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At Amart Furniture not only will you find the beautiful new bed and mattress of your dreams, you can buy fresh new bedding and manchester too! Discover quality bedding including mattress covers, bed linen, quilts and pillows - everything you need for a luxuriously comfortable bed.
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Sleep Tight with Bedding & Manchester from Amart

Bedroom decorating is as easy as one-stop shopping at Amart Furniture where you’ll find beds, mattresses, bedroom furniture and manchester - everything you need to complete a beautiful bedroom makeover!

What is manchester?

Manchester is a fancy name Australia and some other countries give to linen such as towels and bed sheets. It is a word with Latin origins, but most likely the connection to bedding comes from the English city of Manchester - historically the home of the cotton textiles industry.

Why is bedding called manchester?

Early settlers in Australia sourced their bedding from the city of Manchester, the home of the cotton textiles industry in the 18th and 19th century. Today the term ‘manchester’ remains, albeit used collectively with ‘bed linen’ and ‘bedding’.

What different types of manchester are there?

Manchester might include bedding sets, such as fitted sheets, top sheets and pillow slips, but it can also span duvet covers and comforter sets. At Amart Furniture our Bedding & Manchester collection includes:


How do you decorate a bed with bedding?

Perhaps you’ve just bought a fantastic master bedroom suite from your local Amart store, new beds for the kids and a double bed for the guest bedroom, or even new mattresses for your existing beds. If so, you’re ready for crisp new bedding to add totally fresh feels to your beds!

If you’re looking for inspo around easy bedroom decorating ideas, simply browse our collection of bedroom suites online to see complete bedrooms including beds, bedding and bedroom furniture such as bedside tables and chests of drawers.

  1. Starting from the bottom up, you’ll enjoy the feeling of plush new mattress protectors, helping to protect your mattress from dust, perspiration and body fluids and increase its lifespan while adding an extra comfort layer too.
  2. Choose lightweight quilts or blankets for summer and heavyweight for winter warmth.
  3. Purchase new pillows - choosing the right height for back or side sleepers.
  4. Browse our quilt cover sets (or duvet covers as some call them) to find colours and designs that work with your bedroom decor and furniture.
  5. Choose sheet sets in thread counts and colours that suit your needs and quilt cover sets.
  6. Decorate with bed cushions and throw rugs, lamps for bedside tables and cosy floor rugs. Choose throw rugs and cushions in soft and snuggly fabrics such as the Grey Mishka Faux Fur throw rug or the Little Roses fur cushion to add luxurious comfort to your beds.

Where do you find the best deals on bedding?

Quality bedding and manchester can add quite a substantial expense to your bedroom update project, unless you shop for quality bedding at Amart where budget-friendly prices and good quality manchester go hand in hand.

Shop online at Amart with Afterpay, Zip and Humm to help with your purchases, or visit your nearest Amart store to discover the latest trends in bed linen and manchester such as quilts and bed sheets in breathable bamboo blends, hypo allergenic urban loft quilts and wool quilts, trusted percale cotton sheet sets and much more in sizes spanning from singlethrough to king size.