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When long hours are spent gaming, an ergonomic gaming chair is a wise investment. Our popular range of gaming chairs deliver premium comfort and support via a variety of features such as fully adjustable armrests, hydraulic lifts, reclining backs and removable headrests and lumbar supports.
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Gaming Chairs - Helping You Bring Your A-Game

An ergonomic set up is as important for gamers as people who are working from home. Discover our exciting range of gaming chairs bringing next level ergonomic support and adjustable comfort to gamers.

What is a gaming chair?

There is quite a difference between standard office chairs and gaming chairs. While many Amart office chairs do provide a high level of ergonomic support and adjustable features, gaming chairs step up their game to deliver the maximum full torso support with multiple adjustable features.

Gaming chairs deliver extended back support, versatility and comfort, especially when paired with a well-designed gaming desk. Popular Amart gaming chairs include the high-performing Bathurst Gaming Chair and the supreme AG1 Gaming Chair providing gamers with a competitive advantage!

What are ergonomically designed gaming chairs?

Ergonomically designed simply means that gaming chairs feature a lot of adjustable supportive features so that you can find the optimum position and spinal alignment while gaming, preventing repetitive strain on your body.

Specifically, ergonomic support comes from lumbar spine support, head and neck support, and height adjustable seats for the correct placement of feet on the floor while gaming.

What is the difference between a gaming chair and an office chair?

Firstly, there are many differences just between our wide range of office chair designs, let alone gaming chairs as well.

Most office chairs are height adjustable so that you can find the ideal height for working at an office desk. But some office chairs also offer seat and back adjustments to find a comfortable angle for typing or writing.

Some office chairs have armrests and lumbar support, others don’t. The height of the backrest on office chairs also varies between low, mid and high back designs.

In comparison, gaming chairs have:

  1. High backs with fixed/removable headrests - so your back and head are fully supported.
  2. Lumbar support - some fixed, and some removable/adjustable.
  3. Tilt and height adjustments on the seat so you can find the perfect setup.
  4. Reclining positions for an enhanced gaming experience.
  5. Adjustable armrests for ultimate comfort.
  6. Contoured and cushioned seats.
  7. One touch swivel and tilt mechanisms.
  8. Hydraulic gas lift mechanisms up to 180kgs

Can gaming chairs help body posture?

The best gaming chairs are designed with fully adjustable and ergonomic spinal support in order to minimise the risk of neck and back problems as well as repetitive strain injuries to the arms and hands.

Gaming chairs that feature removable headrests and lumbar supports, 170 degree reclining positions and hydraulic gas lift mechanisms ensure your body posture is perfectly positioned for controlling the game without potential injury.

Other popular gaming chairs that help you to maintain good body posture are the Baja gaming chair along with a range of Kythira gaming chairs available as online exclusive purchases. These ergonomic gaming chairs encourage excellent body posture in gamers of all ages.

Browse our office furniture range to find gaming chairs designed to provide your body and your budget with ultimate ergonomic comfort.