Sofa Pairs

Sofa pairs are a great way to use living room furniture to create a cohesive lounge space for relaxing and socialising. Using the available ... floor space you might choose a pair of 2 seater sofas, 3 seater sofas or a sofa pair with chaise to create the space you need. Read more

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Sit Back And Relax In Stylish Sofa Pairs

Choosing matching furniture like sofa pairs is a great way to create a relaxing vibe in your living space. Available in a range of configurations, use matching sofa pairs in different sizes or identical sofa pairs to suit your space and lifestyle.

What is a sofa pair?

A sofa pair is two identical sofas of the same design, but they can also be of different sizes and configurations. They can be positioned at right angles to one another, or directly opposite one another.

A rug, central coffee table and/or floor lamp or side tables work with the sofas to integrate the lounge furniture, creating an inviting seating area.

Depending on the available floor space, a pair of sofas might include:

  • 2 x 2 seater sofa pairs
  • 2 x 2.5 seater sofa pairs
  • 2 x 3 seater sofa pairs
  • Any combination of the above
  • Any combination of the above but replacing one with a chaise sofa
  • Any combination of the above but replacing one with a sofa bed

Sofa pairs are usually made of the same fabric and colour, but occasionally you might see a leather sofa paired with a fabric sofa, especially if there are occasional chairs added into the mix.

Generally though, a pair of leather sofas or a fabric sofa pair appeal because of their visual sameness.

How can you pick the best sofa pair?

When choosing a sofa pair you want to consider:

  • Comfort
  • Lifestyle
  • Size
  • Room design

As a space designed for relaxation, first and foremost the best sofa pair provides the luxurious comfort you seek.

Consider your lifestyle when choosing a sofa pair, so that you can make the care and maintenance as easy as possible. Busy family with young children and pets? Perhaps a light coloured fabric sofa pair isn’t ideal. Sofa pairs are available in leather, leather look and fabric, so decided which will be the best choice for your family.

The best lounge furniture fits perfectly into your space. A pair of 3 seater sofas might be nice to lie on, but if your lounge room isn’t big enough it will feel cramped and uninviting. Equally, a pair of 2 seater sofas sitting randomly in a big open plan area will look lost, so balance the size of your sofa pair with the size of the room.

The room design or shape can impact on which style of sofa pairing is best. A chaise lounge can be lovely but if the space isn’t right it will look out of place.

How do I match my sofa to my living room?

Buying a new sofa and wondering how to incorporate it into existing living room furniture? The easiest way to match your sofa pairs to existing furniture is by focussing on similar styles, eras or designs.

If your coffee tables, buffet tables and sideboards, entertainment and TV units have a sleek, modern vibe, choose a pair of couches with a similar vibe. If your lounge furniture is rustic, industrial, Scandi or French provincial, choose leather sofa pairs or fabric sofa pairs in the same style.

How do you style a sofa pair?

A sofa pair needs a floor rug to unite the space, even if you have carpet.

You can place an ottoman or a coffee table in the middle, or leave the space open and use side tables for functionality. Add a throw rug and one or two cushions in complementary tones and styles but not identical to each sofa to create a cosy and inviting feel.