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Queen Bed

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Sleep deep in a luxuriously spacious queen bed

Queen beds are the perfect size for a bedroom that can accommodate bigger than a double bed, but where a king or super king bed is over the top. In most Australian homes, a queen size bed is what you’ll find in master bedrooms, and if there’s sufficient space, a popular choice for teens and young adults. At Amart Furniture you’ll find a wide range of features in queen beds designed for comfort, style and most importantly - a good night’s sleep.

Measurements of a queen bed

A queen bed is bigger than a double bed and smaller than a king size bed. Within the wide range of queen size beds available at Amart Furniture you’ll find slight differences in the size of a queen bed frame depending on the design. The base for a queen bed ensemble, being a bed base which doesn’t have a bedhead or frame of any sort, is the same size as a queen bed mattress.

How wide is a queen bed?

A standard mattress for a queen bed and an ensemble base will measure about 153cm wide x 203cm long. Of course, a queen bed frame is slightly wider and longer than the mattress. The dimensions of a queen bed frame generally measure something like 167cm wide x 217cm long - but this can vary depending on the design and structure of different bed frames.

Is a queen size bed big enough for a couple?

If you’re wondering if a queen size bed will provide enough room for you and your partner, the answer is yes - but whether a queen bed is the right size to provide the comfort you seek depends on several factors:

  • Your frame size vs the bed’s frame size - if you are your partner are of small stature you may have more space in a double bed than a large couple has in a queen bed. Many couples find the length and width of a queen bed ideal, but bigger couples might find more space and comfort in a king size bed.
  • Your sleep style - restless sleepers may find they need more room in the bed than couples who happily spoon and sleep solidly together. A queen size bed is still able to provide enough space for restless couples, depending on their build.
  • Your need for space - some couples sleep better with a little space around them. A double bed won’t provide a lot of spare space, but queen beds and king size beds can.

Double vs. queen size bed

If you’re debating whether to get a double or a queen bed, the main things to consider are comfort and cost - and on an ongoing basis, the cost of bed accessories such as mattresses and bed linen.


Many people find a queen size bed provides the extra room necessary for long term comfortable sleeping as a couple in comparison to a double bed.


Naturally, the cost of a single bed is at one end of the spectrum and a king size bed at the other, with king singles, doubles and queen beds falling in between.

Of course, the cost of a bed is not only determined by size, and you can easily find a luxurious, high-quality double bed at a higher price point than a simple, low-cost queen bed. But if you are comparing similar quality and design, then a queen bed will cost more than a double bed.

You may also like to consider the warranty period to cover you for unexpected issues.

Ongoing costs:

Mattresses and bed linen can significantly increase the outlay needed when buying a new bed. In comparing similar quality double size mattresses and bed linen with queen size, the queen bed mattress, sheet sets, mattress protectors, quilts and quilt covers, or blankets will cost more than the same items in a double size.

If you have the space and budget, go for a queen bed. A larger bed leaves you with more options for you or your family to grow into the bed or even move it into another room down the track.

Queen bed types

Within the beautiful range of bedroom furniture at Amart stores, you’ll find a variety of queen beds providing stunning aesthetic appeal, immense comfort, and practical benefits such as additional storage. Discover our wide range of queen beds in contrasting designs, from modern light grey fabrics to solid timber country head and footboards. You’ll find something to suit not only your taste, bedroom space and budget, but your sleep and storage needs, too.

Queen bed styles

Whatever style of queen bed you like, from fabric beds with plush headboards in dark grey upholstery, to retro vibes, or coastal-inspired rattan, to country style natural wooden bed frames, you’ll find it in the wide range at Amart. Our designs include:

  • Contemporary
  • Classic
  • Coastal
  • French Provincial
  • Country
  • Scandi
  • Industrial
  • Traditional
  • Luxe
  • Mid Century
  • Urban

One you’ve found the bed you love, make sure you look at the matching bedroom furniture in our bedroom suites to coordinate bedside tables, a dresser or tallboy.

Gas lift queen beds

When storage space is limited, gas lift storage beds like the Vika Gas Lift Queen Bed can come in super handy, providing extensive storage space within the bed frame. The storage is compartmentalised making it great for organising spare blankets, pillows and clothes in a dust-free space. What’s more, the gas lift bed action is easy on your back while providing effortless access to your bedroom items.

Queen beds with storage drawers

Our wide range includes queen bed designs with built-in underbed storage drawers. Accessed from the foot of the bed or the side, these queen beds provide valuable storage space that is concealed from dust and from view. Ideal as extra storage space for clothes, blankets, bedding, and a great spot for storing decorative items like throw rugs and cushions when you take them off the bed each night.

Special feature beds

If you’ve always dreamt of owning a romantic four post bed, you’ll love the Roseville 4 post queen bed in chocolate timber with vertical feature inlays.

Don’t worry about propping yourself up on pillows, simply choose the adjustable Pure Form Hera Motion Base Queen with a wired remote for easy elevation when you want to read or watch TV in bed, or simply for sleeping with a little more upper body elevation when you need it.

Shop quality queen beds at Amart

Create the bedroom of your dreams with Amart Furniture! Shop online, call or search by postcode for you nearest store in Australia and chat to our expert team about our bedroom furniture range. Discover our latest offers and see our bedside tables, dressers, tallboys, queen beds, mattresses and queen bed suites for yourself.

What is a queen bed?

A queen bed is 15cm longer and wider than a double bed and 30cm smaller than a king size bed. A popular choice for couples in Australian homes, they are ideal for two people to enjoy a good night’s sleep and a luxurious size for someone sleeping solo.

What are the measurements of a queen bed?

Generally speaking, a standard mattress for a queen bed and an ensemble base will measure about 153cm wide x 203cm long, while the dimensions of a queen size bed frame measures around 167cm wide x 217cm long. Queen beds are 15cm narrower than king size beds.

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