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Enjoy better dinner conversations and connection with guests at a square dining table from Amart Furniture. Shop in-store or online for glass, MDF or wood tables in a range of styles to suit small or large living and dining spaces.
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Choosing between a square dining table and a round dining table

Looking for just the right shape dining table to suit your dining space but don’t know which shape to choose? Square dining tables and round dining tables have some great benefits that set them apart from their rectangular counterparts. Here are a few quick facts to help you decide:

Round dining table: A round dining table can suit both a formal dining room as well as an open floor plan living-dining area. They’re also great for small spaces and fit well in dining nooks and eat-in kitchens. And there are no sharp corners which is a win if you have kids.

Square dining table: The square shape of a dining table is perfect for conversation with family and dinner guests, sharing and serving yourself food, and creating a sense of equality and intimacy. Like round tables, square dining tables are a great space saver and are a good shape for defining the dining section of a combined living and dining room.

Dining chairs to match your new dining table

It all comes down to style and size. When choosing a dining chair for your new dining table, start by getting the size correct. Measure the sides of your table to determine the ideal width of your chair. Remember to add at least 30cm of elbow room to your chair width. Next, work out where the seat height should be, so you don’t sit too low or too high.

Now, you can move on to style. Your chair and table should either share a common element such as leg shape, colour or material or be of the same style. An example of a common element can be seen in pairing the Majesty Square Dining Table with the Triumph Dining Chair because the timber and fabric tones work together. While a pairing of the same style can be seen with a coastal-inspired Santo Andre Square Dining Table and a Clouds Dining Chair that lends itself to a coastal, country or Hamptons theme.

Lastly, make sure the seat back isn’t too low for your table. You don’t want to tuck your chair into the table to find it disappears underneath it.

Dining room furniture to match your home décor

Buffets, sideboards, and display cabinets in every style await at Amart. All you need to do is shop by style to pick one that meets your storage requirements and the look you want. Whether your home décor style is contemporary, country, Hamptons or industrial, you’ll find functional, beautiful dining room storage furniture and homewares to make meal times and entertaining easy.

Help your home interior flow from the living room to the dining room with the right table

Keep it in the family. That’s the golden rule when styling your interior space. Your living room and dining room furniture don’t have to match exactly, however, as these two rooms are often close to each other their theme should be related.

If your living and dining space is combined or space is at a premium, consider a tempered glass tabletop to create the perception of space. The Promenade Square Glass Dining Table also has a Lamp Table and Coffee Table in the suite to tie the theme of your living room and dining room together. What’s more, the timber Promenade table frame has a versatile, contemporary look that will work with most timber living room pieces like bookcases and entertainment units, as well as fabric or leather sofas and armchairs.

Modern dining tables with enough space for the whole family

Whether your family is large or small, there is a dining table in the right size and shape for your needs. Amart’s modern range of dining tables is available in square, round, rectangular and extendable styles to cater for 4 people up to 12. And with a large range of finishes, from timber dining tables, marble dining tables, glass dining tables and timber look dining tables, there is a style to suit every home and budget.

Match your style by choosing between wood dining tables or glass top dining tables

The welcoming warmth of a wooden dining table? Or the bright airiness of a glass dining table? Your current interior design style combined with your preference for the look and serviceability of your tabletop are your two major considerations.

Solid timber dining tables are durable and long-lasting. They can be made from various Australian hardwoods like Tasmanian Oak and Messmate, to pine, rubberwood, and Mindi wood from Asia. If you like the wood grain look and tactile feel of timber, perhaps a Live Edge Dining Table made from solid acacia timber will fit the bill.

Tempered glass dining tables are also durable, and they are safe and suitable for everyday use. Their reflective surface will brighten a room and create an illusion of space. Glass tabletops are also easy to clean. Unlike timber, they won’t absorb spills and stains or develop watermarks from cold or hot drinks.

4-seater dining table to maximise space in your living and dining area

The best shapes for 4-seater dining tables are square and round. These space-saving heroes of a new dining room take up less of a footprint than a rectangular table and are easy to walk around.

A 4-seater square dining table offers everyone their own side of the table - no bumping elbows or inequality over who is at the head of the table. Square dining tables are also a great choice for an 8-seater set-up, with two people sharing each side of the table and still having ample space and equal access to food sharing.

Match your dining tables and chairs with our range of dining sets

Are you feeling stuck trying to figure out which dining chair will match your dining room table? You’re not alone! Amart is here to help. Our dining sets section has been curated by leading interior designers to make pairing the right chair and table a breeze for our customers. So, you can shop online or head in-store to your local showroom to see, touch and sit at our dining suites to help you pick the perfect one.

While you’re here, why not check out our outdoor dining tables, too? Amart’s large range of stylish, quality outdoor living pieces is constantly expanding. So, check out our latest offers in outdoor tables and start entertaining indoors and outdoors!

Brighten up your dining room and make entertaining more fun with the right table

Your dining table is a significant piece of furniture. Not only will it receive high use multiple times daily it also plays a significant role in setting the style and tone of your dining room.

  • Marble dining tables - have a bright, elegant surface and are available in various contemporary styles.
  • Glass dining tables - create a perception of space and bounce light around the room with their reflective surface.
  • Timber dining tables - in light tones or painted white will bring a fresh look to your dining room.
  • Extendable dining tables - an extension dining table gives you the flexibility to scale up the size of your dining table for entertaining.

Browse Amart’s extensive range of tables, buffets, and display cabinets in our dining room furniture section.

Maintain balance and give the illusion of space with a square table

Square dining tables look amazing in square rooms, bringing symmetry and balance to your space. But did you know they also suit large rectangular rooms, too? Placed at one end of a living-dining space, a square dining suite helps divide the space more effectively than a rectangular dining table because its footprint is neater and more compact.

Best shape table to suit your lifestyle

So, which table shape will you choose? A square dining table for defining your dining area and improving dinner conversation? A round dining table for space saving and flow? Or a rectangular dining table for elongated rooms and a larger seating capacity?

Consider your room shape, size, and the dynamics of your family to determine the best table shape for your dining room.

What is the most common type of table?

Rectangular tables are the most common type of table because they are available in a variety of sizes from smaller 6-seaters up to larger banquet-style tables for 12 people or more. A 6-seater like the Silverwood 1800 Dining Table is the most popular table size, measuring 180cm long x 76cm high x 90cm deep.

Is a square or round table better for a small space?

Both square and round tables can be a great choice for a small space, so choose which shape works best for your room. A square shape such as the Settler Square Dining Table looks great in a square room, while a round table creates flow, especially in a busy living-dining space.

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