Outdoor Umbrellas
Outdoor Umbrellas

Outdoor Umbrellas

Protect against UV rays with high quality outdoor umbrellas perfect for any outdoor space! Browse outdoor furniture including... outdoor umbrellas for tables, cantilever umbrellas, heavy duty outdoor umbrellas, large outdoor umbrellas which tilt and shade umbrellas with built-in solar powered LED night lights! Read more

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Stay Cool in the Great Aussie Outdoors with Outdoor Umbrellas

All Aussie backyards need an outdoor umbrella somewhere, creating cool shade and sun protection during the hot summer months.

What is an outdoor umbrella?

Outdoor umbrellas are big, freestanding, shade umbrellas used for sun protection, as opposed to rain umbrellas that we carry with us outdoors. Outdoor umbrellas incorporate canopies made from fade resistant materials which help to provide some protection against sun damage caused by UV rays while creating cool shade beneath them.

Backyard umbrellas are usually put into an outdoor umbrella stand or bolted to the ground somewhere in your garden where shade is needed, often to create cover from the sun in high traffic outdoor areas such as patios.

Available in quite a varied selection of designs, weights and sizes, outdoor umbrellas range from substantial adjustable cantilever designs to smaller outdoor umbrellas used for sun protection at the beach, or anywhere you need mobile shade.

Are outdoor umbrellas waterproof?

You’ll find a variety of fabrics used for outdoor umbrella canopies such as:

  • Olefin
  • Acrylic
  • Polyester

Outdoor umbrella fabrics are primarily designed to provide sun protection, not to provide shelter from the rain. That said, many outdoor umbrella fabrics are moisture and mildew resistant, so they may provide cover in light showers but will potentially become wet in heavy rain.

How do you clean an outdoor umbrella?

You can hose dust off your garden umbrella, or use laundry detergent in warm water to give stubborn dirt a scrub before rinsing it clean.

Ideally you would lessen the need to clean your outdoor umbrella by protecting it from the worst weather elements when you’re not using it. You can leave it in place and use an outdoor umbrella cover, or you can put it away in a garage or a protected space during the winter months.

Some outdoor umbrellas like the Shade Master MK2 Cantilever Umbrella come with a cover, otherwise you can buy outdoor umbrella covers separately.

How do you style a patio?

A patio should be a relaxing space, one which invites you to sit and stay awhile either in peaceful solitude or to share happy times with friends and family.

Before choosing the best patio umbrella for your needs, start with the outdoor furniture. Do you have or want outdoor lounge furniture, outdoor dining furniture, or both? If you plan to have both you may need a large patio umbrella such as a cantilever which can swing to different positions, creating shade without being moved.

When you add outdoor accessories such as a patio umbrella to your patio furniture you create a cool zone to enjoy on a sunny day. Of course, in comparison to a fixed structure like a pergola, large patio umbrellas are a great way to enjoy the flexibility of lovely warm sunshine when it’s not too hot, or cool and comfortable shade when it is.

Depending on the design and size of your patio and your outdoor furniture, you might choose a cantilever outdoor umbrella such as the super sturdy Imperial Cantilever Umbrella, or:

  1. A Square Tilt Umbrella
  2. An Easy Lift Cantilever Umbrella
  3. A Round Tilt Umbrella

If you have a patio table with an umbrella hole, a round or square tilt umbrella will sit firmly in a standard patio umbrella stand beneath the table.

If your patio table isn’t outdoor umbrella friendly, you might choose a cantilever umbrella with a corner umbrella base or a square umbrella base so that you can create adjustable shade over your table with the umbrella pole out of the way.

One of the benefits of styling a patio with no roof is the ability to add an outdoor fire pit, creating a cohesive space for gathering friends and family.

You may also have room for super relaxing daybeds or sunlounges in your outdoor area. Whether they sit on your paved patio accompanied by the best patio umbrella, or on the timber deck beside the pool, outdoor umbrellas are functional and flexible ways to add a pleasing aesthetic and total comfort to your outdoor space.

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