When you buy beds and mattresses at Amart you’ll also find manchester and bedding including quality pillows for a good night’s sleep. Discover ... our range which includes the best pillow for neck pain and the best pillow for side sleepers along with standard size pillows and more! Read more

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Perfect Pillows for a Dreamy Night’s Sleep

When you sink into bed you want the most comfortable pillows to drift off to sleep with. Whether you sleep on your side, front or back, Amart have the best pillows and bedding accessories for you!

What is a pillow?

Pillows provide crucial support for the head and neck while you are sleeping.

While ‘pillow’ usually refers to something you use in a bedroom, sometimes people refer to cushions as pillows. You might also find ‘decorative pillows’ on a lounge suite or chair, and ‘outdoor pillows’ providing comfort and support to outdoor living furniture. Cushions on the bed are also called ‘decorative pillows’.

While soft and downy duck feather pillows are probably one of the oldest forms of stuffing for a pillow, modern pillows are manufactured using a wide range of materials.

Which is the best type of pillow?

The most important thing about a pillow is finding the best pillow for your sleeping style. As there are many types of pillows, that might take a little bit of trial and error.

The construction of the pillow as well as the height are the two main factors involved in finding the best pillow. Our range of pillows includes:

  • Bamboo pillows
  • Memory foam pillows
  • Gel infused pillows
  • Polyester pillows
  • Microfibre pillows
  • Duck feather pillows
  • Microlush pillows
  • Orthokinetic pillows
  • Urban loft pillows

What are the different pillow sizes?

Standard size pillows in Australia generally measure about 51cm x 66cm while square European pillows measure 66cm x 66cm. However, with so many different types of pillows, pillow sizes can vary quite a lot.

If you have a king size bed you might want larger pillows to fill the space, but a standard size pillow is generally suitable for single, double and queen size beds.

Pillow height is where most size differences come into play, and the most important factor to consider when choosing a pillow to support your natural neck alignment and prevent neck pain.

How do you wash a pillow?

Firstly remove the pillowcase and any protective covers that come with your pillow and hand wash or wash them on a gentle machine cycle.

Some pillows such as polyester pillows are machine washable but others are not. If you gently wash a feather pillow it needs to be tumble dried to prevent the feathers from clumping and forming a lumpy and very uncomfortable pillow.

Other pillows such as bamboo and memory foam pillows can be gently hand washed and air dried, but it is always best to following the care instructions before attempting to wash your pillows.

How should I style my bed with pillows?

A quilt cover set will include matching pillowcases as will a sheet set, so it’s nice to have a minimum of two pillows on a single bed and four on double, queen or king beds. Some people like to place square European pillows behind the standard pillows, while others choose decorative pillows to make the bed look comfy and inviting.

If you’re adding decorative pillows to your bed choose an odd number so one, three or five extra pillows. Don’t forget when shopping for new pillows to update your mattress protector too!

Visit your nearest Amart store or read our blog on buying pillows for more helpful tips.

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