If you need more bedroom storage or better organised wardrobe storage you’ll find a range of options in the wardrobe range at Amart Furniture. Smart design makes organising wardrobe space so much more effective, with freestanding wardrobes, insert packages, and drawer or shelf modular units ready to store everything efficiently.
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Efficient & Versatile Wardrobe Storage Solutions

Do your jumbled bedroom cupboards or walk in robes lack organised modular storage components? Do you need freestanding cupboards and wardrobes for rooms with no bedroom cupboards at all? Effective, space-saving and clutter-reducing solutions are easy at Amart, where you’ll find everything you need to meet all your bedroom storage needs.

What is a wardrobe?

A wardrobe is effectively a clothes cabinet. It is a tall cupboard for clothes, hats, bags and shoes which often includes a combination of hanging storage space, shelves and drawers.

Bedroom wardrobe storage can either be built-in or freestanding clothes cabinets. Different internal wardrobe configurations might include:

Not sure which wardrobe design would be best for you? The Spacesaver Combo Robe provides flexible storage for hanging long and short clothes, drawers for tee-shirts and underwear, and shelf space for shoes, bags - whatever you need.

Our flat pack wardrobe inserts are designed with any of these configurations, and finished with either:

  • Mirrored wardrobe doors
  • Panel wardrobe doors
  • Combination mirrored and panel wardrobe doors

What is the difference between a wardrobe and a closet?

The term ‘wardrobe’ tends to indicate a bedroom storage cupboard.

A closet is what Americans call a wardrobe, but in Australia a closet might also be walk-in or built-in storage space anywhere in the home, such as a hallway closet or a laundry closet. Typically though, we would call them cupboards.

Highlighting the versatility and interchangeability of wardrobes and closets or cupboards, the 1.8m high White Spacesaver Pantry could provide home storage in a kitchen, laundry, bedroom, office or study, casual meals area or even an enclosed patio.

Comprising either one or two doors with adjustable internal shelving and a rail for hanging clothes, if used in a bedroom you might call the Spacesaver Pantry a wardrobe, but elsewhere in the home it might be called a closet, a cupboard or a pantry.

How big is a wardrobe?

Just like any house or bedroom, built-in wardrobes and walk-in wardrobes can vary significantly in size. Some homes have walk-in wardrobes as big as some single bedrooms, whereas some freestanding or built-in cupboards for bedrooms provide just a small amount of hanging space.

Built in wardrobes and walk in wardrobes vary both in height and width depending on the dimensions of your bedrooms. A built in robe often measures from floor to ceiling, so if you have high ceilings you can have an extra high storage shelf above the hanging space in your built in wardrobes and walk in wardrobes.

At Amart our 4-door sliding door wardrobes by Spacemaster span a generous 2345mm width x 2280mm height x 586mm depth. In comparison our compact 1-door Spacesaver pantry measures 405mm wide x 1805mm high x 405mm deep - perfect for adding efficient storage space into small nooks and crannies.

Essentially, a wardrobe can be as big and spacious or as compact as you need it to be to work with your bedroom furniture and other bedroom storage items such as tallboys and chests of drawers or bedside tables.

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