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Create the ideal home office space with high quality office furniture at great prices! If you’re working from home we have traditional office furniture like executive chairs, office desks and filing cabinets, and also modern office furniture ideas such as standing desks and smart storage solutions!
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Office Furniture For The Ideal Work From Home Experience

It’s so easy to find affordable office furniture for home work spaces at Amart Furniture. Browse our range of functional, stylish and on-trend home office furniture available online and instore today.

What are the types of office furniture?

At Amart the wide range of home office furniture includes:

  1. Office desks
  2. Office chairs
  3. Home office storage solutions

Our high quality designs at affordable prices are so good you might even find you have a better office workspace at home than at work! Check out the exciting range of traditional and modern office desks in a selection of colours, styles and sizes such as:

  • Standing desks
  • Corner desks
  • Student desks
  • Desks with shelves

You’ll also find perfectly comfortable ergonomic office chairs and executive chairs along with a broad selection of super stylish space saving office storage solutions, including:

  • Bookcases
  • Filing cabinets
  • Cube storage units
  • Display cabinets

What is ergonomic office furniture?

Ergonomic office furniture is designed to provide excellent support, assisting you to maintain the correct posture in seated and standing positions while you work. This includes our diverse range of height adjustable office desks and office chairs with gas lifts and lumbar support.

How do you choose the right office furniture?

A tape measure is your friend when choosing the right office furniture for your home office or study area. Choose office furniture which fits comfortably within the available space and provides the desk space and ergonomic support you require.

To create an efficient and well-equipped home office you will need:

  1. A suitably-sized office desk
  2. An ergonomic office chair
  3. Office storage furniture

While traditional office furniture might include a desk with drawers, why not try a two tier sit stand desk providing the option to work whilst standing as opposed to the traditional seated desk. Benefits may include decreased weight gain, improved posture and muscle tone, and lower back relief.

Remember to measure the available floorspace space in your home office and choose a desk with favourable dimensions. Home office storage space is available in visibly appealing filing cabinets, bookcases and desk drawers or hutches.

How does office furniture affect productivity?

Productivity is directly measured against output via key performance indicators, so an efficient and new office furniture setup is the smart way to aid your productivity in the following ways:

  1. An ergonomic office chair provides the comfort and support needed to maintain concentration and good posture for long periods.
  2. A desk with the right amount of space to work easily facilitates good organisational skills for clear thinking and increased productivity.
  3. Effective home storage solutions mean that everything you need is effectively stored close by, with the combined effect being an efficient and productive work environment.

How do you buy office furniture online?

Whether you’re buying office furniture in Melbourne, office furniture in Sydney, or anywhere else in the country you’ll find it easy to shop for office furniture online at Amart! View all items online and discover which are available to view and purchase instore and which office furniture items you can buy online exclusive, with prompt despatch and fast delivery to your door.

Weights, dimensions, reviews and product descriptions are readily available to make your online shopping experience as productive and efficient as the office furniture you’re buying!

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