Tallboys in the bedroom and nursery give you plenty of space for storage without taking up a lot of room. Shop modern nursery furniture at Amart, including solid wood chest of drawers that are sturdy, safe and stylish for baby essentials.
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Choosing a tallboy for your nursery

A tallboy chest or tallboy dresser is a must in the nursery if you have plenty of storage and need to save on space. Stylish and functional, these pieces of furniture take up minimal room while providing drawers to stash belongings out of sight. The top of the tallboy can be a place to show off your decorations or double as a change table to save money.

Amart has a range of tallboys to suit every nursery and need. Consider:

  • Size - How much space do you have in your nursery? This will determine whether you choose a small 3 drawer piece or a spacious 6 drawer piece with added wardrobe.
  • Storage space - How many drawers do you need to fit all of your storage? A 6-drawer tallboy will obviously fit a lot more in it than a 3-drawer tallboy.
  • Style - Match your tallboy to the other nursery furniture by choosing one in the same style, such as Hamptons, Scandinavian or retro mid-century modern.
  • Material - This will have a big impact on the durability and strength of your tallboy as well as the aesthetics. Wood is the most common material used.

Use a tallboy as a changing table

You don’t need to go out and buy a changing table as well as a tallboy if the budget doesn’t stretch that far. You can use the top of a tallboy as your changing table and store everything from nappies and wipes to pjs and toys in the drawers below. It’s important that you put down a padded changing mat first so that babies can lie comfortably and safely on the hard surface.

What to store in your nursery tallboy

Tallboys give you plenty of storage space to store all of your baby’s belongings in its storage drawers where they can stay out of sight. They’re a great storage solution for smaller nurseries as they take up more vertical space than floor space. You can store anything you want in a tallboy, including baby’s clothes, nappies, toys, books, blankets, swaddles, breastfeeding appliances, shoes, baby keepsakes and much more.

If you need extra storage, consider buying more storage furniture such as 3-drawer dressers, 2-tier changing tables and bedside tables with drawers.

What to look for in a tallboy

Before you invest in a tallboy for the nursery, give some thought to:

  • Drawer space - This is the main point of a tallboy so it’s important to think about how many drawers you will actually need to hold your storage. Soft close drawers, such as on the Evalyn tall chest, are also great for not disturbing sleeping babies.
  • Child-friendly materials - Look for a finish that is safe for babies. Our tallboys are made with environmentally-friendly water-based paint which is safe for children of all ages.
  • Sturdiness - Make sure your tallboy is made from solid materials and a sound construction to prevent it falling over. The Winnie is crafted from solid Australian Araucaria which is sustainable, sturdy and built to last.

Decorate the top of your tallboy with your favourite decor pieces

If the top of your tallboy isn’t being used as a change table, you’re free to fill up the space with decorative accessories that add an extra level of cuteness and style to the nursery. Think about placing an artificial plant or indoor planter on top for a pop of green or arrange a pretty vignette of precious baby photos and sweet mementos that you have collected. Other items may include some fun artwork, kids books, ornaments and little statues that suit your nursery theme.

Choose a tallboy that suits your nursery style

The most beautiful nurseries follow the same interior style so that everything matches and flows in unison. Your tallboy should also reflect this style. It may be a minimalist design with a white finish that keeps things fresh and modern or an acacia wood piece that fits perfectly into a neutral Scandinavian space. Rattan furniture is a great choice to capture the Hampton-style while black and white nursery furniture is sleek and luxe for a modern nursery.

Amart tallboys feature a minimalist design and a white or natural finish so that you can choose the best piece that shows off your unique interior style.

Positioning your tallboy in your nursery

Your tallboy will undoubtedly hold all of your baby’s clothes and essentials so it’s a good idea to position it close to the cot for quick and easy access. A handy nursery layout is to place the cot along a wall with the tallboy beside it and a nursery chair positioned on the other side of the cot in the corner. Add a night light to shed some cosy light on feeding time.

Match your tallboy to your cot & change table

Matching your bedroom storage to the rest of your bedroom furniture makes for a beautiful nursery that is stylish and cohesive. We have cots and change tables to match your tallboys as well as other pieces of furniture and items in the home, including:

What is a tallboy?

A tallboy is a tall piece of furniture with built-in drawers for storing your belongings for a neat and tidy bedroom. Some tallboys may also include a wardrobe section on top for hanging clothes. You can find tallboys in different sizes for different storage needs, from a 3 chest of drawers to a 6 chest of drawers. A lowboy is a small table typically placed in the bedroom that comes to waist height and has drawers beneath the surface for storage.

Where can I buy a tallboy?

Amart has got plenty of tallboys for the bedroom and nursery to save into your wishlist or checkout online with fast delivery to any postcode in Australia. All of our tallboys come with a warranty to protect you against almost anything life throws at it. Prefer to visit us in-store? Locate your nearest showroom and browse our entire collection, from nursery furniture to homewares and must-have pieces for the living room, bedroom, office, outdoor and more.