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Let living room furniture stamp your style, create a cool vibe and make a statement when you buy living room furniture you love from Amart! Living room furniture can create the perfect ... mood - perhaps fresh and uplifting, cool and calming or relaxed and comfy, styling your living space just how you like it. Read more

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How To Create A Living Room To Suit Your Lifestyle And Your Budget

Ever wondered how some living rooms look effortlessly chic and stylish yet totally comfy and inviting? It’s easy and affordable with a few simple tips and ideas for living room furniture designs from Amart.

How do you choose living room furniture?

Browse the extensive range of living room furniture online or instore at Amart Furniture to see the diverse range of styles available while taking into account:

  1. Your budget
  2. The size and layout of your living space
  3. Your storage needs
  4. The amount of natural light in the room

You’ll then be prepared to choose an affordable style of furniture you love but which also works well with your living space.

Purchasing a living room furniture set or package ensures that all the individual elements work perfectly together and can often be the most affordable way to decorate your whole living space. If that isn’t an option for you, start with the best quality sofa in a style you like which fits comfortably within the room before adding:

Choose living room furniture items in complementary designs and tones, adding accessories such as lamps, artwork, cushions and throw rugs to complete - but not dominate - the look and feel of the room.

What are some Living room furniture ideas?

Some of the designs available as individual furniture pieces and cost-effective dining and living room furniture sets include:

  1. Modern living room furniture showcasing sleek, clean lines and an uncluttered look.
  2. Wooden living room furniture with classic appeal and natural timber aesthetics.
  3. Industrial living room furniture featuring blended raw materials such as wood and iron.
  4. Coastal living room furniture creating a beach-inspired ambience with cool tones.
  5. Rustic living room furniture using a blend of vintage-look timbers and materials.
  6. Luxury living room furniture which creates a plush sense of decadence.
  7. Rattan living room furniture for a fresh, natural look.

Remember, these themes form the basis of the mood in the room, but it is the accessories that can finish the look.

How do you arrange living room furniture?

Working with the available living space, start by arranging your living room furniture to create an inclusive and inviting seating area. Depending on the size and shape of the room, you might choose:

  • A pair of sofas positioned at right angles with a lamp table and a coffee table
  • A sofa and one or two lounge chairs with a coffee table
  • A chaise lounge with a coffee table and a lounge chair

How to style living room furniture?


When choosing living room furniture and styling the room, consider the amount of natural light your living space receives. If the room is dark opt for furniture in light colours and accessorize with similar subtle tones and pieces that include pops of colour.


One of the most essential items for styling living room furniture is a large floor rug. A floor rug will define the seating space and add a sense of warmth and togetherness. Choose a rug that complements the colours, textures and style of your furniture and position it so that all those furniture pieces occupy at least part of the rug.

Decide if the rug will be the statement piece in the room, or the foundation piece. Don’t allow your floor rug to compete with your furniture though - let one or other be the power-dresser in the room.


Homewares such as lamps, vases, artwork, throw rugs and cushions add comfort and a cosy feel to your living space. Try similar colours to your living room furniture but different textures, or opposing colours to add depth and contrast.

Does living room furniture have to match?

It is perfectly ok for living room furniture to match but sometimes matchy-matchy can be too much..

To achieve the feeling of stylish yet comfortable living room furniture today’s expert stylists add some furniture pieces which don’t match but have elements that complement the other in tones, textures, design or materials.

For example, a glass top coffee table with angled oak legs might match your leather or fabric lounge chairs and sofa if they also have angled oak legs in a similar stain.

Should living room furniture match with dining room furniture?

Possibly, but not necessarily or strictly. Living room furniture and dining room furniture will work together if they:

  • Match entirely, as in they are a set.
  • Match partially, as in some aspects match but others don’t.
  • Contrast but have common elements.

Even in an open plan living space if the dining and living room furniture are in separate, defined areas they don’t have to match, but there does need to be a sense of continuity so that the entire space doesn’t lack harmony.

If you stay with similar lines, for example smooth, slim and sleek or rounded and chunky as well as the same tones such as warm or cool and matching styles such as modern or rustic, you’ll achieve a dining and living room space that has a cohesive feel.

Conversely, one wouldn’t normally choose something like ultra-modern leather, black living room furniture or contemporary chrome and white living room furniture - and pair it with a chunky timber dining table. BUT, by adding dining chairs and accessories that complement the living room furniture, you can make almost any dining table work in an open-plan space.