A playroom is every child’s dream come true. It’s a place to let their imagination come alive. Kids love a space to have fun, play, be inspired, while at the same time, retreat, rest and re energize. A playroom is all about colour and vibrant energy.

Here’s our 8 ideas on home decor to create an exciting and colourful kids playroom we know your child will love, and you will too.

  1. Be Bold with Colours
  2. A burst of colour adds life to your kids playroom. If you’re pretty safe when it comes to choosing wall colours, now’s a good opportunity to channel your inner child and be adventurous. Bold colours are an explosion of fun and inject life to an otherwise sterile room. Make it interesting with your kids playroom colour ideas and paint only one side of the room so it’s a feature wall. How about painting the ceiling so it’s a beautiful contrast to the rest of the room? For a fun project, get your child to pick the colours, or perhaps aim for all the colours of the rainbow for the full spectrum effect.

  3. Chalkboard Wall
  4. Quite possibly the most popular kids playroom idea to date, the chalkboard wall is a delightful addition to any playroom. What’s not to love? Your kid has a full fledged, floor to ceiling wall, dedicated solely to creative expression. They can literally chalk their little hearts out with no objections from mum or dad. A totally fun space and chalkboard paint is easy to wipe down. It's like having a clean slate to work with every morning. Your kids get to doodle and your living room wall is safe from scribbles, it's a win-win situation. Along with the chalkboard wall, good quality stick on wall decals are a great way to decorate the playroom without having to commit to a specific wall colour or theme. They peel off easily too which makes it a breeze when the little ones change their minds.

  5. Pick a Theme
  6. For the times when your child follows their heart, decorating your kid's bedroom in their favourite theme is an entertaining way to bring life into the playroom. The choices are plentiful when it comes to picking a theme. Here are our top 5 picks for children’s play area design ideas:

    • Nautical. It’s easy to see why the nautical theme is highly popular. Instead of painting your wall blue, lay a blue floor rug to mimic the ocean. Draw inspiration from the seafarers, create pothole-shaped cubbies, decorate your ceiling with a star map and hang a rope bridge to complete the look.
    • Dinosaurs. A much loved bedroom idea. Glow in the dark dinosaur stickers, dinosaur cushions, bedsheets and figurines are just a few ways to jazz up the playroom decor so your child is in the Jurassic Age.
    • Disney Princesses. This classic theme has adorned so many kids' playrooms over the years. Pamper your little princess with her own Princess bed complete with a crown and tulle. A mini chandelier, dressing table and soft cushions are a must have in a Princess castle.
    • Outer Space. For the child who just loves being an astronaut. Glow in the dark stars are essential. Perhaps a little telescope will help to see things more clearly. Splurge in a rocket ship bed, with the solar system hanging over and keeping watch.
    • Jungle Safari. We love exploring the wild. Jungle theme wall art is a quick and inexpensive way to bring the playroom to life. Earth green, mustard yellow and sandy brown are staple colours to create your safari adventure. Decorate the playroom with stuffed animals to complete the jungle theme.

  7. Cute and Inviting Storage
  8. When it comes to decorating your kids' playroom, it helps to see things from their perspective. We want them to be able to reach for items themselves. Design the room with multi purpose furniture. Cubby holes are a wonderful kid friendly storage idea for toys. Having these colourful storage cubes at their level means they’re more likely to store their toys away after playtime. A crafts table is a neat idea to encourage your kids to work and play. They can do art, build legos and work on their puzzles while the mess is kept to a minimum.

  9. Build a Climbing Wall
  10. If your kid loves scaling up high places, then building climbing walls is definitely the way to go for your kids' playroom. It’s a fun, confidence building sensory activity and you can introduce as many colours as you like with multi-coloured climbing holds. Your kids will have endless amusement right in their own play space.

  11. Create a Nook
  12. A great idea for utilizing the area in your kids playroom is to create a nook. You’ll be making the most of the space you have to work with. A nook is a wonderful way to establish a dedicated corner purely for a special activity making it more inviting. How about a lovely reading nook your child can enjoy? If space is a premium, think vertically. Construct a loft above your kids bed where they can crawl into for some quiet time or a nap.This could double up as a fort and we all know how much kids love building forts.

  13. Introduce Contrasting Textures
  14. Colourful floor cushions and bean bags are fantastic ways to introduce colour and texture to your kids' playroom. They’re practical and cost effective making them ideal. Contrast the soft furnishings with natural wood furniture for a nice balanced ambience. Ottomans with storage are handy while benches with storage underneath for baskets are great space saving seating options.

  15. Inner Playground
  16. It may sound radical, why not create an inner playground. Kids love the outdoors so why not take the children’s play area garden ideas and construct it inside. Building an indoor slide inside your kids playroom makes it a cut above the rest. Talk about having the coolest playroom on the block. It’s great for those rainy days when a trip to the park is out of the question. For something on a smaller scale, perhaps hang a swing in the playroom. You’ll instantly have an active play area.

With these ideas and more from Amart and Perago Kids, you’ll be on your way to building the perfect playroom to create many more special memories with your little one.