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Larger than a double, smaller than a king, a queen mattress is one of the most popular choices for master bedrooms in Australia. Shop our innerspring and foam queen-size mattresses according to your comfort and sleep needs, from plush to extra-firm.
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Sleep Like Royalty on a Queen Size Mattress

High-quality queen-size mattresses are the perfect mattress size to deliver a good night’s sleep, offering plenty of space for a couple. Discover our huge range of sleep-inducing pocket spring, latex, and queen-size memory foam mattresses.

Get perfect comfort with a quality queen-size mattress

Don’t settle for a mattress that isn’t perfect for you. A top mattress can give you the quality rest needed for a healthy body and mind that’s ready to tackle a new day. The comfort you need is influenced by your sleep position - back, side or stomach - as well as your specific preferences for mattress feel.

So, would you like a plush mattress with a pillow top that you can sink into? Or do you like a medium-firm or firm mattress for whole body support? Perhaps you’re not sure what comfort mattress you need. Below we explain the various types and materials in our mattresses to help you with your decision. And if you’re still unsure, head into your nearest showroom to try out our range for yourself. The Amart team are waiting to assist you.

Choosing the best queen mattress for you

When buying a new queen-size mattress there are several important aspects to consider:

  1. The ‘mattress feel’ - from ultra-plush through to extra firm.
  2. The amount of support needed.
  3. Comfort preferences.
  4. Your sleep position - side sleeper, back sleeper, or stomach sleeper.
  5. Mattress type.

Mattress feel’ is classified as:

  • Extra Firm
  • Firm
  • Medium
  • Plush
  • Ultra-Plush

The level of comfort is intertwined with the mattress feel, but it also relates to mattress design and features like pocket springs vs memory foam vs latex foam, fabric type and breathability, and moisture-wicking properties.

Support is also closely related to mattress feel and design, stemming mainly from the construction and the number of pocket springs or the foam type and density.

Some mattresses, such as the Orthokinetic Octavia Support, combine more than one design feature. Orthokinetic Octavia is designed with 7-zoned high coil count and gel-infused latex foam to provide firm support and premium comfort.

You can also invest in a queen-size mattress protector and/or a queen-size mattress topper for added hygiene, comfort and protection.

Sleep soundly with our queen-size mattress selection

A queen-size mattress sits atop a queen-size bed base providing sleep support and comfort for one or two people. A queen-size mattress is larger than a double mattress but smaller than a king-size mattress and is a popular choice for sleeping two people.

At Amart you’ll find queen-size mattresses in a wide range of designs from leading brands including:

Here’s a little bit about the types of materials you’ll find in our market-leading mattresses:

  • Innerspring or coil mattresses - these form the supportive structure inside a mattress and create airflow. Known by many types and names, including continuous coils, Bonnell spring, offset, marshall, or pocket spring, basically, the more springs or coils, the more support.
  • Memory foam mattress - absorbs movement from your sleep partner to give you both good sleep and slowly contours and moulds to your body shape for excellent support.
  • Latex mattresses - hypoallergenic and a natural alternative to memory foam. Latex foam offers similar support to memory foam, but it doesn’t contour around the body as much and is cooler to sleep on.
  • High-density foam - super firm and often used to form the bottom layer of memory foam and spring mattresses.
  • Gel-infused or cool gel memory foam - disperses body heat across the bed and is therefore often included in the top layer of a mattress.
  • Hybrid mattresses - are fast becoming very popular in Australia, these combine innerspring and foam layers into one cohesive mattress design.

Dimensions of a queen-size mattress

A standard queen-size mattress measures 153cm wide x 203cm long, or 5ft 0in x 6ft 8in. Our mattress size guide compares the measurements of a queen-size mattress to all the different mattress sizes from single through to super king size.

A queen-size bed base will measure slightly larger than a queen bed mattress to accommodate the mattress.

Are all queen mattresses the same size?

The standard queen bed mattress size is 153cm x 203cm although you may find the odd queen mattress suggesting it might be 204cm long. What does vary quite significantly however is the mattress depth. Queen-size mattresses might range in depth by as much as 30cm.

Spinal care mattresses to look out for

If you’d like to stay away from the chiro or physio, take extra care of your back with a mattress designed to support your natural spinal alignment. Any mattress endorsed by Australian chiropractic associations such as the Sealy Posturepedic or Orthokinetic ranges will provide good back support, and mattresses made with memory foam and latex foam or posture gel can also help relieve pressure points which in turn can relieve back pain.

Kids queen size mattresses

Not just for couples, there are many reasons why a queen bed can be a good option for a child. Perhaps for co-sleeping, or a tall teen or a tween with a big room who wants a bed they can grow into. Whatever the reason, there are some great bed frame styles available in the Kids Beds section. While you’re there, compare the queen size against other popular kids’ bed sizes like single, long single and king single mattresses and frames.

Does a queen mattress come with a queen-size bed base?

Despite the importance of buying a standard queen mattress size bed frame if you are buying a queen mattress, beds and mattresses are always sold separately. This allows you to select a mattress that fits with your comfort preferences and delivers the level of support you need while suiting your budget.

If you buy an ensemble bed base and queen mattress you can choose a beautifully plush and comfy queen size upholstered headboard to suit your bedroom decor!

All your bedding needs at affordable prices

At Amart, comfort and durability come at an affordable price. While our high-quality bedding products span base models right through to deluxe, you’ll find they’re all at a great price, because we love to keep our customers happy and returning to us time and again.

So, whether you’re looking for a mattress, some manchester or a whole bedroom suite, you can rest assured you’re getting a great deal at Amart.

What is the best queen-size mattress in Australia?

The Orthokinetic Signature Monarch is one of the best mattresses in Australia, backed by a 25-year warranty. This mattress has a 7-zone micro pocket coil support system as well as foam layers and bamboo-infused latex and is topped with a plush mattress topper, making it perfect for all sleeping positions.

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