Roller blinds
Roller blinds

Roller blinds

Roller blinds are perfect window coverings for living rooms and bedrooms that give superb light control and privacy. There’s no need for custom fitting with our range of ready-made sizes online in sheer and blockout fabrics and single or double mounts.
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Lighten the Mood with Neat, Sleek Roller Blinds!

Window treatments directly impact the amount of natural light filtering into your home. Choose the flexibility and versatility of unfussy indoor roller blinds in a range of fabrics for the ultimate light control.

What are roller blinds?

Roller blinds are sleek and stylish window coverings suited to any style of living room or bedroom decor style, from heritage to ultra-modern. Their simple operation and lack of embellishment make them a popular alternative to other styles of blinds such roman blinds and vertical blinds.

Our high-quality roller blind range is available in a choice of configurations including:

  • Blockout roller blinds - for total nighttime privacy
  • Light filtering roller blinds - for daylight screening
  • Dual roller blinds - day and night roller blinds on one duo bracket

Whether you mount a roller blind inside the window cavity or on the wall surrounding the window, you’ll find it opens and closes with the easy-to-use smooth operation of a chain drive with a safety-approved chain guard.

At Amart our stylish range of ready-made roller blinds come with a 3-year warranty and are available in various different fabrics in 100% polyester smooth, sheer and textured fabrics.

The perfect roller blinds for your home or office

You’ll be spoilt for choice by the range of roller blinds available at Amart. From sunscreen roller blinds in light filtering fabrics that control glare to blockout blinds that are perfect for darkening bedrooms and home cinemas. Roller blinds are an excellent option for many types of windows and doors in your home or office including awning windows, louvre windows, double-hung windows and sliding doors and windows.

Blockout roller blinds for complete privacy

The best type of blind fabric to completely darken a room and provide nighttime privacy is blockout fabric.

A light-filtering blind fabric will provide some protection from UV rays, filter natural light into your room and provide daytime privacy. However, to achieve total light control, you’ll need a blockout blind. Dual roller blinds that include one light-filtering blind and one blockout blind will give you the ultimate privacy and light control.

How do you install roller blinds?

DIY roller blind installation is simple. Two brackets are fixed on either side of the window and the roller blind simply clicks into the brackets. If you are installing double roller blinds consisting of a sheer roller blind and a blackout roller blind like the Dusk Duo Roller blind with silver bottom rail trims, a duo bracket is used to affix both blinds onto one bracket.

Depending on your window design and size, if you’re installing ready-made roller blinds they can be mounted in two positions:

  1. On the wall surrounding the window cavity. This is called a ‘face fit’.
  2. Within the window cavity, as long as there is sufficient space for the blind to sit when fully wound up. This is called a ‘recess fit’.

If you have any questions about our range of roller blinds, feel free to ask our helpful team via online chat or head to your nearest showroom. Simply enter your postcode in our store locator. With 67 Australian stores, there should be one near you.

Which way should roller blinds face?

A common question, as the old-school way of mounting roller blinds was with the blind rolling inwards closest to the glass with the unrolled portion fully exposed.

Modern styling dictates that roller blinds now roll outwards over the top of the roller, providing a neater finish and showing none of the unrolled portion of the blind.

How do you measure for roller blinds?

Our wide range of beautiful and affordable window blinds are available in ready-made sizes to suit standard window designs. Our sizes include:

  1. Drops of 210cm with widths ranging in 30cm increments from 60cm to 210cm
  2. Drops of 240cm with widths ranging in 30cm increments from 60cm to 240cm

If you’re measuring for a ‘face fit’ where the roller blind is fitted outside the window cavity, measure the width of the window from wall edge to wall edge - this is where your brackets will be mounted. Measure the ‘drop’ which is from the top of the window frame to the bottom of the window frame.

If you’re measuring for a ‘recess fit’ i.e. the blind will be mounted inside the window frame, measure the width from bracket to bracket within the window frame. Measure the drop within the window frame to ensure the blind is long enough.

Also, measure the depth within the window cavity to ensure the rolled portion of the blind won’t protrude when fully wound up.

Note: the blind’s drop (210cm or 240cm) just needs to be longer than the window, it doesn’t matter if it is much longer because you don’t need to roll the blind completely down.

What types of blinds are in style?

At Amart you can buy roller blinds online along with curtains in sheer fabrics or with blockout linings, as well as curtain rods and venetian blinds - a more affordable alternative to plantation shutters. All of our window treatments are stylish and on-trend options that make beautiful additions to homes across Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and the rest of Australia.

The best choice of window covering for your home will depend on:

  1. Privacy and insulation needs
  2. Daytime light filtering and sunscreen fabric requirements
  3. The need for nighttime darkness and privacy
  4. Home decor style
  5. Budget

Compare the following benefits when choosing the right window furnishing for your home:

  • Thick curtains provide the most insulation.
  • Roller blinds and venetian blinds are ideal for smaller rooms or Scandi-style interiors.
  • Light-filtering roller blinds and sheer curtains provide daytime privacy and some UV protection.
  • Blockout curtains and blockout roller blinds exclude the most light.
  • Roller blinds accumulate the least dust.

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