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Discover comfortable and affordable bedding solutions with our quality range of single bed bases through to king bed bases designed to support and elevate a mattress. Also find the perfect mattress for every bed base, as well as electric adjustable bed bases for the ultimate functionality and flexibility.
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King Bed Base

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Single Bed Base

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Simple Bed Bases For Comfortable Sleep

Time for a new bed? Discover the supportive comfort of affordable bed bases (or bed frames) and mattresses from Amart, including next-level comfort in adjustable bed bases with remote-controlled functionality.

What is a bed base?

Great question! There are so many choices to purchase bed bases and bed frames, ensemble beds, adjustable beds… let’s clear up the confusion!

The things you’ll need to consider when buying a bed include:

  • A bed base - a term which generally refers to the bottom part of a bed not including the mattress or a bedhead. When the bed base has a built-in bedhead it can often be referred to as a bed frame.
  • An ensemble bed base alternative - a supportive box bed base which has no headboard or frame. An ensemble bed base provides a solid and even platform with internal innersprings to support the mattress and you.
  • Mattresses - our wide range of leading brand mattresses offer the ultimate support and comfort to suit any budget. Available in all bed sizes, a mattress can go on a bed frame, a bed base and an ensemble bed base.
  • Adjustable bed bases - remote controlled electric bases which can elevate and recline the head and foot separately.

It’s easy to create a beautiful bedroom by compiling the perfect bed from the ground up using bedding and manchester along with complementary bedroom furniture from Amart.

Does a bed base affect the mattress?

Yes. Ensemble beds are designed with boxed innerspring supportive comfort across an even platform beneath the mattress. This double layer of support gives you greater comfort and provides a higher level of structural support.

A mattress is also supported by bed bases with metal or timber slats with excellent airflow helping to prevent mould or mildew in highly humid environments.

Electric adjustable bed bases work best with a high density memory foam mattress such as Pure Form mattresses that have the flexibility to adjust with the bed’s range of motion.

Are bed bases important?

Bed bases are a very important component of any bed, providing a range of benefits such as:

  • Supporting the mattress, which in turn supports you! Bed bases prevent the supportive structure of the mattress such as pocket springs and foam layers from early sagging.
  • Elevating the mattress to promote airflow and breathability which is especially important in humid climates. Without airflow your mattress can be susceptible to mould and mildew and become a breeding ground for bacteria.
  • Providing additional storage where bedroom storage space is limited, such as with bed base drawers or under-bed storage space.

How do you choose the right bed base?

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing a new bed base such as:

  1. Budget
  2. Size
  3. Available floor space
  4. Support
  5. Storage needs
  6. Airflow

Browse our wide range of bed bases, ensemble bases, adjustable bed bases and bed frames to find the perfect bed base to suit your budget. Important considerations include:

  • Bed size - options include king single, extra long and single bed bases, double bed bases, queen bed bases, king bed bases and super king bed bases.
  • Bed bases that don’t include built-in or freestanding headboards or outer frames and ensemble bed bases are ideal choices if space is at a premium. These bed bases will sit closer to the wall than a bed frame with a bedhead and you’ll have more clearance around the bed than a bed frame with side framing.
  • Innerspring box bed bases (ensemble bases) provide the most support to a mattress and are a less rigid base than metal or timber slat bases.
  • Bed bases with storage - unless you choose an ensemble bed base with drawers, there is no under-bed storage with an ensemble bed, but a basic bed base allows for under-bed storage.
  • Bed bases deliver good ventilation and airflow for the underside of your mattress.

How do you clean the fabric of a bed base?

Fabric bed bases along with metal or wooden bed bases can simply be wiped clean with a damp cloth when the need arises. If a more thorough clean is needed for an ensemble bed base’s fabric covering, most professional carpet cleaners also provide an upholstery cleaning service.

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