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Find the perfect window coverings for your home in our range of light filtering and blockout curtains and blinds. We’ve got your windows covered with quality ready-made window furnishings at more affordable prices than custom curtains.

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The Perfect Blinds and Curtains For Every Home!

Our wide range of chic ready-made window coverings offers the ultimate light control, privacy and insulation for your home. Discover the natural appeal of faux wood venetian blinds, the fabulous functionality of roller blinds with the option of dual brackets, and the all-around benefit of light filtering and blackout curtains in a range of fabrics and colours.

Discover different types of curtains and blinds

Our extensive range of curtains adds luxurious style and warmth to your home without the price tag of custom-made curtains. They are available in two types:

  • Light filtering - also known as sheer curtains - for daytime privacy and light filtering.
  • Blackout - also called blockout - for nighttime privacy and complete light exclusion.

Sleek, no-fuss blinds are ideal window coverings for any style of home decor. Our on-trend range of affordable ready-made blinds includes:

  • Blockout roller blinds
  • Duo roller blinds in blockout and sheer fabrics
  • Faux Wood timber venetian blinds - an affordable alternative to plantation shutters.

Which is best, curtains or blinds?

At Amart, you can take home the curtains and blinds you want today without worrying about the quotes, free consultations and waiting periods that come with made-to-measure window treatments.

Our curtains and blinds are available in a variety of ready-made widths and drops to provide your home with excellent:

  1. Light control;
  2. Temperature insulation; and
  3. Privacy.

While blockout fabric curtains may be perceived to provide the highest level of insulation against light and heat transference through glass, roller blinds and venetian blinds mounted inside the window cavity also do an excellent job.

With the advent of the duo roller, you can enjoy the benefits of a light-filtering roller blind and a blackout roller blind on the same window, similar to the way double curtains function, with a sheer curtain and a blackout curtain working together.

When deciding which is best for your home, consider whether you prefer the luxurious finish of new curtains or the neat finish of a roller blind or venetian blind. Don’t forget to check how your blinds and curtains will look from the outside too!

Choosing between new curtains and new blinds

With so many great options, choosing high-quality curtains and blinds isn’t always easy! Consider the following factors when making your decision:

  1. Room size and decor style
  2. Curtain fabric/material and colour
  3. Mounting position
  4. Daytime vs nighttime privacy
  5. Opening/closing controls

Room size and decor:

If you want to make your room appear bigger and if your living room and dining room interior design style is more in line with sleek Scandi than plush French Provincial, a minimalistic fabric blind such as roller blinds, roman blinds, vertical blinds or panel blinds will fit the bill. If space isn’t at a premium and you like soft furnishings with a bit of elegance and flow, choose curtains.

Fabrics and colours:

Fabric colours may contrast with wall colours, e.g. charcoal grey blinds or curtains against white walls, or they can match for a blended, unobtrusive look. A textured blind such as Rise adds interest to neutral colours.

Browse Amart’s entire range of curtain and blind fabric colours online or in-store at one of our 67 showrooms around Australia to find out which types may suit your place. Our friendly team are happy to show you our huge range and answer any questions you may have about fabrics and product warranty.


Depending on your home’s design and the available space, blinds can be mounted within the window frame or on the surrounding wall space, and curtains are generally mounted on the wall. We also have a range of curtain and blind accessories to complete the look.


Remember that if you require complete nighttime privacy you will need to choose blockout fabrics, and that sheer, light-filtering fabrics are transparent at night.


Some curtains and blinds on the Australian market can be operated by motorisation, however, most people choose window coverings that open and close manually with wands or chains. Chains must be fixed to the wall or window frame to comply with Australian standard safety regulations.

Do all your window coverings have to match?

All window coverings throughout the home do not have to match, but experts would suggest that all street-facing windows should have matching curtains or blinds for a cohesive look from the exterior.

Most home stylists would agree that window furnishings should be uniform within the same room such as an open-plan living room, but they don’t need to be the same throughout the entire house.

How to hang curtains

Modern styling says curtains should be hung to floor level, fixing the curtain rails either just below the ceiling or approximately six inches above the window. They can be fixed to curtain rods in pinch pleat, eyelet or tab designs.

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