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Whether you’re sleeping on a single bed mattress or a king-size mattress, quality is key to the best sleep experience. When you buy mattresses from Amart, you’re getting high-quality spring or memory foam materials from Australia’s most trusted brands.
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Supportive and Comfortable High-Quality Single Mattresses

They may be the smallest size bed mattress you can buy, but single mattresses can be just as big on design features as king-size mattresses! A good night’s sleep is crucial to good health, so even if the dimensions are small, choose a single mattress that delivers big things when it comes to comfort and support.

Size of a single mattress

There are three single mattress sizes:

Single mattress size

The standard single-size mattress measures 91.5cm wide x 190cm long, which is narrower than a double bed but the same length. Single beds are designed for solo sleeping and are suitable for both kids and adults. When choosing a single bed base to go with your mattress, keep in mind that size can vary slightly between models. For example, a thick timber bedhead will be longer than a single ensemble base which is the same width and length as a single mattress. So, make sure you measure your space carefully before choosing a bed frame.

King single mattress size

A king single mattress provides a little more sleeping space than a single so they can be a good option for big children or guest rooms.

A king single mattress measures 105.5cm wide x 203cm long, so it is both wider and longer than a single bed. A king single is actually longer than a double mattress - the same length as a queen mattress and a king-size mattress - so it provides plenty of length for tall kids or adults sleeping alone.

Single extra long mattress

Long singles combine the dimensions of singles and king singles. They measure 91.5cm wide (the same as a single mattress) and 203cm long (the same as a king single mattress). Long singles are great for small bedrooms where you need the length for a tall child or an adult but don’t have the space for a wider bed.

How thick is a single mattress?

The thickness - described by mattress manufacturers as height or depth - of a single bed mattress will vary quite significantly depending on the specific designs available within each leading brand mattress collection. For example:

Just like single mattresses, the thickness of king single mattresses and single extra long mattresses also varies. If you want to create more thickness to your king single mattress, browse our range of mattress protectors and overlays to discover memory foam and gel king single mattress toppers, also available in single bed, double bed, queen bed and king bed sizes.

Single mattresses for kids

While we may be tempted to buy a lesser quality single mattress because kids will outgrow a single bed, it’s important to know that growing children need a good quality mattress and bed base. Why?

  1. To support their spine.
  2. To create good sleeping experiences and habits.
  3. To support their developing immune systems with a good night’s sleep every night.

When choosing a single mattress from any of the exciting bed frames in our Kids Single Bed range, look for memory foam mattresses or pocket spring mattresses. And, for sleepover guests staying on trundle beds or spare bunk beds, go with a high-density foam mattress.

If you want to buy a high-quality mattress your child won’t outgrow, consider king single beds to provide that extra width and length for comfortable solo sleeping at any age.

Best single mattress for kids

At Amart, we use a “feels” system to describe the mattresses we stock. The feels include extra firm, firm, medium-firm, medium, plush, and ultra-plush

Consider what you find to be a comfortable mattress. Is it a soft mattress that contours to your body? A medium mattress for balance between softness and support? Or a firm mattress? Chances are your kids will have a “feels” preference too, because spinal support and comfort are just as important to them as they are to us. So, there isn’t one best single mattress for kids because it’s an individual thing that varies according to weight, height, preferred sleeping position, and desired comfort level.

You’ll find a wide range of leading brand single mattresses to prevent tossing and turning and provide your growing children with all the support and comfort they need, from plush to firm.

Some of our popular single mattresses for kids include:

  1. The affordable Dream Elegance Bliss single mattress with a Bonnell pocket spring system.
  2. The premium Orthokinetic Signature Regal - a deluxe pillowtop plush mattress with innovative technology and comfort layers and a 25-year warranty.
  3. The Posturepedic Marley Medium is fully Australian-made with advanced comfort features.

With so many to choose from, there are sure to be single mattresses to entice your children into bed and keep them there all night long! Why not bring them into your nearest Amart showroom so they can hop onto some mattresses to see what they like and browse our bedroom furniture, too?

Two single mattresses make a double bed

One or two single mattresses are the same length as a double because both single and double beds are 190cm long. But two single bed mattresses combined are wider than a double, in fact, together, they become 183cm wide which is the same width as a king-size mattress. A standard double bed mattress is 138.5cm wide.

Which mattress is best for a single bed?

The best mattress for a single bed is one that suits the comfort preferences and sleep position of the owner. A mattress that includes both pocket springs and foam in its structure, like the affordable Dream Elegance 1500 Comfort, will offer the sleeper excellent spinal support and superior comfort.

What is the most comfortable single bed?

A high-quality single bed base from the Amart range teamed with a premium Orthokinetic Signature Monarch mattress would make one of the most comfortable single beds in Australia. This mattress features a removable, hand-tufted pillowtop, 25-year warranty, and is endorsed by CA I Chiropractic Australia.

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