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What is a nursery blanket?

Nursery blankets are versatile, multi-purpose blankets made for snuggling babies and keeping them warm, cosy and safe. You can find different types of nursery blankets, from security blankets for comfort to receiving blankets and swaddles made for wrapping babies up and calming them down.

Nursery blankets come in a wide range of materials and designs to suit every need and season. There are thick fleece blankets like sherpa and merino for the winter as well as lightweight options like organic cotton, muslin and crochet blankets for the summer. When it comes to design, you can find everything from soft animal heads to pom poms and playful prints to match with your nursery decor.

Amart has a great selection of nursery blankets to soothe and spoil your little one. Discover luxuriously soft textures, easy grip corners and the cutest designs to make every moment spent with your child a special one.

Baby blankets with different animal toys

Add a ton of extra cuteness to the nursery with a Perago Baby security blanket featuring a soft animal head with arms attached to the body of the blanket. Wrap little ones up with a cuddly companion in three different colours to match every nursery. Choose from:

  • Blue bear
  • Pink bunny
  • Vanilla giraffe

Easy grip knotted corners

Perago Baby security blankets feature knotted corners that allow little fingers to easily grip and hold them for added comfort. Bundle your baby up for precious bonding times or let them practice crawling, playing and rolling on the softest blanket to keep them off the floor.

Perago baby blankets

Perago Baby are leaders in safe, comfy baby accessories with whimsical designs and cuddly textures. Their popular security blankets feature a sleeping animal toy head that babies will adore as well as a velour exterior and satin interior to soothe and comfort. Choose from the cutest Vanilla Giraffe, Blue Bear or Pink Bunny, the perfect companion to our kids animal cushions and matching rugs! You can also find lightweight cot blankets by Perago Baby with a cellular weave that makes them super breathable and comfortable for babies during hot months.

The perfect baby blanket for your cot

You’ve already got sleeping bags, mattress protectors and rugs - now add an extra layer of softness and style to the baby cot with a nursery blanket from Amart. Babies love to snuggle into our sleeping animal blankets while our cellular cotton blanket is lightweight and breathable to keep babies cool and comfy in the cot. Match your cute blanket to the bassinet sheets and cot sheets for the sweetest sleeping space.

100% cotton nursery blankets

Our reversible Perago Baby cellular blankets for the cot feature the softest cotton in an airflow cellular weave for maximum breathability no matter what the season. Made with 100% cotton 280gsm with a waffle texture, they’re perfect for baby’s first blanket and provide newborns with all of the softness and comfort they need during cuddle time, in the cot, in the pram and anywhere else you go. Available in fresh white, it’s easy to match the blanket to the rest of your kids bedding and nursery decor.

Amart cotton nursery blankets make wonderful baby gift ideas for new parents who have just welcomed a little one into the family. Give the ultimate gift at the baby shower with a Perago Baby nursery blanket, super stylish and very practical. It’s a gift that’s sure to be used a lot during the first year and something that parents can save as a cherished baby keepsake when it’s no longer needed.

Satin lined security blankets

Perago Baby nursery blankets are luxuriously plush and adorably designed with a soft animal head attached to the blanket body. They feature a silky smooth satin lining to soothe and comfort babies with a gorgeous velour exterior for contrast. Babies love to feel the difference in texture with Perago blankets and can easily hold onto the edges with knotted corners.

Different ways to use a nursery blanket

A nursery blanket is super versatile and a must for any nursery. They can be used as a:

  • Pram blanket - Make sure baby is safe and snug when out and about by lining their stroller with the softest nursery blanket
  • Baby wrap - Nursery blankets make beautiful baby wraps to keep your little one bundled up and feeling secure and calm
  • Cot blanket - Use your nursery blanket as baby bedding for extra softness and comfort
  • Play mat - Soften up hard floors by laying down a nursery blanket first and let your baby roll, crawl and play on it
  • Breastfeeding blanket - Support your baby in a nursery blanket during feeding time and other moments of bonding in the nursing chair and beyond

What are nursery blankets?

A nursery blanket is basically any type of blanket that you use to snuggle a newborn and keep them cosy, safe and happy. The most popular types of nursery blankets are:

  • Receiving blankets - These blankets are square-shaped and lightweight. They have many uses; as a play mat for rolling and crawling, as a change table cover, as a swaddle, as a breastfeeding blanket and more
  • Swaddle blankets - Swaddles are made to wrap or bundle a baby up and keep them feeling safe and secure. Being swaddled reminds babies of being in the womb.
  • Security blankets - A security blanket provides comfort to little ones and can come with a soft animal head attached for extra cuteness. They’re small and super soft for delicate skin.
  • Cot blankets - Cot blankets or throw blankets are designed to be used in the nursery and often match the nursery decor. They keep babies warm and cosy during cuddle times.

What are the dimensions of a nursery blanket?

Nursery blankets come in different sizes, depending on the type. At Amart, we have best selling Perago Baby nursery blankets that measure 180mm x 240mm as well as large cot cellular blankets that measure 120cm x 140cm.

Match your sweet nursery blanket to other baby essentials, like soothers, toy mobiles, prams, car seats and more. Shop in-store or checkout online with fast delivery across Australia.