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You’ll find an exquisite range of on-trend, high-quality bedding and homewares in the Perago Home collection. Find inspiration in our home lookbook and catalogues page and shop Amart’s quality furniture packages and products online or in-store.
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Would You Like To Transform Your Bedroom Into A Tranquil Retreat? Learn How With Perago Home

Is it time for a bedroom refresh? The Perago Home range has your sleeping quarters covered. From essentials like mattress protectors and quilts to high-quality, on-trend bedding, cushions, and throws, you can achieve designer luxury at affordable prices.

Find out how to transform your bedroom into a serene oasis for a great night’s sleep.

Stunning quilt sets for all bed sizes

Create a sense of calm and luxury in your bedroom with the Perago Home range of quilt sets. You’ll find quality linen and cotton blends in on-trend colour palettes, from bold prints to quiet, warm tones of eucalyptus, olive, and rust. In every size, from single up to king quilt covers, there’s something to fit your bed and lifestyle.

We also have a gorgeous range of kids’ single quilt cover sets in our Perago Kids range. Dive into dinosaurs, jump into jungles, or for the older kids, retreat into tasteful, tufted embellishments in beautiful, soft colours.

3 great reasons to buy Perago Home products

There’s a lot to love about the Perago Home range. Here are 3 great reasons why you should grab it for yourself:

  1. Designer look- The Perago Home range of bedding, cushions and throws is put together by a team of industry-leading interior designers to reflect the latest seasonal trends.
  2. Quality - This high-quality range is made to stand up to regular machine washing.
  3. Price - Not only will Perago Home look and feel amazing at your place, but you’re also getting designer styles and quality for an affordable price.

Perago Home lookbook - browse the catalogue

Inspiration abounds in our Perago Home Lookbook. Browse Amart’s range of on-trend home decor from the Perago Home range to see how this season’s styles can look in your home. From luxurious bed linen to high-quality designer-look cushions and throws for your living room, along with essentials like mattress and pillow protectors.

Follow our social media channels for even more inspiration or head to one of our 67 retailers around Australia to see and feel them for yourself. And, if you’d like to grab some wall art, rugs, mirrors and other accessories, you can shop our home decor online exclusives.

Benefits of using a mattress protector

Mattresses are difficult to clean. They can be vacuumed and surface sprayed to remove allergens, however, it’s impossible to deeply clean them. So, a mattress protector has three major benefits:

  • Helps prevent allergens, dirt, and moisture from entering the mattress in the first place.
  • Creates a removable, washable barrier between a person and their mattress to protect them from any allergens and dirt inside their mattress.
  • Adds an extra layer of comfort to the mattress to assist in a better night’s sleep.

Common materials used in mattress protectors

Mattress protectors work by protecting your mattress from stains and spills and protecting you from dust mites and other allergens. Some of the common materials used in mattress protectors include:

Bamboo - a natural, breathable, eco-friendly fabric that is temperature-regulating, anti-bacterial, and comfortable to sleep on.

Cotton/plush terry - light, natural, breathable fabric for comfort and temperature control. Cotton mattress protectors can also be topped with a soft cotton terry construction that traps and absorbs moisture.

Man-made fibres - these are made from materials like polyester, nylon-polyester or micro-fibre. They are waterproof, allergy-friendly, temperature-regulating, and easy to clean.

Waterproof - Many mattress protectors come with a waterproof layer inside, often made from thermoplastic polyurethane. The waterproof membrane is encased in a comfortable fabric like cotton or bamboo.

Wool vs bamboo blend - what are the pros and cons?

Having trouble deciding whether to choose a wool or bamboo blend quilt? Here’s a quick list of pros and cons:

Perago Home Wool Quilt pros:

  • Warmth all year round
  • The wool properties provide natural insulation
  • 100% Cotton Japara cover that is natural and breathable
  • Machine washable.

Perago Home Wool Quilt cons:

  • At 500gsm, it’s heavier than its 300gsm bamboo blend counterpart and therefore may be a little hot in the warmer months.

Perago Bamboo Blend Quilt pros:

  • Bamboo wicks away moisture faster than cotton making it a good choice for allergy sufferers
  • Bamboo and microfibre materials are anti-bacterial
  • A 300gsm weight suits every season and the materials give it a plush and cosy feeling
  • Machine washable.

Perago Bamboo Blend Quilt cons:

  • This is an all-season quilt, so if you’re someone who really feels the cold, you may want to switch it out for the Perago Wool quilt in winter.

What to look for when buying a quilt set

A quilt set is a key item for bringing colour and texture into a room. So, aside from getting the size right, you might be wondering what else you can look for to ensure you choose something perfect for your bed. Consider the following:

  • Colours - Warm or cool? Bright prints or muted neutrals? Think about the existing colour and decor in your room. Would you like your quilt cover set to be the central piece from which you determine the rest of the colour in your room? Or would you prefer soft, muted neutrals to complement your existing theme?
  • Style - What’s your style? Are you after something traditional or contemporary? French provincial or boho?
  • Fibres and thread count - What materials do you prefer to sleep on? If you prefer natural fibres and optimum softness, go for cotton, bamboo or linen sheets. If you’re after extra warmth in winter, consider a thermal flannel quilt cover set.
  • Maintenance - Quilt sets require regular washing to keep them clean and fresh. All the quilt sets in our range are made with high-quality materials and will stand up to the rigours of regular machine washing.

Best Perago Home sheet sets for your mattress

Amart’s quality Perago Home sheet sets are available in standard and deep wall mattress sizes. Choose from our range of French linen, bamboo cotton, cotton percale and microfibre sheet sets with matching pillowcases to find the perfect fit for your mattress.

Proper care and maintenance for Perago Home sheets

All sheets in the Perago Home range are suitable for washing machines. Make sure you check the guidance on the set you buy, as some sheets are suited to warm machine wash while others need cold water. For longer life, crisper colours, and a greener planet, line drying is best.

Perago Home products available at Amart Furniture

Exclusive to Amart, Perago Home is an exquisite collection of sheet sets, quilts, pillows, quilt cover sets, mattress protectors, cushions, throw rugs and pillow protectors. Our high-quality products in designer styles are an affordable way to add colour and luxury to your home.

When you’re done browsing our Perago Home range, check out the rest of Amart for a one-stop shop for all things furniture and homewares. You’ll find stunning dining room tables and dining chairs, bedroom suites, sofas and coffee tables for your living room and outdoor furniture for alfresco dining. You can also pick up smaller pieces like home decor, office chairs, lamps, and curtains in our home accessories range.

Checkout the Amart furniture catalogue and visit our partnerships page to see how shopping with us can earn you rewards with our partners.

What is Perago Home?

Perago Home is an exquisite collection of high-quality bedding, cushions, throws and other accessories that give you the designer look and feel at competitive prices. This stunning range of bedding products will add colour and luxury to your home. Check out our Perago Lookbook for inspiration.

What are the products from Perago Home?

You’ll find sheet sets, quilts, quilt cover sets, pillows, mattress protectors, cushions, throw rugs, pillow protectors and more at Perago Home. The Perago Kids range is a gorgeous collection of bedding for the little ones in your life.

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