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Modern side tables and lamp tables can work independently or team up with your coffee table in a beautiful set. Our huge range of living room tables of all ... shapes, sizes and designs will complement your living room furniture while delivering stylish functionality. Read more

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Fabulously Functional Side Tables and Lamp Tables

You’ve decided on a coffee table, but have you thought about the benefits of side tables and lamp tables too?

What are side tables and lamp tables?

Side tables and lamp tables are like bridesmaids and best men. They’re not quite the stars of the show but they have important roles to play and they make the bride and groom look good too!

A coffee table sits front and centre warmly welcoming your coffee cups, drinks and nibbles, magazines… and sometimes even your feet! So what role do side tables and lamp tables play?

Choose side tables when:

  1. You don’t have enough available space for a coffee table.
  2. You prefer open space in front of your lounge suite.
  3. Not all lounge room seats can easily reach the coffee table.
  4. You need to fill a right angled space between two adjoining sofas.
  5. You have an accent chair sitting independently of your lounge suite.

When is a side table a lamp table? When you place a table lamp on it!

Side tables and lamp tables add another dimension to your interior design. They help to create balance, cohesiveness and provide another place to put stuff like… lamps!

Are side tables necessary?

That depends on your living room size, shape, furniture design and placement. For example, if you have a corner lounge and no single chairs, a central coffee table may be all you need. But if your lounge suite configuration means that some seats can’t easily reach the coffee table, you may need a small side table as well.

Side tables aren’t necessary, but a side table set with storage drawers or bedside tables like Argento or Hadley is a great way to provide handy hidden storage space if you need.

Do side tables have to match?

No! Modern design focuses more on items relating to one another, not necessarily matching but with some common elements based around:

  1. Style - e.g. chunky wooden side tables like La Salle work with French Provincial decor.
  2. Design - such as a glass side tables or modern lamp tables to suit your Industrial interior design.
  3. Colour - like black side tables or white side tables in a monochrome living room where pops of colour feature.
  4. Shape - for example choosing a round side table or lamp table set to soften the ambience.

If you want matching without going totally matchy-matchy try a nest of tables where the only difference is the size.

How do you decorate a side table?

You can find the perfect decorative accessories for your side tables in our wide range! Depending on the size of the table you might add:

How tall should side tables be?

Side tables for living rooms should be roughly the same height or slightly lower than the sofa or chair it sits beside. It can be lower but much lower or much higher will be awkward to access and will look unbalanced.

The ideal height for a lamp table is a combined height of approximately 58 to 64 inches incorporating the lamp table and the lamp. Bear in mind lamp tables may not always sit beside a sofa or chair.

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