Quilt Cover Sets

Slipping into beds made with luxurious new quilt cover sets are one of life’s simple pleasures. Nothing feels as inviting as ... new bed linen consisting of high quality sheets, quilts and quilt covers. Discover the natural comfort of Perago bedding with a colourful range of quilt cover sets, quality quilts and bed sheets. Read more

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Ultimately Comfortable & Stylish Quilt Cover Sets

In a range of inviting colours, the beautiful quilt cover sets available online and in store at Amart Furniture include quilt covers and matching pillowcases for a coordinated look with luxuriously soft and silky feels.

What is a quilt cover set?

Quilt cover sets give you the option to coordinate your bed sheets with quilt covers and pillow cases in sizes to fit:

A quilt cover set will include a quilt cover, along with one or two standard pillowcases - one for single beds and two for double, queen, king or super king beds.

A quilt cover set doesn’t include any other bed linen such as a bed sheets, doonas/quilts, bed coverings, pillows, or mattress toppers and underlays. Mattress protectors go beneath your bed sheets but on top of the mattress to protect and increase its longevity.

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What are the benefits of quilt cover sets?

Aside from the ease of buying a quilt cover and matching pillowcases in one convenient set, there are advantages to choosing a quilt cover set over an individual quilt cover and separate pillowcases.

Quilt cover sets encompass quilt covers and matching pillowcases all made using the same batch of dye so they are a 100% colour match. If you buy bed linen separately, even the same colour may look slightly different.

Along with pattern, fabric and colours, the stitching and finish is also identical in quilt cover sets providing a cohesive look for your bed. If you buy pillowcases separately to your quilt cover you won’t get that same coordinated appearance that helps to make a bed look restful and inviting.

What does a quilt cover set include?

A quilt cover set is generally made up of one quilt cover and a pair of standard pillowcases that all match. Single, long single or king single quilt cover sets will sometimes contain one pillowcase, not two.

If you’ve just bought a beautiful new bed or bedroom suite and mattress from the fabulous range at your nearest Amart store, you can create an entire set of bed linen by including an all-important mattress protector, fresh new pillows and luxurious bed sheet sets with your purchase.

How many quilt cover sets do you need per bed?

You need at least two quilt cover sets per bed so that you have a spare set when needed. It is also nice to have a complete set of bed linen for different occasions, such as:

  1. Summer bed linen such as breathable bamboo, linen or lightweight cotton sheets and quilt cover sets.
  2. Luxurious bed linen for nights when extra comfort is needed, such as egyptian cotton sheets and quilt covers in complementary colours.
  3. A heavyweight quilt cover for winter warmth.

You’ll need at least two quilt cover sets and probably three bed sheet sets if you have young children and if you live in a cool climate without a clothes dryer. Why not indulge in new quilt cover sets from Amart today?

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