Unless you’ve been living in a Flinstone-style cave for the past few decades, you will have noticed that gaming rooms are a real feature in modern homes. Gaming furniture, particularly comfy gaming chairs and gaming desks, are a big deal worth exploring at Amart.
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Creating your own immersive gaming room

Creating your own gaming room for video games and other pleasures provides an immersive and comfortable experience. Gamers are people too, and the desire to design the perfect gaming room is natural, so if you have space in your home to update a room with gamer-friendly furniture, now is the time to go for it. Personalise your space with cosy decor and a comfy gaming chair that compliments your theme, and let the games begin!

What is gaming furniture?

Furniture for gaming is designed to accommodate and enhance the gaming experience. This will include a gaming chair, gaming desk, lighting, shelving, console and other storage to keep things tidy and accessible. Furniture for the gaming room shouldn’t clutter-up the space, particularly if you want to accommodate a large media setup or play games that require you to move around.

To keep controllers, headsets, charging stations, batteries and other accessories organised, it’s worth considering furniture storage ideas such as:

  • Wall mounted shelving and wall hooks for keeping accessories out of the way when not in use.
  • Storage ottomans that make versatile space saving storage a breeze in smaller rooms..
  • Bookshelf storage for keeping handbooks, reference materials, memorabilia, and other items organised.
  • Side tables for keeping remotes, controllers, snacks and beverages close at hand.

What is gaming room seating?

Choosing suitable seating is essential when furnishing a games room, and here are five good gaming seating options.

  1. Desk with computer chairs: Gaming computer chairs are ergonomically designed to encourage better posture. They also provide good lumbar back support. Choose a chair with armrests to help avoid stiffness in your shoulders, neck and wrists. An adjustable-height seat provides additional customisation.
  2. Sofas and sectionals: A comfy supportive sofa is perfect for living room gaming. To optimise the experience, consider purchasing a home theatre lounge with cup holder, LED lighting, USB port and Bluetooth speakers.
  3. Recliners: Cushioned headrests and footrests, plus reclining options make for comfortable and laidback console gaming. Use a single recliner for private gameplay, or a roomy reclining sofa for multiplayer games.
  4. Chair and Ottoman: This setup gives you options to shift and move around into various comfortable postures while you immerse yourself in the game. Kick back for lazy gaming, or utilise the ottoman for controllers and snacks during immersive moments.
  5. Bean Bags: Although not the traditional seat for gamers, a beanbag can be moved anywhere in the house for quick setup, then tucked away again when gameplay is finished for the day.

How do you choose gaming chairs?

The gaming chair is often the first consideration when setting up a gaming room. A high quality gaming chair is worth the investment if you spend long hours in front of a computer screen. These chairs help address poor sitting habits for better posture. For example, the higher backrest supports the shoulders and back so you don’t feel uncomfortable or tired. Consider a gaming chair and desk package from Amart.

The first gaming chairs arrived on the scene around 2006. Ever since then, gaming chairs have been designed to look and feel like racing seats designed for luxury sports cars. The concept makes sense with gamers who sit for long periods and want to look sporty. These chairs not only look flash, they’re also good for anyone who spends a lot of time in front of a computer.

High quality ergonomic office chairs are also very suitable for gaming. Here are some features to look for in new gaming/office chair.

  • Constructed for even weight distribution and support
  • Made from high quality, long-lasting materials
  • Adjustable headrest, armrests, seat depth and tension control
  • Aesthetically pleasing to suit your gaming setup and room
  • Value for money while providing all the above benefits

The right gaming chair should be customisable to suit your size, shape and weight. With PC gaming, the desk is fixed, so the office and desk chair should be independently adjustable as far as possible.

What is a good gaming room setup?

The first step in gaming room design is deciding where to set it up. For starters, the space you choose should be comfortable, well-lit and as roomy as possible for healthy gaming.

Basements are a popular option for video game and media rooms, as they are separate from the rest of the house and more peaceful so you can focus on gaming. However, with a few tweaks almost any room can be transformed into gamer-central, so here are a few gaming locations and setup ideas to get you started.

Gaming in the office: Your home office space will already have a desk and chair, making it a logical place to set up. The challenge is in dividing the room into zones for working and gaming. Ideas include using an L shape desk that can accommodate a work monitor, printer and filing cabinet on one side. The other area can host your gaming PC, controllers, chargers, etc. Add a genuine gaming chair on wheels for comfortably manoeuvring between the two functions.

Gaming in the living room: Many console gamers use the living room as their video games room. A comfortable living room sofa and wide entertainment unit can be the perfect spot for immersive gameplay. Alternatively, set up a separate desk, chair and game system against a wall. The living room can be a great shared space for multiple gamers in your household.

Gaming in the bedroom: If you live in a small apartment, share a dorm, or want a private and personal game station location, the bedroom may be your best option to set up. The comfy vibe can be ideal for cosy gameplay during downtime. Innovative gaming desk and shelving solutions may be needed, but the arrangement is doable with the right furniture for gaming consoles.

Choose appropriate lighting for your gamer room to soften the contrast and reduce eye strain. Options can include LED lighting or table lamps that can focus the light in your desired direction.

Are stand-up desks good for computer gaming?

A stand-up desk can be a worthy addition to your gaming computer furniture setup. There will be times when you need to stand, stretch, and move around. Sitting for long periods can stress your body, causing unwanted aches and pains, distracting from enjoyable gaming and potentially leading to long-term health problems. The best gaming furniture should support good health, and a stand-up desk will alleviate many concerns. Remember, a healthy gamer is a happy gamer.

Explore gaming chairs, gaming desks, and other furniture suitable for gamers online or in-store at your nearest Amart Furniture store, and get the most out of your gaming experience.

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