King Single Beds

Create a single size bedroom which is fit for a king with a king single bed frame and mattress! King single beds provide a comfy ... snooze space for one, with more room than a single bed but taking up less floor space than a double bed. Read more

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King Single Bed

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King Single Beds - Premium Space For Solo Sleepers

We often think of bed size guides in standard terms, single or double beds, queen or king beds. But in smaller bedrooms king single beds provide the perfect alternative when a single bed is just a little too cramped and a double bed hogs the floor space.

What is a king single bed?

In standard bed and mattress dimensions, the size of a king single bed sits between a single bed and a double bed. So, what size is a king single bed exactly?

King single bed bases are both longer and wider than standard single beds. The exact measurements vary depending on the design of the bed frame. Compare, for example:

  1. Persian black king single bed measuring 1160mm wide x 2140mm long
  2. Addison white king single bed measuring 1158mm wide x 2272mm long
  3. Tully king single bed measuring 1210mm wide x 2260mm long

The Persian king single bed has a sleek style made of powder coated steel and has a 150kg weight limit. In comparison, the Tully king single is a solid pine timber bed and has a chunkier design with a 350kg weight limit.

Standard mattresses in king single sizes measure 1070mm wide x 2030mm long (approx) fitting comfortably within any king single bed frame.

What is the difference between a single and a king single bed?

King single bed sizes are both wider and longer than single beds. Fun fact: a king single bed size is also:

  1. As long as an extra long single bed but wider
  2. Longer than a double bed but narrower
  3. As long as a queen or king bed!

Compare the Persian bed in single, king single and double bed sizes:

  1. The Persian single bed measures 1030mm wide x 2040mm long
  2. The Persian king single bed measures 1160mm wide x 2140mm long
  3. The Persian double bed measures 1480mm wide x 2040mm long

So if it’s a little more width and length you need in a single bedroom, then a king single bed is the way to go.

Are king single beds suitable for adults?

King single beds are perfect for adults who sleep alone! Our quality king single bed collection includes a variety of styles available to purchase either online or instore.

Browse our selection of beautiful bedroom suites to find king single beds with matching bedroom furniture, perfect for guest bedrooms, growing teenagers and single-sleeping adults alike.

In simple styles where adults can select their preferred headboard, our range of king single ensemble beds includes some designs with underbed storage drawers too.

Should I buy king single beds for the kids?

King single beds are a great option for growing children in bedrooms where double beds will take up too much space.

While our popular kids beds and accompanying kids bedroom furniture are categorised in single bed sizes, you’ll find some kids bed designs are also incorporated in a king single bed and handy king single beds with storage built in.

Other king single bed designs such as the Addison include a king single trundle bed as a package, for easy sleepover solutions in kids bedrooms.

What size bed linen do you need for a king single bed?

You will need king single bed linen and bed covers for a king single bed, also described as ‘jumbo single’ size. Single bed linen and double bed linen won’t fit comfortably on a king single bed as single bed linen is too small and double bed linen is too short.

You will also need mattress protectors in the king single (jumbo single) size which you’ll find in our high quality Smart Care and Odyssey Living brands. King single bed sheets and quilts aren’t as common as other sizes, but you can find them in our Odyssey Living brand too.