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A king mattress delivers spacious dimensions along with comfort and support for a solid night’s sleep in a king size bed. Upsized only by a super king mattress, a king size mattress allows abundant space for two people to sleep side by side in comfort.
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King Mattresses - When Bigger Means A Better Night’s Sleep

Considered the biggest bed of all unless you’re reaching for the stars in a super king bed, a king bed mattress provides the most luxurious space for couples sleeping - or sleeping solo movie-star style if that’s your preference!

What is a king mattress?

A king mattress is the partner to a king size bed base. You’d be forgiven for thinking a king mattress is longer for tall people, but in fact a king bed and mattress offers more space to spread out rather than more length to stretch your legs.

To scale, a king size mattress size sits between queen size and super king size, although many are under the misapprehension that king size is the biggest mattress you can buy.

At Amart Furniture you can find the best king mattress Australia wide in our high quality range from leading brands including:

When you choose a king mattress and a king bed base you will need king size bedding accessories such as sheets, quilts, quilt cover sets and king size mattress protectors.

What is the difference between a king mattress and a king single mattress?

The difference between a king single mattress size and a king mattress size is just width. The standard dimensions are:

  1. King single bed mattress = 107cm wide x 203cm long
  2. King bed mattress = 183cm wide x 203cm long

Essentially a king single bed mattress is a longer and wider single bed for one child, one teen or one average sized adult to sleep comfortably.

King size mattress dimensions are the same length but they allow for two people to sleep side by side with plenty of room between them.

You can view all mattress sizes in comparison to one another here.

How much does a king size mattress weigh in kgs?

Mattresses are manufactured in a range of designs which means king mattress weights can vary by quite a bit. For example, you can choose:

  • King size mattresses with pocket springs
  • King memory foam mattress
  • King size foam mattress with gel infused latex foam
  • King size mattress combining pocket springs and/or memory foam and/or latex foam

It is safe to say a king mattress weight can range between 30kg and 75kgs but commonly between 60 and 75kgs, depending on the design. So if you’re planning to move or flip a king size mattress you may need a second pair of hands.

What are the benefits of a king mattress?

The main reason Amart customers choose king size bed and mattress deals or to buy king size bed components separately, is because of the superior space in the bed. Greater space brings comfort and benefits such as:

  • Cooler sleeping
  • Less partner disturbance
  • Deeper sleep
  • Space for parent(s)/child(ren) co-sleeping

When you choose a high quality king mattress for your king size bed you may be looking for a firm king mattress providing significant structural support and comfort, or a king mattress for back pain perhaps.

Our range spanning single mattresses through to super king mattresses includes leading brand mattresses designed to provide the correct support for spinal alignment combined with luxurious comfort in all mattress sizes.

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