenced by the type of leather used in the manufacturing process. Other factors which impact the lifespan of leather sofas include:

  1. Maintenance
  2. Protection
  3. Structural design
  4. Exposure to UV rays
  5. How it is used

A leather lounge placed in the living area of an active young family with kids and pets is obviously going to show more wear and tear sooner than a leather lounge in the formal living room of a home without kids.

If the leather lounge is exposed to direct sunlight it may also deteriorate more quickly, just as harmful UV rays accelerate the rate at which our skin ages.

Generally speaking however, leather is a very durable product. If you use a leather lounge cleaner and treat it with the recommended protective products you can expect as many years of luxurious comfort and style from a leather lounge as a fabric lounge, in fact probably more.

Warranty periods can be an indicator as to the expected length of time you might consider your lounge suite to be in its prime. Typically our leather look lounges attract a 7 year guarantee, whereas our premium leather lounges may come with a generous 10 or 12 year quality guarantee.

How do you clean a leather lounge?

It is very important to use the correct leather lounge cleaner and protector on your lounge and not abrasive chemicals or household cleaning products. Applying a leather lounge protector prior to use is highly recommended.

Always mop up spills promptly and protect leather lounges from pets’ claws as they can scratch, tear and puncture a leather surface.

How do you style a leather sofa?

Sometimes a genuine leather sofa needs little styling - its sheer beauty is enough!

A leather recliner lounge suite, for example, provides all the support and built-in comfort you need. With moving parts included, leather recliner lounges are often best styled without the use of cushions or throw rugs, but accessorised with a stylish side table and a beautiful lamp or a complementary floor rug.

Conversely, a long leather corner lounge suite such as the stunning six seater Liverpool leather corner lounge is tastefully styled with a selection of cushions and a throw rug.

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