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Whether you’re shopping for a new double mattress or a double mattress and base, you’ll find a fabulous selection at Amart Furniture. We’ll help you find the perfect double mattress for you and if you want to buy double mattress toppers, protectors or manchester we can help with that too!
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Double Mattresses for Guest Beds, Kids Beds and Your Bed Too!

Double size mattresses are perhaps the most versatile bed mattress around. Your overnight guests are sure to have a good night’s sleep when you have double beds in your guest rooms. Your growing children will love the extra space a double bed provides, and a double bed will fit easily into master bedrooms.

What size is a double mattress?

Despite what you might think, a double mattress isn’t twice the size of a single mattress. Consider this:

  1. A double mattress size is the same length as a standard single bed mattress at 188cm, but it is designed for couples sleeping with 138cm width as opposed to a single mattress with 92cm width.
  2. If you need extra length as well as width for solo sleepers, a king single mattress could be a good option in bedrooms where space is limited. A king single is longer than a double mattress at 203cm, and measures 107cm width - so wider than a single bed but not as wide as a double bed.
  3. Our mattress size guide shows the measurements of a double mattress size and all our different mattress sizes from single and king single right through to super king size.

What bed frame will a double mattress fit on?

A double mattress will fit perfectly onto a double ensemble or a double bed frame. Double bed frames are typically just a little larger to incorporate the double mattress within the frame. A standard double bed measures 138.5cm x 190cm.

How many inches is a double mattress?

If feet and inches make more sense to you, a double mattress is 54 inches wide x 74 inches long, or 4 foot 5 inches wide x 6 foot 2 inches long. A double bed frame might be half an inch bigger all around.

Double beds for guest bedroom furniture?

Double beds are a popular choice for guest beds, providing comfortable sleeping for two people in spare bedrooms which are typically smaller than master bedrooms.

Being smaller than queen size and king size mattresses, double bed mattresses are a cheaper option for guest rooms. Not only do you save on the cost of a double mattress and base in comparison to bigger beds for couples, but you’ll also find it cheaper to buy:

Check out our double bed ensembles, double bed mattresses and bases, and double bedroom suites - they might be the way to provide your overnight guests with a good night’s sleep while giving you some extra drawer storage space too!

What is the best double mattress to buy?

There are a few factors to consider when buying a new mattress regardless of the size, based around:

  1. Comfort Preferences
  2. Support
  3. Mattress Feel
  4. Usage

1. Comfort preferences

Comfort preferences do relate to mattress feel such as firm, medium or soft, but also to design features such as the spring formation, memory foam or latex foam comfort layers, pillow top mattresses, breathability, and moisture wicking.

2. Support

If you are choosing a double mattress for yourselves, you’ll find some great options in our wide range providing the necessary support for everyday sleeping.

The best double mattress for you is a personal choice, but you might want to check out:

  1. The Dream Elegance 4500 Comfort double mattress which has a medium mattress feel so it might not be too soft or too hard for either party. The Dream Elegance 4500 Comfort double mattress features 5 zone pocket spring support with latex foam comfort layers.
  2. The Orthokinetic Classic Medium double mattress designed with nested full width pocket coil springs, premium quality latex foam and premium polyester wool blended fibres.
  3. The Sealy Posturepedic Exquisite Accolade Flex Medium features high quality technical design and three levels of staged support for spinal alignment.

If you’re buying a double mattress bed for occasional use in your guest rooms, support is still important but not the most important quality. A perfect choice for guest rooms might be:

  1. A Llama Double Mattress In A Box, particularly the Llama Spellbound featuring bamboo fibre quilting and Bonnell coil springs.
  2. The Llama Captivate with memory foam contours to your body for ultimate comfort.

3. Mattress feel

‘Mattress feel’ is perhaps the easiest feature to define. At Amart Furniture we classify mattress feel as being:

  • Extra Firm
  • Firm
  • Medium
  • Plush
  • Ultra Plush

In layman’s terms you’d probably say you like a firm double mattress, a medium double mattress or a soft double mattress. Not sure? Pop into your nearest Amart Furniture store to see our wide selection of mattresses and decide which feels best to you.

4. Usage

Consider how much usage your double mattress is going to get and by whom:

  1. Daily sleeping by a couple requires a high quality, supportive and comfortable mattress.
  2. Occasional use by guests means a standard double mattress with firm support for a range of bodies is sufficient.
  3. Regular sleeping by older children or teens might not require a mattress which can support 250kg of weight, but will require a mattress providing good spinal alignment.

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