Pantry Storage
Pantry Storage

Pantry Storage

If your kitchen lacks pantry storage you’ll find the recipe for the best kitchen storage solution at Amart! Discover ... our affordable, one-door and two-door freestanding kitchen pantry cupboards just perfect for creating that vital food storage space every kitchen needs. Read more

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Spacesaving Kitchen Pantry Storage Cabinets

There’s no need to start an expensive full-scale kitchen renovation project if food storage space is all your kitchen needs. Our budget-friendly one-door and two-door kitchen pantry cabinets feature freestanding convenience and provide easy access to all your pantry items such as dry goods, baking ingredients, tinned foods and more.

What is pantry storage?

Kitchen pantry storage is a must-have in any kitchen. Essentially a food storage cabinet for dry goods, a kitchen pantry cupboard has doors and fixed, adjustable, or pull out shelves for pantry items.

Pantry storage can be built in as part of the kitchen cabinet joinery, or it can be added by way of freestanding pantry cupboards such as the one door and two door pantry cupboards in our Spacesaver range.

No room in your kitchen for a freestanding pantry? Our Spacesaver kitchen pantry cabinets can sit unobtrusively alongside your dining room furniture or even in your laundry.

What are the benefits of pantry storage?

Food storage cabinets like the Amart Spacesaver freestanding pantry cupboards with shelving provide easy access to all your non-refrigerated food items in one place.

Without pantry storage, your kitchen cupboards will hold all your kitchenware items plus your non-refrigerated food, so space is likely to be at a premium and definitely not well organised.

The ultimate kitchen pantry storage involves pull out shelves for pantry cupboards and pantry drawers for segregating pantry items - but this type of premium kitchen storage comes at a significant cost.

You can greatly improve your kitchen pantry organisation - and make your life easier - just by having one freestanding pantry for all dry goods, such as the Spacesaver one door or two door pantry.

What is the best way to store pantry items?

Once you have your Spacesaver freestanding pantry in place you can effectively store pantry items the following way:

  1. Use efficient storage solutions such as glass jars for perishable items and label airtight food storage containers for dry goods.
  2. Categorise your pantry items in food groups on your pantry shelving so you can find things easily, and face labelled containers outwards.
  3. You might group all your tinned foods together on one shelf, and all your cereals and pasta products together on another.
  4. Small baking items can be placed in storage baskets on pantry shelves.
  5. Tall items such as bottles or bags of dry pet food can be safely stored in the bottom of a pantry with doors.

If your kitchen really lacks cupboard space you might also use home office storage furniture with open shelves such as cube units or bookcases for displaying crockery, glassware and even everyday pantry items such as tea, coffee and sugar.

Ready to make your life easier by organising your kitchen and pantry items? Visit an Amart store near you to find the ideal home and pantry storage solutions.

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