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A coffee table is for more than just your coffee. Discover the style and functionality that Amart coffee tables can add to your living room or outdoor area. Browse our wide range of coffee tables and other lounge room furniture online or in-store.
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Coffee Table

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Coffee Table

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Coffee Table

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Coffee Tables - a must-have for any Australian living room

 Coffee tables are a non-negotiable versatile piece of furniture for your lounge room or outdoor space, combining style and functionality all-in-one. Beyond holding your coffee, they offer a platform for your books, a storage solution for remotes and mobiles, and caters for drinks and snacks galore. A must-have in any Australian living room, these low tables are designed to accompany sofas or chairs, allowing you to have a flat, convenient surface to place items like drinks, books, décor, and more! Available in wood, metal, glass, or stone, they suit various styles, from traditional to modern. 

In both indoor and outdoor spaces, coffee tables are an essential pieces of living room furniture in modern Australian homes. Not only do they offer you the ability to cater to your entertaining and relaxation needs, but they also provide numerous essential functional benefits. Pair them with Amart's outdoor lounge, armchair, bookcase, or entertainment unit for a coordinated furniture ensemble.

Popular coffee tables in Australia

Bold coffee table materials and designs are currently in vogue across Australia, offering a sense of style, permanence, and stability to any lounge room. Deciding between a coffee table or ottoman? Consider what functionality and purpose you want this to serve in your living space. Quality coffee tables crafted from real timber or marble serve as the perfect home base, allowing you to put your feet up, whilst offering a stylish storage solution. Amart’s collection of lounge furniture includes drawer coffee tables, which are a popular option to ensure your living room lifestyle can be easily maintained whilst keeping a stylish and clean space. 

For those seeking lightweight coffee table appeal, explore our rattan furniture and versatile coffee table sets that offer a coastal and seamless blend into your living space, which can be adapted to suit your needs. Browse Amart’s range of coffee table options to find out what matches your style, including:

How high should a coffee table be?

Coffee tables come in diverse designs, materials, shapes, and sizes, including varying heights. The standard coffee table should sit lower than your couch, with a height that hovers around 450mm, emphasizing convenience and easy access to your essentials. Amart offers a range of coffee table options in a variety of heights including the Nero in walnut timber which stand lower at 380mm, while others like the Lauderdale reach a taller 495mm, and the Eloisa features a 1000cm round table.

Choosing the right height is vital for both aesthetics and functionality, especially concerning your sofa and room setup. Ideally, your coffee table should match or be slightly lower than your Amart lounge suite or sofa in height. Yet, consider opting for a lower height if it might obstruct the view of other furniture or your entertainment unit. For instance, the Romulus square coffee table  at 400mm height beautifully complements nearby buffets without obscuring the view.
Measure your sofa seat's height and explore coffee table options at an Amart Furniture showroom to make an informed decision. Whether you fancy a traditional wood or contemporary white coffee table, Amart has precisely what you're seeking.

What shape of coffee table should I get?

There are a few things to consider before choosing the perfect coffee table shape for your living space.

  1. The dimensions of your living room or open plan area
  2. The amount of available space around the coffee table
  3. The width, style and position of your sofas and/or lounge chairs
  4. The design and style of the entertainment unit, bookcase, armchairs or ottomans
  5. The design of your dining table, dining chairs, and other existing furniture items
  6. New home decor such as wall art, cushions, rugs and bedside tables
  7. Your household members

Rectangular coffee tables are a great shape to work in conjunction with a sofa, but if you have young active kids it could be worth looking into round coffee table ideas. Also consider the shape of your coffee table alongside the design of existing furniture. Check out the curvaceous legs on the La Salle Mk2 coffee table perfectly complementing the soft curves of the sofa design and the table lamp.

Another table displaying perfect symmetry with the shape of surrounding furnishings is the rectangular Pine Creek coffee table, right down to the linear pattern in the floor rug!

How to style your Australian coffee table

You can find lots of gorgeous accessories in Amart’s homewares collection which are perfect for creating that finishing touch to bring your living room together! Decorative items such as vases and pot plants are fabulous coffee table decor, as are candles, bowls, and coffee table books.

Nobody wants a cluttered coffee table, so decorate with just a few items. Store remotes and other essentials on the table or opt for a coffee table with drawers for extra storage. The choices are all yours when you buy your coffee table from Amart Furniture.

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