When you shop Amart’s stunning range of lamps, you’ll be lighting your way to more ambient interiors. Get ready for a calming, cosy atmosphere at home with a stunning floor lamp, table lamp, bedside lamp or desk lamp from our extensive range.
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Light Up Your Home With Our Wide Range Of Lamps!

Lamps are so much more than ways to create additional light to your existing ceiling lights or downlights. Our stunning floor lamps, table lamps, bedside lamps and desk lamps in a range of designs add sophisticated style to your home décor.

Where should I put a table lamp?

Switched on or off, lamps can brighten any space in the home. Standing lamps and table lamps can complement the décor in your living areas while also providing task lighting and ambient light to suit the mood and the occasion.

Table lamps also provide a soft lighting option in hallways or on a bedside table in bedrooms, and task lighting in home offices. While floor lamps such as the sleek and chic Merca and the contemporary Lexi Tripod Floor Lamp are the perfect accessories to modern home décor.

How do I choose the right lamp?

While a beautiful table lamp can be quite a feature, it should be the supporting act to the heroes in the room, not the statement piece. The main aspects to consider when choosing the right lamp for the space include:

  1. Colour - choose matching tones to your existing décor.
  2. Size - an appropriate size creates a sense of balance with the main furniture pieces.
  3. Style - Choose a lamp in the same style as the rest of your décor.

How do I match my room lamp?

Lamps should match the style of your home décor. Is your furniture style classic, contemporary, mid-century/retro or Scandi? At Amart Furniture, you’ll find a wide range of floor and table lamp materials to suit our living room and dining room furniture packages, including antique silver and antique brass, marble bases, chrome, rattan, wooden, ceramic, glass and more. So you can create a harmonious and cohesive vibe with your home décor style.

Classic table lamps include the Whitney in white, plus a huge choice of contemporary designs including the Madelon, and Aadila table lamps. Blending beautifully with Glam Luxe interior styles are the Renata and the Gino table lamps, while the versatile Bayfront Rattan Table Lamp adds texture to perfectly complement a coffee table and sofa in Hamptons, Scandi, Boho, Country and Coastal styles.

What are the different types of table lamps?

There are so many styles of table lamps at Amart that choosing one to suit your theme will be a breeze. The different types of table lamps include:

  • Ceramic table lamps
  • Glass table lamps
  • Touch table lamps
  • Table lamp black or table lamp white
  • Votive-style table lamps
  • Rattan table lamps
  • Metal table lamps in gold, chrome or brushed finishes

The lamp base material along with the colour, style and shape of the lampshade are key elements to consider when matching your lamp choice to your theme. We are constantly adding new products and specials to our range, so it’s a great idea to check our collection online or in-store regularly.

How tall should a lamp be next to a sofa?

The height of floor lamps and table lamps in your living room can vary quite considerably. If the floor lamp beside the sofa is there to create a softer ambience in the room, choose a globe type that casts the right amount of light for your needs and a lamp height that looks balanced next to the sofa. If your new lamp shows up your ageing sofa, you can find beautiful new lounges and sofas at Amart too!

If the lamp is there to provide task lighting for something like reading or knitting, the height becomes more important. Lamps with adjustable heads are ideal for task lighting, providing direct light at the perfect height. Again, check the wattage of your light bulb is suitable for your space.

On average, floor lamps range between 152 cm and 182 cm with some modern lamp designs spanning greater heights and widths to suit modern open-plan home designs. The height and dimensions of a floor lamp need to be in proportion to the room size while providing ambient or task lighting at a suitable height for the furniture in the room.

Interior design experts suggest the ideal combined height of a sofa side table with a table lamp is between 147 cm and 162 cm.

Online shopping allows you to size up your lamp from home using the dimensions provided on our website. However, if you’re still unsure, head in-store to your nearest Amart showroom so you can measure the lamps on your wishlist and get a feel for their scale when placed on a side table or next to a sofa.

Should lamps match in a living room?

Experts say the lamps in your living room don’t have to match. You may choose to have a pair of matching table lamps on your sofa tables, but the floor lamp could be different. In this scenario, all the lamps should be of a uniform colour and the same style. Equally, you could have different table lamps in different areas of the room, but again they should complement each other in tone and design style.

Keep in mind the style of your fixed lights, such as pendant lights, wall lights and chandeliers to make sure you create a cohesive lighting solution in both style and functionality.

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