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Get snoozing on a single bed from Amart. Shop our range of single bed frames, mattresses and bedroom furniture for both adults and kids including king single bed bases, bunk beds, and trundle beds ready for overnight guests and kids’ sleepovers.
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Single Bed with Storage Base

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Single Bed

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Single Bed

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Hot Pink Single Bed

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Single Bed

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Sleep With Ease in a Stylish Single Bed

Not just for kids, single beds can generously accommodate a sleeping adult, too. And with so many bed styles available, whether you’re setting up a room with kids’ beds, your bed, or a guest bed, you can do it all in the style you want at affordable prices with Amart.

You’ll find entire bedroom furniture packages including dressers and bedside tables, or single pieces like a storage bed or a new mattress. And there’s plenty for kids bedrooms too, like the beautiful Mill House Bed or timeless Premier Single Bed.

Single bed types and styles available

No matter the décor you’re looking to match, you’ll find it at Amart. From contemporary upholstered beds in earth tones of light grey or beige to crisp white classics like the Nielsen Single Bed with slats or an Australian-made ensemble bed by Sealy.

Perhaps you’re looking to bring in the fun with kids’ furniture like a themed Freddie Fire Engine Bed or something perfect for now that will last well down the track like the Captain Jack Single Trundle Bed package with headboard. This bed is wider and longer than a standard single-size bed frame so it will suit a growing child or average adult and has the bonus functionality of accommodating overnight guests. Sleepovers at your place!

Choosing the right single bed for your needs

Before you get too far into choosing the right style, it’s important to look at your bed needs. Not only your needs for now but could something you buy today meet a need down the track? Here are some questions to get you started:

  • Could there be a growing family on the horizon?
  • Do friends and family come over regularly for overnight visits?
  • How much space do you have in your room?
  • Do you have much storage?

The answers to these questions will get you thinking about whether a single bed is right for you or whether you should be considering a double bed, queen bed, bunk bed or even something with storage drawers or a trundle. And if your mind is ticking over about overnight guests but you’re confined to a standard single bed in your bedroom, Amart sells a beautiful range of day beds and quality lounges with a sneaky sofa bed hidden inside.

Measurements, sizes, and dimensions of a single bed

Single bed sizes vary depending on the bed frame. A standard Australian single mattress base measures 92cm x 190cm. However, add an upholstered bedhead, a bulky timber bed frame and one of the more luxurious mattresses on the market like the Orthokinetic Signature Monarch with topper, and you’ll have a bed that’s a little longer and taller. Knowing the maximum dimensions for your space is important before you shop.

Single bed mattress options

Everybody has a different body. Thankfully, our range of mattresses is made with this in mind to give you your best night’s rest. Foam, latex, pocket springs, hybrid mattresses. Here’s a brief overview of our single mattresses to get you started:

Memory foam mattresses contour your body and absorb movement.

Latex mattresses are made from a natural material that offers similar support to memory foam but is cooler to sleep on.

Gel-infused memory foam is often included in the top layer of a mattress for extra comfort.

Pocket spring mattresses contain a series of springs encased in a fabric pocket, working independently from each other to provide pressure relief.

Hybrid mattresses combine an innerspring core with foam layers on top.

Find out more in Amart’s mattress buying guide.

Comparing single, king single and jumbo single - what’s the difference?

You're in luck if you need a little more width or length than a standard single-size bed. King Single size or Jumbo Single is the next size up. At the same length as a king-size mattress, they can accommodate everyone - from kids with room to grow, to a tall adult. Here are size comparisons for single-bed alternatives:

  • Single Bed - 92cm x 190cm
  • King Single Bed - 107cm x 203cm
  • Jumbo Single Bed - the same as a king single at 107cm x 203cm

Benefits of a single bed

Who needs a queen-size or even a super king-size bed when you have all the space you need in a single bed? What’s more - you don’t have to share!

Did you know that a single bed is the same width as half a king-size bed? This means that an average-height adult can sleep comfortably in a single bed while a king single or jumbo single is perfect for a tall adult.

Single beds are also great to have on hand down the track as a guest bed or to accommodate life’s changes like moving house.

Finding single bed frames to match your home décor

It’s easy to match your home décor with our range of bed bases. Choose from:

  • wooden bed frame
  • metal bed frame
  • fabric bed frame
  • MDF/laminate bed frame

Shop by style with our filters to select classic, contemporary, country, French provincial, mid-century, modern contemporary, industrial, and more.

No matter which style you choose, remember a bed can always be dressed to suit your current style or trend with manchester like quilt cover sets, throws, pillows, and cushions. For more ideas, check out our Style Lookbook or Blog.

Purchasing a single bed is easy

At the click of a button, you can order a high-quality single bed online from Amart and head for the checkout. You can also order matching bedroom storage furniture for it like bedside tables and a chest of drawers or other furniture like a bookcase. You could shop for furniture to fill your whole house, and have it delivered to your door. Or you could head to your nearest showroom to check out the look and durability of our range or add something to your wishlist. Chat with our friendly team about product details and warranty information while you’re there. With 67 stores around Australia, just enter your postcode into our store finder for a location near you.

Maintenance, cleaning, and care of your mattress

Experts recommend your mattress should be replaced every 7-10 years. To get the best and most hygienic performance from your mattress during this time, try the following tips:

Rotate mattress - Where possible, flip or rotate your mattress every 3-6 months to prevent sagging and deterioration of the support systems.

Mattress protector - A good quality mattress protector increases the longevity of your mattress providing a barrier between the mattress and your body to keep the mattress clean and hygienic.

Vacuum mattress - Regular vacuuming removes the build-up of dust and dead skin cells that accumulate in your mattress over time.

Shop quality single beds at Amart

Quality is at the heart of what we do here at Amart. Our extensive range of single beds and mattresses is designed and made in partnership with leading brands we know and trust. Your peace of mind (and a great night’s sleep) is important to us, so when you buy a bed from us, rest assured you’re buying quality.

How much weight can a single bed frame hold?

The average single bed frame can hold around 150kg, including a standard single mattress like the Dream Elegance 2000 Comfort which weighs around 19kg. This means a person weighing 131kg or less can sleep on a standard single bed, however, we recommend checking your manufacturer’s guidelines.

What is the difference between this bed and a double bed?

A standard double bed frame measures 138.5cm x 190cm while a single bed measures 92cm x 190cm. So, a double bed is wider but not longer than a single bed and could therefore sleep two people of average height and weight or one person comfortably with space to spare.

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