Venetian blinds

Shop sleek venetian blinds and window covering products online. Offering optimal light control, our aluminium, faux wood timber and pvc venetians match most interior styles and are available in a range of sizes, so there’s no need for custom blinds.
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See the Light (And Block It Out) With Beautiful Venetian Blinds!

Venetian blinds are the perfect way to add classic and timeless style to your home while providing fully adjustable daytime light filtering and total nighttime privacy.

What are venetian blinds?

Venetian blinds have been favoured window coverings since they originated in Venice, Italy in the late 1700s. Still popular today, venetian blinds are a practical and visibly appealing option for windows and patio doors, and a great way to protect your living room furniture from sun damage.

Venetian blinds are designed using horizontal slats made from a variety of materials. Contemporary styles of venetian blinds include:

  • Timber venetian blinds - for a luxurious natural look
  • Aluminium venetian blinds - with sleek slimline modern appeal
  • Faux wood venetian blinds - beautiful and affordable timber look blinds.

At Amart Furniture you’ll find a wide range of curtains, blinds and accessories to suit any interior style while providing excellent light control, insulation and privacy. Our faux wooden venetian blinds in a range of widths and drops are made from 100% durable PVC, with 50mm-wide slat sizes.

Shop faux wood blinds for a natural look and feel

Faux wood venetian blinds give you the natural look of timber grain with the durability and easy-care properties of PVC plastic.

Our customers love the White Bali Faux Wood Venetians because they look like solid, painted timber venetians but they can handle humidity and wet areas like a laundry without warping or cracking. What’s more, maintenance is a breeze. Just a simple dust and wipe is all that’s needed to keep them looking fresh.

Why venetian blinds are popular

It’s easy to see why modern venetian blinds are such a popular choice of window furnishings today and have been for centuries.

  1. Their light control functionality allows for fully adjustable light filtering which you can’t get with curtains or roller blinds.
  2. When mounted close to the glass within the window cavity, venetian blinds provide good insulation against heat transfer through the glass.
  3. When fully closed, venetian blinds deliver complete privacy and a high level of light exclusion.
  4. Venetian blinds are easy to open and close and can also be raised to provide full window exposure.
  5. Aluminium venetian blinds provide a sleek ultra-modern look.
  6. Venetian blinds can be mounted inside the window cavity or on the surrounding wall with a neat pelmet finish.

Venetian blinds vs other window coverings

Compared to full blackout curtains, venetian blinds don’t provide total blockout darkness. To achieve total blackout you’ll find blockout curtains or roller blinds are your best option.

Available in a range of colours, venetian blinds can be mounted inside the window cavity so they provide an unobtrusive option in small rooms.

Venetian blinds are easier to clean and retain less dust than curtains, roman blinds and vertical blinds. However, curtains provide the greatest level of insulation.

Affordable timber look blinds

Venetian blinds are an affordable alternative to plantation shutters. If you love the clean look of hard surface window treatments but need to keep your budget in mind, venetians are a perfect choice. What’s more, it’s an easy DIY installation. Amart’s range of standard blind sizes in a variety of drop heights means you can get a good fit for your window without the need to seek custom-made blinds.

Our quality venetian blinds come with a 3-year warranty and you can buy them online with delivery around Australia or drop by your nearest showroom for a closer look and a chat with our friendly team.

How to install venetian blinds

Installing venetian blinds is relatively simple but it varies depending on where you intend to fix the blinds. Ready-made venetian blinds can be fixed in two places:

  1. Inside window cavities using brackets that are screwed into place either on timber window framing or into the masonry.
  2. Onto the wall just above the window. This option usually includes a pelmet covering the top of the blind.

Cleaning venetian blinds

There are several ways to clean your venetian blinds:

  • Dust your venetian blinds with either a duster, dust cloth, vacuum brush or a tool specifically designed for cleaning venetian blind slats.
  • Mix a mild laundry or dish detergent in water and use this with a soft, damp cloth to wipe the slats, head rail and bottom rail of your blinds front and back. Then dry the slats with a dry, soft cloth.

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