Kids Mattresses & Bases

We’ve got the best kids mattresses in Australia to support growing bodies and guarantee a comfy night’s sleep. Shop quality spring and foam mattresses for kids beds in single, king single, long single, double, trundle and more at Amart.
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Kids bedroom furniture

From the nursery to their first bedroom, Amart lets you design a space for your child that’s wonderfully stylish, fun and comfortable at every age. Our wide range of kids bedroom furniture extends from essentials like beds and dressers to accents like ottomans and footstools to add that extra touch of personality. Find your new staple with:

Kids bed frames, bed bases & bedding

We’ve got everything you need to guarantee your little ones a restful night’s sleep every night. We have single and double bed frames to match your interior design, mattresses, bed bases and bedding to add colour and interest to every kids bedroom. Discover trundles and bunk beds for small spaces and slumber parties, themed bed frames that are almost too fun to sleep in plus sheets and quilts to fuel the imagination with unicorns, butterflies, dinosaurs and much more.

Orthokinetic and Posturepedic mattresses for the ultimate support

Our Orthokinetic and Sealy Posturepedic products are the best children’s mattresses for all-night-long support. These mattresses are specially designed to provide correct spinal support and relieve muscle tension in the body so that kids maintain a healthy bone structure and wake up pain-free. Shop Orthokinetic double and single mattresses with a 12 year warranty and advanced spring technology plus Sealy Posturepedic mattresses with a 10 year warranty and sprung base for maximum comfort, support and durability.

Soft vs firm - which is better for your child?

The right mattress will have just the right density to give your child proper support for a good night’s sleep. While a cot mattress must be firm to be safe, kids’ mattresses range from plush to medium to firm to extra firm.

It’s recommended that kids have a firm mattress or a medium-firm mattress. This will give them enough softness for comfort but also enough of a firm feel so that their spine stays aligned in a natural position as they sleep. If you want more firmness and support, a mattress topper can be added. You can extend the lifespan of a mattress by also using a mattress protector.

How to choose the best kids mattress

Choosing a mattress for your child is a big decision. With the right choice, it will support them as they grow older and see them through many a good night’s sleep. Consider these factors to help you pick the right one for your kid:

  • Firmness - How firm the mattress is will determine how much support is received. The right mattress will be soft enough to be comfy but firm enough to fully support the child’s back and growing limbs plus reduce movement and rolling for a comfy night’s sleep.
  • Size - For younger kids, a single bed is a great size for them to get used to a ‘big kid’ bed. For older kids, a king single or double mattress is a great option that they can grow into.
  • Quality - A high-quality mattress is a fantastic investment and one that can be used for years with more than one child. Go with the best mattress your budget can allow.
  • Comfort - A good night’s sleep is a comfy one. Your child’s mattress should have a thick comfort layer for sufficient cushioning and breathable fabrics that keep the body temperature regulated all year round. Some mattresses also have an additional pillow top layer for enhanced plushness.

Single bed and double bed mattresses

At Amart, we’ve got you covered for mattress sizes that meet every kid’s unique needs.

Discover mattresses for a single bed by Dream Elegance that have 390 coils for supreme support and cushioning plus Sealy Posturepedic and Orthokinetic mattresses designed to relieve muscle tension and support spinal alignment for healthy, growing kids.

We have long single and king single mattresses for little ones who have outgrown their single beds and need a little more space, as well as luxurious double bed mattresses for teens who are ready for a bigger bed. Our Dunlop single and jumbo foam mattresses are ultra-lightweight and great for kids with allergies, having been treated to prevent dust mites, bacteria, mould and mildew from growing and interrupting a peaceful night’s sleep.

Trundle bed base and mattress

For sleepovers in small spaces, you can’t go past a trundle bed. These beds are the ultimate space-saver, fitting neatly underneath a single bed when not in use and sliding out to provide a second single bed for overnight guests. Our Sealy Single Trundle Base is Australian-made and slides out on wheels when the kids have friends staying over. Comfortable, supportive and practical, it’s a fabulous solution for modern families in compact homes.

A mattress for all growing bodies

Find a mattress that can accommodate every growth spurt at Amart. Our massive selection of kids mattresses take kids from toddler to teen and beyond with high-quality craftsmanship that ensures support, comfort and longevity all in one product. Whether you need a king single bed, a trundle or an extra long single - find the mattress you need to support your child right here.

Checkout online and have your mattress delivered to you or pick it up in-store at your nearest showroom. Kids can also try out their mattress in-store with expert advice and guidance from our friendly team!

Is a spring or foam mattress better for kids?

This depends on the needs of the child. A spring mattress uses a spring system to provide skeletal support for growing spines and bones. Pocket spring mattresses have individual coils that can offer even greater pressure relief. A memory foam mattress is firmer and conforms to the body for support, reducing tossing and turning throughout the night. These mattresses are also hypoallergenic and ideal for kids with allergies. Come into an Amart store to see the difference.

What size mattress should a kid sleep on?

If your child is in need of a new mattress, you’re probably wondering what the best size will be for them. It depends on their age. For kids going from a toddler mattress to a bigger bed, a single mattress is typically a great choice at 92cm x 180cm. For older kids who are growing rapidly, a king single or long single will give them the extra space they need. For teens, a double or queen mattress is a top choice and one that they can sleep in for years to come.