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Indoor Rugs

Indoor Rugs

Shop fabulous floor rugs at Amart! Durable indoor rugs are perfect for high-traffic areas, adding warmth and comfort to your living room, bedroom, hallway or dining room while allowing your area rug to zone your spaces and match your interior style.
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Rug Up to Ramp Up Your Home Decor!

Discover the difference stunning floor rugs can make to the style and comfort of your living areas, bedrooms, hallways and even your outdoor spaces, too!

Reasons to buy a rug

Floor rugs are a great way to cement or quickly update your interior spaces. They can also bring colour, texture and warmth to your living space or plush comfort to your feet when you step out of bed each morning.

A quality indoor rug from Amart will provide the following benefits:

  • Improve the thermal and sound insulation on hard floors.
  • Provide softness and comfort underfoot.
  • Define zones in your living areas.
  • Protect your floors e.g. if placed under a dining setting.
  • Create a new look without replacing the flooring.

Discover different types of rugs

Floor rugs are not only available in numerous styles, colours and sizes, they are also made from different materials and intended for different applications. Some of the many different types of rugs include:

  • Modern rugs
  • Contemporary rugs
  • Designer rugs
  • Vintage rugs
  • Traditional rugs
  • Hand-tufted and hand-knotted rugs
  • Kids rugs

You can buy rugs online and in-store at Amart Furniture, where you’ll find different types of rugs for your indoor living and dining spaces and your outdoor areas.

Finding the right style of indoor rug

From round rugs in natural fibres like the Meilen Jute Rug to the contemporary blue Maze Polyester Floor Rug, Amart has a size, texture and shape to suit every space. Browse our Persian-inspired designs, medallion motifs, geometric Aztec patterns, shag rugs for a mid-century theme, or cream rugs and soft colours to suit Scandi style. You are sure to find something that meets your style and functionality needs.

The handy filters on our website let you search by price, colour and style so you can quickly get to the rug styles that best suit your space and budget.

Outdoor rugs for colour and comfort

Designed to add the finishing touch to outdoor living areas, outdoor rugs are made from durable, high-quality polypropylene, perfect for the outdoors in Australia. Amart’s range includes classic and trending designs like Moroccan rugs and geometric patterns.

Outdoor rugs help to define your zones in large outdoor living areas. For example, a rug placed beneath your outdoor lounge setting will visually separate it from your outdoor dining suite. What’s more, easy-care outdoor rugs require much less maintenance and cleaning than indoor rugs - just hose them clean!

Choosing a rug for your living room

Your living room is the heart of your home. So you’ll want to buy a rug that suits the style and functionality of your space and supports the mood you’d like to create. Would you like cool blues for a Hamptons vibe or bold colours for a boho theme?

A living room rug can be the hero of your room or it can be a quiet supporter of your decor. To choose the right living room rug from our rug collection, consider:

  • Colour & design - what patterns and colours will complement your colour palette?
  • Shape - will a round rug work or is a rectangular rug a better fit?
  • Fibre - is it a high-traffic or low-traffic area? High-traffic areas like living rooms and hallways need runner rugs and area rugs made from durable materials like wool rugs, wool blend rugs, cotton rugs, nylon rugs, polypropylene rugs, viscose rugs, and natural fibre rugs like sisal and jute rugs.
  • Pile - A low-pile rug or no-pile rug such as flatweave will trap the least dirt and debris while medium and high-pile rugs will feel plusher underfoot.
  • Rug size - measure your space first to ensure you buy a rug that is large enough. For example, a living room rug needs to include your lounge and side tables for a generous look and visual balance.
  • Easy-clean - Rugs for living rooms in busy homes with young children fare best if they are stain resistant and easy to clean.
  • Climate - If you live in a cold climate, wool rugs provide the best insulation. If you’re in a warm, humid climate, a synthetic rug will cope better with the dampness created by humidity.

Cleaning and washing your rug

Here at Amart, we recommend referring to the manufacturer’s care guide when it comes to cleaning your rug because the care and maintenance of a rug are determined by its fibre type.

Regular vacuuming and spot cleaning of your rug will delay the need for washing or professional cleaning. Vacuum your rug regularly and attend to any spills promptly with a damp sponge and a mild detergent diluted in water.

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