Get an undisturbed night’s sleep with a plush queen size orthokinetic mattress, by far it’s the best mattress to help reduce your back pain. You won’t beat Amart’s price and our range of bed frames and other bedroom furniture won’t be beaten.
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Have your best night sleep with our range of Orthokinetic Mattresses

Top 3 reasons a high quality orthokinetic mattress gives you a good night sleep

Buying a mattress is a big decision. You want to find one that is high quality at the best price. At Amart Furniture, our range is competitive to other retailers. There are many types of mattresses for you to consider, but the orthokinetic mattress is our pick of the best. Here are 3 reasons why:

  1. The latex foam, pocket spring design and strong edge support means the mattress is designed to give maximum support, ensuring minimal partner disturbance.
  2. The latex foam mattress provides pressure relief, making it a very comfortable mattress.
  3. The orthokinetic mattress range comes in all sizes from king size, queen size and king single, as well as super king size.

Get a good night sleep with our range of orthokinetic mattresses

Shop our range of high quality orthokinetic mattresses at Amart Furniture, online or in our showrooms around Australia. We’ve got every size mattress from the King, Queen, Double, King Single and Single sizes, plus the Super King size. With best price package deals, and a strict warranty on our products, you’ll feel confident choosing Amart over other furniture retailers.

Orthokinetic mattresses are endorsed by the Chiropractic and Osteopathic College of Australasia

The orthokinetic range of mattresses provide full body support, minimising back pain. Using pocket coil technology, and latex mattresses the design is responsive to the movement and shape of your body with minimal partner disturbance, ensuring a good night sleep.

Shop our range of pillow top orthokinetic plush mattresses

Whether you are after a king mattress or a queen mattress you’ll love our range of orthokinetic plush mattresses at Amart Furniture. All our mattress come in plush, medium firm and support:

Orthokinetic Apollo: This orthokinetic mattress has the lowest amount of pocket springs but still provides pressure relief to your body.

Orthokinetic Arlo: This mid-range mattress offers the right balance of pressure relief and spinal support for a good night sleep.

Orthokinetic Octavia: This is the higher range orthokinetic mattress making it more durable and supportive, with limited partner disturbance with maximum comfort.

Orthokinetic Signature Monarch: This top of the range mattress has a removable pillow top which adds an extra layer of softness, making this a more comfortable mattress. It comes in king size, queen size, double and king single sizes, and has a 25 year warranty.

Memory foam, pocket coil or even mirco coils - the choice is yours

There are many types of mattress out there, so how do you know which design will give you your best night sleep?

Memory foam is a synthetic material, it uses your body heat to adapt to your body shape. It tends to trap in the heat so those who have a warmer body temperature may want to consider a latex mattress instead.

Pocket coils move independently to each other, providing more targeted support and micro coils are smaller and lighter than traditional innerspring mattresses. That’s why they’re often used in hybrid mattresses like the orthokinetic range, because along with the latex foam, you get added support and comfort.

Which is the perfect mattress for spinal support?

Buying a mattress can be confusing. How do you know which is the right new mattress for you? There are many factors to consider such as:

  • How do you sleep? On your back, side or your front. There are different pressure points for each and the mattress you choose will affect your comfort and spinal support.
  • Do you suffer from back pain? If so, then consider a more specialised mattress such as the orthokinetic range for added musculoskeletal support.
  • Do you move around a lot in your sleep? A strange question but if you have a partner, then perhaps you need to consider a mattress that offers minimal partner disturbance. Come and shop your new mattress today at Amart furniture and see the difference between our orthokinetic range and other well known brands.

Why you’ll love the Arlo mattress range available at Amart

When it comes to buying a new mattress you don’t want to compromise on quality, that is why the Arlo range of orthokinetic mattresses is such a great buy.

The Arlo is a mid range mattress built for longevity and ultimate comfort. This mattress has 950 pocket springs, uses air-pocket spring technology and has a latex foam mattress for all over support.

The finer details about the orthokinetic mattress

Here is what you need to know about the orthokinetic mattress:

  1. The pocket coil system means the pocket springs are closely compacted providing a more supportive surface that withstands weight better than other mattresses.
  2. The firm perimeter coil edge guard means stronger edge support, reducing sag and providing overall mattress support for your body’s comfort.
  3. The mattress is made of latex foam which encases the pocket springs. Latex is a natural product and provides extra cushioning for comfort.

Extra information about the the orthokinetic mattress

Here is some extra information about our orthokinetic mattress range you may find helpful when making your decision:

  • Latex is a naturally derived plant product that is eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, breathable and more durable than other materials.
  • Tencel is a fabric made from wool pulp. It is used to cover the orthokinetic mattress. It’s more sustainable, has great durability and feels very soft. Tencel is breathable and moisture wicking, helping regulate your body temperature.

Shop Amart’s firm, medium or plush mattresses

Choosing your mattress is one of the most important decisions you can make. It will determine the quality of your night sleep so you need to put some thought into it. The two main factors to consider when selecting a mattress are if you suffer back pain and your sleep position. You should also consider whether you share the bed and your weight. Here is some more information you should know:

  • Firm mattresses are more rigid and have less give. They’re considered better for back and front sleepers, distributing body weight more evenly, putting less stress on muscles therefore improving circulation. They’re better for heavier people.
  • Medium mattresses offer better support for those with lower back pain, and are good for back sleepers as it distributes weight evenly. It’s a good choice for heavier people.
  • A plush mattress is the softest kind. It’s recommended for people with pre-existing back problems. It’s good for people who sleep on their side as your shoulders and hips are cushioned, and for people of a lighter weight.

Accessories to consider when buying a new mattress

If you are buying a high quality new mattress you want to make sure you keep it protected. Consider adding these accessories to your purchase:

Bed frame: Speak to our experts about our ensemble deals because we have a large range of bed frames to bring style into your bedroom.

Mattress protector: This sits over the top of your mattress keeping it clean. Easy to whip off to wash, this is a must-have for every new mattress.

Mattress topper: This will give extra comfort, helping reduce pressure points and guaranteeing a good night sleep.

Buying your orthokinetic mattress online at Amart

Shopping online at Amart Furniture is so easy. Ask about our online only specials, package deals, payment and delivery options Australia wide. Don’t forget Amart’s 180 Night Sleep Guarantee. Terms and conditions apply, so see the Amart website for details.

Why does the orthokinetic mattress have a more distinctive shape?

The orthokinetic mattress has been expertly engineered and uses advanced pocket spring technology and latex foam ensuring you get the best in high support and comfort. The strong edge support is to help maintain the mattress integrity, providing you with comfort for many years.

What is the orthokinetic mattress made of?

The orthokinetic mattress is made of a zoned pocket coil system and latex mattress, providing full support, comfort and temperature control. The tencel fabric cover of the mattress is soft and moisture wicking ensuring a comfortable night sleep.