Indoor Planters
Indoor Planters

Indoor Planters

Discover decorative indoor planters in a variety of styles and materials including cement, metal, ceramic, and terracotta. Shop for pots, planters, and plant stands to bring nature into your space and complement your interior design theme.
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Find decorative planter pots perfect for your home

Decorating with indoor plants is a brilliant way to brighten and enliven your interior spaces. Experts say that bringing nature into your home can improve mood and increase feelings of calmness and well-being. Amart’s range of indoor planters features an extensive variety of styles and materials from ceramic planters to metal planters and wicker baskets. So, it’s easy to find the perfect plant pot to suit your decor.

Discover trending decorative plant pots at Amart

Like everything in the range at Amart, our indoor planter collection is curated by leading interior design experts to reflect the latest trends in home decorating. This means that you’ll find all the popular styles of planter pots in our range. What’s more, Amart is all about creating stylish pieces that are affordable for the average Australian, so you’re sure to find designer-look decor for less than you’d pay elsewhere.

Indoor planters in a range of styles, materials, and designs

There are so many styles and materials in Amart’s indoor plant pots range. Choose from:

  • Gold detailing for your glam luxe look
  • Rattan pots and plant stands to suit coastal, boho, Hamptons or traditional styles
  • Terracotta and ceramic pots to suit a range of styles from classic to Moroccan
  • Matte cement pots for your mid-century or contemporary theme.

Style your space with our range of indoor planters

Group them or let them stand alone, you’ll find there are loads of ways to make your houseplants shine. Here are a few ideas:

  • A cluster of three or more plants with varying leaf shapes and heights grouped on a tabletop.
  • Place a large plant like a Dracaena or Giant Fiddle Plant in a basket pot on the floor.
  • Plants with dangling tendrils to fill in gaps on your living room bookshelf along with other homewares.
  • A hanging planter above your kitchen bench.
  • A potted plant on your hallway table in your foyer.
  • An outdoor planter in the centre of your outdoor dining table.

Bring the garden indoors with an indoor planter

Indoor planters allow you to grow a little garden indoors. From a few fresh herbs on your kitchen windowsill to growing some seedlings until they are ready to plant outside, or as a big, beautiful feature plant in your living space.

Shop our artificial plants to go with your planter

Would you like to add greenery to your home but don’t have the time or inclination to look after plants? Artificial plants are the lifelike yet hassle-free solution to bringing nature inside without the need for watering or feeding. Amart’s range includes popular indoor plants such as Fiddle Leaf Figs, Dracaenas, Calla Lilies, Monstera, ferns, palms, succulent cacti, and more.

Display your flowers in a decorative vase from Amart

There’s a very good reason why giving someone a bunch of flowers is a popular way to say thank you or express love. That’s because fresh flowers bring joy and lighten the mood of a room. Placed in a foyer they will welcome you into a home, or grace your dinner table, coffee table or kitchen bench as a focal point.

Amart’s decorative vase range includes terracotta, metal, glass, ceramic, and cement finishes as well as a variety of shapes like cylindrical, milk bottle shapes, bouquet vases, flower pot-style, bud vases and various other interesting and unusual shapes.

Quality indoor planters and pots for every interior

Whether you have a retro-style home or you’re going for an ocean-inspired Hamptons theme, there’s an indoor planter at Amart to suit your interiors. From glossy blue and white ceramic pots to pretty pink pots with tassels, there’s a style for every decor theme.

Shop stylish cement, metal, ceramic & terracotta planters

Browse Amart’s range of pots, planters, and other homewares online for gift ideas or pop something special for your home on your wishlist. Shop all our indoor planters in a variety of designs and materials then head to the checkout. You can opt for delivery anywhere in Australia or click & collect in-store.

Discover small and large pots, planter boxes and stands

From small plants to large, and chrome planters to rattan plant stands, there is so much to discover in Amart’s affordable range of pots. You can buy an indoor planter to house the real plant of your choice, or go for a maintenance-free artificial plant like the Succulent Bean Leaf with beautiful little tendrils on a pin hanger to spill out of your pot.

What is an indoor planter?

An indoor planter is a pot or plant stand that holds a real or artificial plant inside it. Typically, the plant has its own plastic pot that sits inside the indoor planter making it easy to remove and maintain as needed or even switch around into a different pot.

What plants can be grown in an indoor planter?

You can put pretty much any plant you like into an indoor planter, however, because indoor pots don’t have drainage holes, you must ensure the soil doesn’t get too moist. If you don’t want to maintain an indoor plant, buy an artificial plant like the Fiddle Leaf Fig.

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