Beautiful baby cots await in our range of classic and contemporary nursery furniture at Amart. Discover cots online and in-store to fit your mattress that are safe, secure and stylish for loving now and saving for the next generation!
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Choosing a baby cot for your nursery

A baby cot is the most important piece of nursery furniture you’ll place in your nursery. The cot will be your little one’s primary sleeping space as they grow older, as well as being a safe environment to rest, play and learn. There are a few factors to consider when choosing one:

  • Safety - Safety is number one when it comes to babies. A safe cot will meet the Australian and New Zealand Safety Standards and come with a mattress that’s firm, breathable and fits snugly inside the cot.
  • Security - Prevent babies from crawling out of the cot by choosing one with no footholds or horizontal bars. Also check that the lock is functioning correctly and that the cot itself is sturdily constructed. Solid wood is a top choice!
  • Functionality - Functional cots grow with your baby. Consider a cot that can convert into a toddler bed with an adjustable mattress height so that your baby can continue to sleep in it for longer.
  • Style - Lastly, choose a cot style that suits your nursery and home decor. This may be the elegant Winnie Cot or the clean lines and two-toned finish of our Scandinavian Elkie Cot.

Baby cots vs bassinets

Bassinets, also called co-sleepers, are designed for newborns to sleep in until they start to roll over or pull themselves up around 4-6 months old. Bassinets are much smaller than cots and provide a more snug space for babies to sleep in. With lower sides, they also provide easier access to your child. While bigger, cots grow with your little one. They are sturdy to keep babies safe and secure and can feature adjustable base heights to go from baby to toddler.

A cot is the better choice if you only have the budget for one as your child can stay in the same bed from newborn to around 3 years old. Our gorgeous Elkie Cot converts into a toddler bed or toddler sofa so that they can use it for even longer!

How to choose a cot mattress

The right cot mattress needs to be safe for your baby and fit snugly into the cot bed for security. A mattress that measures 132cm x 70cm is compatible with Amart cots. A polyester lining will be breathable and help to keep your baby cool and comfy during the night. Mattresses should be densely cushioned and firm for supporting newborns, as well as naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic for sensitive skin. A pocket spring mattress reacts to pressure and is excellent for supporting babies as they sleep through the night.

You should also consider a cot mattress that’s easy to clean. A mattress protector can help you to extend the lifespan of your mattress. Match your cot sheets to your nursery colour palette!

Features of a cot

Check out these features to look for when buying a baby cot:

  • Vertical bars with no footholds to prevent climbing.
  • A firm mattress.
  • Locking wheels for easy manoeuvrability.
  • Dropside system that delivers easier access to babies.
  • Cot teething rail.
  • Adjustable bed base that lets you raise the base for newborns and lower the base for toddlers.
  • Multiple configurations to go from cot to toddler bed to toddler sofa.

Safe sleeping for your baby

From teething time to play time to sleeping time, the most important thing is that your little one is comfy, safe and happy. Always choose a cot that meets Australian and New Zealand Safety Standards to ensure your child is sleeping in a spot that’s durable and stable. Cot mattresses need to be firm to prevent suffocation. Polyester linings are breathable and provide temperature regulation so babies can sleep in comfort while pocket springs provide ample support.

Choose a cot that complements your nursery style

An adorable nursery isn’t just practical, it’s super stylish too! Choose an interior style and colour palette and extend it to every piece of nursery furniture and baby essentials you have in the home for a unified space. Here are some items you may want to match to your cot:

Where to place your cot

Cot placement is very important. You want to place the cot in a spot that’s near the door so you can easily check on them during the night. Make sure at least 3 sides of the cot are exposed to airflow and it’s best to keep them away from windows where blinds or curtain pulls can be hazardous and peeping light can disturb their sleep.

Match your new cot to your baby change table and tallboy

Matching your nursery furniture creates a cohesive and beautiful space for your child to grow in. We have white cots to pair effortlessly with white change tables and change mats as well as natural wooden tallboys that add cosiness and warmth. The two-toned Elkie Cot teams wonderfully with the Evalyn Chest of Drawers for a clean Nordic look.

Consider matching your nursery furniture to these other baby essentials:

Choose a cot that complements your nursing chair

Nursing chairs are an essential piece of nursery furniture as the cosy spot you and your newborn will spend loads of time together bonding, feeding and settling. Create a beautiful space by matching your armchair to your cot with a similar style, colour and design. Our stunning Samuel chair is densely cushioned and comes with a matching ottoman for storing nappies, toys, books and much more.

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What age group are cots for?

Cots can be used from newborn up to around 3 years old. There’s no exact time when your child should transition from a classic cot to a bed - it can be anywhere from 18 months to 3 years old.

A convertible cot will feature low sides for newborns and convert into a toddler bed with high sides to keep kids safely inside. Search the range of Amart’s cots and kids beds online.

What is the maximum weight for a cot?

Children grow at different rates so it’s important to keep an eye on their height to know when to convert from cot to toddler bed. We suggest transitioning into a toddler bed when your child reaches 89cm. Most toddler bed conversions can hold a maximum weight of 22.5kg.