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Discover exciting and affordable gaming desks from Amart, bringing a winning attitude to all your online gaming experiences. Our popular range of gaming desks are available instore or online exclusive. They’re set to deliver premium functionality and comfort via gaming-specific features such as cup holders, storage hooks and cable management.
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Game On? You Need an Amart Gaming Desk!

The perfect gift for the serious gamers in your life, Amart gaming desks bring gaming-specific functionality and features to the table. Invest in gaming desks and chairs to ensure the ultimate ergonomic safety to every gaming setup.

What is a gaming desk?

Compact gaming desks feature flat table tops, powder coated metal frames and storage accessories for the ultimate gaming setup with everything at your fingertips.

Sleek, space-saving and modern gaming desks fit neatly into bedroom and family room spaces in colours to match popular Amart gaming chairs and provide a coordinated look to the ultimate gaming setup.

Check out our range of gaming desks and chairs online or instore at an Amart Furniture store near you for the ultimate gaming experience!

Is there a standard size for gaming desks?

With variations to some gaming desk designs, you’ll find Amart gaming desks typically measure about 1200mm wide, 760mm high and 600mm deep. The dimensions are the perfect space-saving size for a gaming surface which generally only needs room for a laptop or PC, a keyboard and a mouse.

What makes a good gaming desk?

A long game is a good game, right? So a gaming computer desk includes space not just for your gaming gear, but a few comfort features too.

Gaming desks with cup holders encourage you to stay hydrated during the long hours that can be spent gaming. And most importantly, those cup holders provide a safe place to store your drinks without the risk of spilling them on your gaming gear.

PC gaming desk setups include cable management features so that your gaming experience is safe, organised, efficient and uncluttered.

The best gaming desks will have plenty of space and a place to hang your headphones on storage hooks while you’re not gaming. There are also additional hooks for storing extra gaming bits and pieces.

What is the difference between a regular desk and a gaming desk?

Storage desks, standing desks and desks for home office spaces vary considerably in size, shape and design. Many include built-in storage shelves and drawer space, some are L-shaped, some are spacious corner desk designs and others are quite compact. The size of regular desks ranges quite considerably.

Regular desks are made from different materials such as solid timber, particle board or MDF with wood or metal legs and frames. They don’t include the specialty features of gaming desks such as built-in cup holders, cable management devices or storage hooks.

You can find some home office desks that complement existing living room, dining room or bedroom furniture, whereas gamers will find black gaming desks feature distinctive modern finishes.

Why choose a gaming desk?

It’s the little things that count. Gaming desk features make a big difference to the comfort and functionality of a desk set up for gaming. Gamers do tend to spend long hours at their desk, so an ergonomic gaming setup is crucial to preventing repetitive strain injuries and muscle tightness.

And if gaming is your thing, a black gaming desk that pairs beautifully with your black gaming chair is sure to give you confidence and a competitive edge!